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Woodrow Wilson Press Statements

WW Press Statements FA.pdf

Press releases written by Assistant to the President, Joseph P. Tumulty.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Postcard Collection

WWPL Postcard Finding Aid.pdf

Printed postcards that have been donated to the library from various sources.

Grayson Family Photographs

Grayson Family Photographs.pdf

Family portraits, travel photographs, cartoons, and some postcards.

Melinda Cox Collection


Military historian's research collection.

First Year Wilson Papers

First Year Wilson Papers Collection.pdf

Selected letters from the first year of Woodrow Wilson's presidency.

Adolph S. Ochs Jr. Collection

Ochs Collection.pdf

Scrapbook collection from a soldier who served as an army journalist in France during WWI.

John P. Ambuehl Collection

John P  Ambuehl Collection.pdf

John P. Ambuehl was a private from Borup, Minnesota, who served as a machine gunner in France during WWI and was killed in action in October 1918. The…

Thomas J. Koger Collection

Koger Collection.pdf

The Thomas J. Koger Collection materials include a Rainbow Division hat, four maps, two licenses, two membership cards, trip materials, and a…

World War I Soldiers

WWI Soldiers.pdf

This collection is a compilation of information about various enlisted soldiers from World War I. Items range in content from service records,…

Claude Thomas Woodrow Papers

Claude Thomas Woodrow.pdf

Programs, newspaper clippings, photos and other ephemera, including Confederate memorabilia.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Photo Collection

WWPL Photo Finding Aid.pdf

Photos of Wilson and his era from a variety of sources.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Pamphlet Collection

WWPL Pamphlet Collection Finding Aid.pdf

Pamphlets covering many aspects of Wilson’s career.

Woodrow Wilson Day by Day Cards

Woodrow Wilson Day by Day Cards Finding Aid.pdf

Index cards documenting events in Wilson's life by month and day. Digital collection includes the daily calendar of the head usher at the White House…

Ellen Axson Wilson Letters

Ellen Axson Wilson Finding Aid.pdf

Ellen Axson Wilson's transcribed letters from the microfilm collection of her letters at the Library of Congress.

Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation Collection

Papers, correspondence of AM Fraser about fundraising, other issues related to the Birthplace and the Woodrow Wilson legacy.

Wilson Family Genealogy Records

Genealogy Records finding aid.pdf

Wilson, Woodrow, Bolling, Axson family information.

Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Collection at the University of California-Santa Barbara

UCSB McAdoo Finding Aid.pdf

Personal papers, photos of Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, Woodrow Wilson’s youngest daughter.

Rufus W. Sprague Jr. Papers

SPRAGUE PAPERS Finding Aid.pdf

The Sprague Papers consists of forms, legal memoranda, correspondence, and publications collected by Rufus W. Sprague Jr., who was chief of the Enemy…

Small Collections Box

Letters, war records, personal effects of military personnel, photos, and published articles from various people.

Edward D. Shoor Collection

Edward D. Shoor FA.pdf

Photographs and documents from Shoor’s military service in WWI, including service as driver for Wilson’s presidential party during battlefield tours,…

Sayre Family Collection

Sayre Collection Inventory.pdf

Letters, photos, documents of President Wilson’s second daughter, Jessie. On her mother’s death in 1914, Jessie became one of her father’s closest…

St. Mary’s School Collection

St Mary's Collection Finding Aid.pdf

Photocopies of letters from Woodrow Wilson’s daughter Eleanor to sister Jessie while Jessie was a student at St. Mary’s.

Edith Gittings Reid Collection

Edith Gittings Reid Collection finding aid.pdf

Photocopies of 39 personal letters from Woodrow Wilson to Edith Gittings Reid, a personal friend.

Race and Segregation Collection

Race and Segregation Finding Aid.pdf

Collection of articles and documents copied from the US National Archives and Records Administration on the topic of African Americans and racism…

Phonograph Records Collection


Inventory list for 11 phonograph records.

Newspapers Collection

WWPL Newspapers.pdf

10-page inventory list of newspapers housed in the archives with stories about President Wilson; large boxes of newspapers and magazines.

Sheet Music Collection

Sheet Music.pdf

Printed sheet music, most of it from the years of the Wilson administration.

Wallace McClure Collection

McClure Collection Description Sheet.pdf

Speeches in the Senate about the League of Nations, along with pamphlets and research notes.

Arthur S. Link Personal Papers


Personal correspondence, articles, and essays of Woodrow Wilson biographer Arthur Stanley Link.

