Edward D. Shoor Collection


Edward D. Shoor


photos, documents from Shoor’s military service in WW1, including service as driver for Wilson’s presidential party during battlefield tours, a trip to Belgium


Al and Sonia Rubenstein


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


2 boxes of folders
16 pdf files, 203 jpg files



Collection Items

Destroyed French Gun Emplacement
[In French] French gun emplacement, destroyed.

German Prisoners
[In French] German prisoners.

German Officer Prisoners
[In French] imprisoned German officers.

Soldier Posing With Tank
[In French] 1st French tank.

Camouflaged Gun
[In French] 12 long.

Bodies in a Sandbagged Position
[In French] The bottom of a [...]

Cannon Firing at Night, Chateau Thierry
[In French] Chateau Thierry, cannon firing at night

Bodies in a German Trench after a Bombing
[In French] German trench after a bombing raid.

[In French] Guynemen.

Tanks on the Move
[In French] Tanks on the move.

German General Headquarters Taken By the English
[In French] German general headquarters taken by the English.

Armoured Train Near Road From Mont[?] to Pierrepont
[In French] Armoured train near the road from Mont [?] to Pierrepont.
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