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Postcard depicting an ocean cruiser under joined hands.

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1909

Anti-War postcard with poem.

Creator: Williams, WR

Date: 1914

WW responds to a letter from May Williams.

Newspaper published letter of soldier injured in France.

Invite for the White House screening of "The Birth of a Nation."

Creator: White House


Creator: Unknown

Date: [n.d.]


Creator: Unknown

Date: [n.d.]
Notes by Dr. Cary T. Grayson describing the reaction to Republicans on news about President Woodrow Wilson’s illness following his stroke.
Notes by Dr. Cary T. Grayson describing an interview Senator Gilbert M. Hitchcock had with President Woodrow Wilson following the President’s stroke about the Treaty of Versailles.
William Allen White describes the challenges faced by President Woodrow Wilson during negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference following World War I.
The article excerpt tells of the Navy’s premature celebration of the election results in 1916 due to its dislike of Joseph Daniels as Secretary of the Navy. Wilson’s response was to appoint Grayson an admiral.

Creator: Huston Thompson

Date: 1926 May 1
Note by Cary T. Grayson about a story President Woodrow Wilson and the sinking of the Lusitania.

Date: 1919
An article from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat compares Woodrow Wilson to Abraham Lincoln.
Louis Seibold writes a biographical article on Woodrow Wilson published the day after Wilson's death.

Creator: Louis Seibold
Cary T. Grayson writes about Woodrow Wilson’s religious beliefs and practices.
Brief note by Cary T. Grayson about England.

Date: 1920
Cary T. Grayson notes Woodrow Wilson’s opinion of Calvin Coolidge’s stand on the League of Nations and the Bonus Army.
Cary T. Grayson notes a remark of Dr. Francis X. Dercum on great men.
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