Dolores Lescure Collection

Dolores Lescure Collection - Inventory2.pdf

Books, letters, newspaper clippings, advertisements, relating to Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation and Presidential Library.

Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Records


Registers and minutes for the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, the debating society at the University of Virginia, which held meetings in…

Edward N. Jackson Photographs

Edward N Jackson FA.pdf

Photographs taken by Edward N. Jackson ranging from President Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration, Wilson’s time in Europe, and his attendance at the…

William D. Hoyt Jr. Collection

William D Hoyt Jr FA.pdf

Letters, rare family photos from Mary E. Hoyt, cousin of Ellen Axson Wilson.

Hoover Institute at Stanford University Collection

Lists of Hoover Institute letters, other materials dealing with WWI, postwar reconstruction.

William Cabell Grayson Collection

Finding Aid for William Grayson Collection[MBC].pdf

The documents within the William Cabell Grayson collection contain many correspondence, ephemera, and newspaper clippings from the years 1909 to 1953.…

Cary T. Grayson Photographs

Photographs, some framed; photo albums; negatives.

Cary T. Grayson Papers

Cary T. Grayson Diaries Updated Finding Aid (3-22-16).pdf

The papers of Cary T. Grayson, personal physician and friend of Woodrow Wilson, came to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library in 2005, initially as…

TH Gordon Collection

Gordon was president and general manager of Newport News Supply Co. and the brother of James J. Gordon.
The bin contains ledgers and bank records.

James J. Gordon Papers

Business papers, letters from James J. Gordon, father of Alice Gordon Grayson, intimate friend of Edith Bolling Galt Wilson; includes 1 large box of…

Alice Gertrude Gordon Collection

Gordon was the wife of Cary T. Grayson. After his death she married George Leslie Harrison. The collection includes letters, clippings and school…

Daisie Dodson Collection

Daisie Dodson FA.pdf

This collection contains newspaper clippings about Woodrow Wilson's death kept by Daisie Dodson as a teenager in Portsmouth, Virginia, in a touching…

Scoville Clark Collection

Scoville Clark FA.pdf

Letters and invitations from Clark relating to the wedding of Jessie Wilson to Francis B. Sayre Jr. in 1913 at the White House. Clark was a groomsman.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Political Cartoons Collection


The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Political Cartoon Collection displays social and political messages regarding the events of World War I. The…

Jon Anthony Bouman Collection

Jon Anthony Bouman FA.pdf

Netherlands-born Bouman was an author and journalist who covered World War I for the Associated Press in Europe. This collection is comprised of…

Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Papers

Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Finding Aid.pdf

This collection documents the campaign by Woodrow Wilson's widow to preserve his legacy. It includes 179 handwritten and typed letters among members…

Nelle Hiner Yount Collection

Yount Collection.pdf

The Nelle Hiner Yount collection documents the personal experiences of two World War One soldiers. The items date from approximately 1918-1919, and…

Woodrow Wilson Letters

Wilson Letters_WWPL.pdf

The Woodrow Wilson Letters collection includes personal and professional correspondence written by Woodrow that the Woodrow Wilson Presidential…

Woodrow Wilson Family Letters

Wilson Family Letters Finding Aid.pdf

This collection consists of eleven folders of letters, envelopes, and place cards from members of the Wilson family to one another including letters…

Virginia Normal School Board Collection

Virginia Normal School Collection.pdf

The Virginia Normal School Board Collection includes the minutes and auditor reports from the meetings of the Virginia School Board from 1914–1917.…

Rose Frances Hull Papers

Hull, Rose Frances, Papers.pdf

The Rose Frances Hull papers consist almost entirely of handwritten correspondence from Mrs. Cordell Hull to Mrs. H. McKelden Smith during the years…

George Leslie Harrison Collection

GL Harrison Finding aid.pdf

This series contains a vast array of general correspondence, mostly personal in nature
but official at times. The first four boxes of the series…

Ole K. Halverson Collection

Ole k. Halverson Finding Aid.pdf

Seaman Halverson material includes postcards from Puget Sound Navy Yards, certificates of discharge, and photocopy of Sailor’s Discharge Record.

