AJ Jennings to Edward D. Shoor


AJ Jennings to Edward D. Shoor


AJ Jennings
Shoor, Edward D.




1920 December 30


A.J. Jennings writes to Edward D. Shoor about his life in Chicago and tells him of his upcoming marriage and the price of whiskey.


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Dear Ed.

I just received your postal card and was very glad that you haven't forgotten me. I just got back from the west and I have a fine place of my own. I am going up their again about the 15 of January. I am living in Chicago till then. Say Ed Barron is working here in Chicago I bought some thing for Xmas from him. I darn near fell over when I seen him I think Paris made a man out of him alright he looks fine. How is everything with you and Ed alright. I am sick in bed right now But will be out in a few days. I got a letter from Balsaino You know him he use to cook for me.

How is your Mother and father are they well give them my regards. Ed I had the best Christmas I ever had in my life. And say Ed. you had better get in cattle business with me. I have plenty of feed. Make some money for you and Ed. dont be surprise if you read in a paper where A. J Jenning The Oil King is going to make a call on you. That why I am here in Chicago for. My land shows oil and belive me I had a few chances to sell it. But nothing doing. And Ed you can buy real wiskey for 2.50 a quart. Canadian Club. My place is right on the line. But I don't drink any more. My wife to be won't stand for it I am going to be married in July. Very nice girl. 18 years old. Oh Boy, are you coming to Chicago between now and the 15 of January, if so let me know and I sure will meet you won't we have some time I know lots of places here that put it out. regular stuf.

Well Ed. my head is mighty sore will close hoping to hear from you soon

A. J. Jennings

10735 South State St
Chicago Ill

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Edward D. Shoor




AJ Jennings and Shoor, Edward D., “AJ Jennings to Edward D. Shoor ,” 1920 December 30, WWP14941, Edward D. Shoor Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.