Edward D. Shoor Collection Finding Aid


Edward D. Shoor Collection Finding Aid


Brianna Eagle






Photographs and documents from Shoor’s military service in World War I documenting his job as a driver for Wilson’s presidential party during battlefield tours and trip to Belgium.


Donated by Sonia and Alan Rubenstein


Cataloging of archival materials




Arranged numerically by folder number.

Box 1
Folder 1: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Edward D. Shoor, labeled “me” and “Sgt. Sam Lane from Texas.”
Folder 2: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Photograph 153521 of U.S. Signal Corps. Group of soldiers in front of open garage door, car just visible behind them. Edward D. Shoor kneeling, far left.
Folder 3: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Edward D. Shoor with an unidentified soldier wearing a captured German helmet posing in front of a car [Rue Nitot].
Folder 4: 9999-99-99; Edward D. Shoor [?].
Folder 5: 1919-05-25; “Taken by Chief Petty Officer Schindler May 25, 1919 at 17 Rue Nitot, Paris” [Edward D. Shoor on left].
Folder 6: 1919-06-99; Group of soldiers, including Edward D. Shoor in Belgium.
Folder 7: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Sgt. Price + car, 14 Punctures”; possibly near or at Verdun, France.
Folder 8: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Soldier at Wheel of car, “Frank Vlake.”
Folder 9: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Ole Joe Kleier.”
Folder 10: 1918-08-01; “Sgt. Kenneth M. Colgate” at the wheel of car.
Folder 11: 1919-01-08; Photograph postcard of Earl Seeley, Bill Dubois, and Edward Ten Eyck, Jr. (?).
Folder 12: 1919-01; Photograph postcard of “Ray and Bill Dubois, Paris, France” posing with car.
Folder 13: 1918-09-04; Photograph postcard of “Pvts. Lacy and Bullwinkle” posing with car.
Folder 14: 1919-05-27; Photograph 2T-128 of U.S. Signal Corps. Council of Four; Woodrow Wilson, Clemenceau, Orlando, and Lloyd George at 11 Place des Etats-unis, the Paris home of Woodrow Wilson.
Folder 15: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Photograph 153519 of U.S. Signal Corps. Single car with soldier at the wheel [believed to be on Rue Nitot].
Folder 16: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Photograph 153518 of U.S. Signal Corps. Line of cars parked with soldiers at the wheel in front of ornate buildings on the Rue Nitot.
Folder 17: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Ruins of Albert Cathedral.
Folder 18: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Albert, France, car in front of ruins.”
Folder 19: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Ruins of building in Bellicourt, France.
Folder 20: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Canal near Bellicourt, France” [Hindenburg Line].
Folder 21: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Bellicourt, France” [Sud Canal-Hindernburg Line].
Folder 22: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Bellicourt, France” [Sud Canal-Hindenburg Line].
Folder 23: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Gate of City, Bellicourt, France” [St. Quentin].
Folder 24: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Ruins of a building; possibly Bellcourt or St. Quentin in France.
Folder 25: 1919-03-23; “Burnt factory near Chauny, France.”
Folder 26: 1919-03-23; “Chauny, France, German Headquarters of Chief of Staff of Crown Prince’s Army. Direct hit by U.S. Naval 14 inch gun.”
Folder 27: 1919-03-23; “Chauny, France, ruins.”
Folder 28: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Esnes ruins” [France].
Folder 29: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Remains of cathedral at Esnes. Note bell” [France].
Folder 30: 1919-05-08; Line of parked cars and drivers at “Longchamps.”
Folder 31: 1919-03-23; “Noyon, France, ruins.”
Folder 32: 1919-03-23; “Noyon, ruins” [possible German bunker].
Folder 33: 1919-03-23; “Noyon, France, ruins.”
Folder 34: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Pantheon de La Guerre.”
Folder 35: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Pantheon de La Guerre.”
Folder 36: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “From top of the Arch of Triumph” view of Paris.