Judge D. Lawrence Groner Papers

Judge Groner Papers Finding Aid.pdf

The Judge Groner Papers consists of 20 folders of correspondence relating to the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation over a ten year period,…

Emily Smith Collection

Emily Smith Collection.pdf

The Papers of Emily Smith span the years 1933 through 1974. Composed principally of incoming and outgoing business correspondence relating to the…

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Scrapbook Collection

Scrapbook Collection.pdf

The Scrapbook Collection contains two series of scrapbooks. Series 1 was compiled by former staff at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and…

Frances Wright Saunders Collection

Saunders, Francis Wright.pdf

The documents in this collection were used by Ms. Saunders for her research of the book, Lady Between Two Worlds: Ellen Axson Wilson. There is a wide…

Vylla Poe Wilson Collection

Poe Wilson Collection Finding Aid.pdf

The Poe collection focuses on the work of Elisabeth Ellicott Poe and Vylla Poe Wilson in the Woman’s Section of the Navy League and the National…

Earl S. Parish Collection

Earl S. Parish Collection.pdf

The Earl S. Parish Collection offers a glimpse into what it was like to be stationed in Europe after World War I had officially ended. Earl S. Parish…

John T. Nightingale Collection

Nightingale Finding Aid.pdf

Papers and effects of John Trowbridge Nightingale (1888-1954), businessman, military veteran and aide to President Wilson. He was Wilson’s personal…

Anna L. Nevins Collection

Anna L  Nevins Collection.pdf

Anna L. Nevins Collection materials include a blue cloth journal containing photographs, pamphlets, postcards, brochures, and miscellaneous documents…

William Gibbs McAdoo Collection

William Gibbs McAdoo Collection.pdf

The William Gibbs McAdoo Collection consists of just four letters to his wife Eleanor Randolph Wilson. All are of an intimate nature and are…

James Gordon Grayson Collection

Gordon Grayson Collection Finding Aide[JMU].pdf

The documents in this collection are all original and consist mostly of Gordon’s letters to home during his World War II and World Bank services in…

R. Emmet Condon Collection

Enmet Condon Collection.pdf

The Condon Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, official documents, and photographs originating during the 1919 Paris Peace…

Peyton Cochran Papers

Peyton Cochran Collection.pdf

Cochran’s personal correspondence begins in 1911 and 1912 when he was establishing his law practice in Staunton. As a supporter of Woodrow Wilson’s…

Charles Catlett Papers

Catlett Finding aid.pdf

The Charles Catlett Papers are made up principally of correspondence and are arranged in two groups. The first group deals with preparations for the…

Laura F. Buerger Collection

Buerger Collection.pdf

The Laura F. Buerger Collection documents the life of the American soldier overseas as well as life on the home front during, and immediately,…

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Manuscript Collection

Ephemera, letters from various donors relating to President Wilson and his legacy

Clifford Berryman Cartoons

Clifford Berryman FA.pdf

The Berryman Collection (.5 linear feet) consists of scans of Wilson-era cartoons drawn by Clifford Berryman of the Washington Evening Star. The…

James W. Kisling Collection

James Kisling Collection.pdf

Eight leather-bound journals chronicling daily life, correspondence, and finances. Also includes two photographs and one pair of eye glasses.

Goucher College Collection

Goucher College Collection Finding Aid.pdf

Scans of 3 Wilson letters and a photograph of Jessie Wilson courtesy of Goucher College Archives.

Gilder-Lehrman Institute for American History Woodrow Wilson Documents

Gilder-Lehrman Institute Collection Finding Aid.pdf

The collection includes scans of Wilson related correspondence in the Gilder-Lehrman Institute collection. A variety of important topics is covered,…

Jessie Wilson Sayre Correspondence

Jessie Wilson Sayre Finding Aid.pdf

Letters of the Wilson Family.

University of Virginia Woodrow Wilson Letters

UVA Wilson Letters Finding Aid.pdf

Wilson writes to Dabney, his former University of Virginia classmate (and later history professor at the University) regarding his life after ill…

Otto Kappelmann Letters

Otto Kappelmann Finding Aid.pdf

Letters of a soldier enlisted in the U.S. Army from 1916 to 1919.
Kappelmann's letters, written primarily to his sister, Anna-Marie Bubendey,…

World War I Letters

Letters from the White House to various individuals

Benjamin Strong Jr. Papers

Benjamin Strong Papers finding aid.pdf

Benjamin Strong Jr. was appointed first governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York upon its formation in 1914. The papers consist of letters…

Edith Bolling Wilson Letters

Edith Bolling Wilson Letters Finding Aid.pdf

Letters that Edith Bolling wrote during the Wilson administration, mostly to the President.