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Lewis Strauss tells Joseph Tumulty that they have not located any files sent by the President that should have been returned.

Woodrow Wilson approves Herbert Hoover’s nomination of William Elliott in the place of David R. Coker as Federal Food Administrator for South Carolina.


Asking for assistance in putting out "propaganda in promotion of the morale" of African Americans.

Letter proposing an "educational propaganda" program among African Americans.

Pamphlet produced by the United States Food Administration urging people to eat cornmeal in place of wheat and beans, fish, and poultry in place of meat.
Spain enthusiastic for President Wilson.
Resources of the Committee on Public Information.

Italian people are enthusiastic for President Wilson.
Inflammatory report on what the author thinks the African American troops in Newport News really think.
President Wilson has a high opinion of Walter Lippmann but wants to keep control over propaganda.
Secretary of State tells President Wilson that they do not know much about what is going on with Captain Lippmann.
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