Edward D. Shoor Collection


Edward D. Shoor Collection


Shoor, Edward D.




Photographs and documents from Shoor’s military service in WWI, including service as driver for Wilson’s presidential party during battlefield tours, a trip to Belgium.


Al and Sonia Rubenstein


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


World War, 1914-1918



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Edward D. Shoor Collection Finding Aid
Photographs and documents from Shoor’s military service in World War I documenting his job as a driver for Wilson’s presidential party during battlefield tours and trip to Belgium.

Destroyed French Gun Emplacement
[In French] French gun emplacement, destroyed.

German Prisoners
[In French] German prisoners.

German Officer Prisoners
[In French] imprisoned German officers.

Soldier Posing With Tank
[In French] 1st French tank.

Camouflaged Gun
[In French] 12 long.

Bodies in a Sandbagged Position
[In French] The bottom of a [...]

Cannon Firing at Night, Chateau Thierry
[In French] Chateau Thierry, cannon firing at night

Bodies in a German Trench after a Bombing
[In French] German trench after a bombing raid.

[In French] Guynemen.

Tanks on the Move
[In French] Tanks on the move.

German General Headquarters Taken By the English
[In French] German general headquarters taken by the English.

Armoured Train Near Road From Mont[?] to Pierrepont
[In French] Armoured train near the road from Mont [?] to Pierrepont.

Mortars in Action
[In French] Champagne, France, Mortars in action.

Postcard of the Church of St. Peter in Limoges.
Limoges – Cathedral, Church of St. Peter.

Postcard of Sacred Heart in Paris
The Cable–railway and Sacré–Coeur.

Postcard of Statue of Diane from the Musee de Tours
Musée de TOURS – “Diane” de Houdon

Postcard of wood panel from the Musee de Cluny
Musée de Cluny 177 – Bois. – Panneaux (XVI siècle).

Postcard of Statue from Versailles Park
Parc de Versailles (S. –et– O.) — La Nymphe à la Coquille.

Possibly the USS George Washington.

Six Soldiers
Possibly in Paris.

Postcard of the SS George Washington
Issued by the Jewish Welfare Board to Soldiers and Sailors of the U.S. Army & Navy.

Woodrow Wilson in Ypres, Belgium
Brand Whitlock with cane.

German Prisoners at Verdun
German prisoners who picked a bouquet of flowers for Miss Benham at Verdun Man holding bouquet is an American Citizen who was in Germany visiting his mother when War started.

Fortress of Verdun
Fortress of Verdun which withstood bombardment for four years.

German Trench, Dead Mans Hill, Argonne
Chief. Schwindler in German trench Dead Mans Hill, Argonne
Stench not photographed.

German Dugout, Dead Mans Hill, Argonne
Cpl. Allen in a German dug out on Dead Mans Hill, Argonne.

Concrete Observation Post, Argonne Forest near Esnes
Solid concrete Observation Post Argonne Forest near Esnes.

Destroyed German Tank in Argonne Forest
Direct hit on a German tank Argonne Forest.

Dugout of Crown Prince of Bavaria
Dugout of Crown Prince of Bavaria before entering the deep forest of the Argonne.

Headquarters of Crown Prince at Mont Faucon
Crown Prince headquarters at Mont Faucon.
Crown Prince escaped capture here by 3 minutes.

Eleanor Foster Lansing and Captain Garfield Avoiding a Hand Grenade
Mrs Lansing stepping gingerly over a hand grenade capt Garfield.

Eleanor Foster Lansing
Mrs Lansing.

Cpl. Leo De Marsh by Statue at Square, St. Quentin, France
Statue at Square of St. Quentin cpl Leo De Marsh.

Theater and Square,  St. Quentin, France
St Quentin France Square & Hotel de Ville.

Hotel de Ville,  St. Quentin, France
St Quentin France Hotel.

Sgt. Sam Lane in Front of Statue in Place St. Quentin,
Statue in Place St Quentin Sgt Sam Lane.

Ruins of Cathedral at Esnes, France
Remains of Cathedral at Esnes: Note bell.

Council of Four of the Peace Conference
President Woodrow Wilson, M. Clemenceau, Singor Orlando and Mr. Lloyd George. Picture taken at the Paris home of President Wilson, 11 Place des Etat-Unis, May 27th, 1919. Time 1:10 P.M.

Ray and Bill Dubois in Paris
Issued by the Jewish Welfare Board to Soldiers and Sailors of the U.S. Army & Navy

Sergeant Kenneth M. Colgate in Automobile
Aug 1/18 sgt Kenneth M Colgate.

Sergeant Price and Automobile
Sgt Price Car 14 Punctures.

Edward D. Shoor and Soldier in Paris
Taken by Chief Petty Officer Shindler May 25/1919 at 17 Rue Netot Paris.
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