R. Emmet Condon Collection


R. Emmet Condon Collection


R. Emmet Condon




The Condon Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, official documents, and photographs originating during the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. The primary topic of concern is the issue of the Japanese acquisition of German rights and interests in the Shantung peninsula of China following World War I. A few papers in the collection involve the positioning of Greek troops in and around Smyrna.


Robert and Sally Huxley


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920)


Ashley Herring



Collection Items

Man Posing for his Bust
Artist is molding this mans bust out of clay to create a mold

Clarence H. MacKay to Robert Lansing
Clarence H. Mackay to Secretary of State requests that the Peace Conference, "now dealing with all matter of international importance," establish an international agreement to protect submarine cables from fish trawlers.

Photograph of the Peace Conference
The American Commission to Negotiate Peace. This photograph was taken at the Hotel Crillon, Paris

Photograph of M. Nicholas P. Pachitch
He was the president of the Serbian Delegation to the Peace conference in Paris, France

Photograph of the Crowd in Paris During Wilson's Arrival
Street is possibly La Rue Royale in Paris

Photograph of President Wilson's Arrival to Paris
Photograph was shot in front of the National Assembly Building
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