Folder 37: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Avenue de la Grand Armee”, Paris.
Folder 38: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.
Folder 39: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Paris with Eiffel Tower in background.
Folder 40: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Seine River, Paris, with Notre Dame in background.
Folder 41: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Statue in Place St. Quentin, Sgt. Sam Lane.”
Folder 42: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “St. Quentin, France Hotel.”
Folder 43: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “St. Quentin Hotel de Ville” [actually the theater].
Folder 44: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “St. Quentin, France square + Hotel de Ville” [actually theater].
Folder 45: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Cpl. Leo De Marsh, statue at Square of St. Quentin.”
Folder 46: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Tyrolean Alps, Austria” [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17].
Folder 47: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson in Belgium [Ypres?].
Folder 48: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson in Belgium.
Folder 49: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson and Brand Whitlock [with cane] on boardwalk with unidentified group of men in Belgium.
Folder 50: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson in Belgium with crowd.
Folder 51: 1919-06-18; Unidentified members of president’s party including King and Queen on a battlefield tour in Belgium.
Folder 52: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson standing in front of ruined building with two military officers and Cary T. Grayson [building is possibly Cloth Hall or Cathedral in Ypres, Belgium].
Folder 53: 1919-06-99; Mrs. Lansing.
Folder 54: 1919-06-99; Mrs. Lansing in No Mans Land, Argonne.
Folder 55: 1919-06-99; Capt. Garfield and “Mrs. Lansing stepping gingerly over a hand grenade.”
Folder 56: 1919-06-99; “At foot of hill, Mont Faucon.”
Folder 57: 1919-06-99; “Crown Prince Headquarters at Mont Faucon, Crown Prince escaped capture here by 3 minutes” [site of C.P.’s camouflaged observatory].
Folder 58: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Dugout of Crown Prince of Bavaria before entering the deep forest of the Argonne.”
Folder 59: 1919-06-99; “Direct hit on a German tank, Argonne Forest.”
Folder 60: 1919-06-99; Colonel Moore, Miss Benham, Admiral Knoff, Edge of Argonne Forest.
Folder 61: 1919-06-99; “Solid concrete observation post, Argonne Forest near Esnes.”
Folder 62: 1919-06-99; “No Mans Land in the Argonne.”
Folder 63: 1919-06-99; “Cpl. Allen in a German dugout, Dead Man’s Hill, Argonne.”
Folder 64: 1919-06-99; “Chief Schwindler in German trench, Dead Man’s Hill, Argonne. Stench not photographed.”
Folder 65: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Fortress of Verdun which withstood bombardment for 4 years.”
Folder 66: 1919-06-99; “German prisoners who picked a bouquet of flowers for Miss Benham at Verdun. Man holding bouquet is an American citizen who was in Germany visiting his mother when war started/”
Folder 67: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson with group in Belgium [Cloth Hall or Cathedral, Ypres].
Folder 68: 1919-06-99; “Miss Benham, Admiral Knoff, Mrs. Lansing, Capt. Garfield at Fortress of Verdun.”
Folder 69: 1919-06-99; Miss Benham, Commander of Verdun, Mrs. Lansing.
Folder 70: 1919-06-99; Admiral Knoff, Colonel Moore.
Folder 71: 1919-06-99; “A friendly agreement between Admiral Knoff and Colonel Moore in regard to the taking of Hill No.304.”
Folder 72: 1919-06-99; “Miss Edith Benham in No Mans Land.”
Folder 73: 1919-06-99; “Lloyd George, General Valentine, Commander of Verdun Sector; Commander Reynold, captured in June 1916, retaken by French at Fort of Vau.”
Folder 74: 1919-06-99; “French + Belgian border line near Braine le Comte.”
Folder 75: 1919-06-19; “Café at Waterloo Battleground” [enroute to Charleroi, Belgium].
Folder 76: 1919-06-19; “Waterloo, Panorama bldg.. 20 kilometers from Brussels.”
Folder 77: 1919-06-19; “Stairway to Monument of Lion, Waterloo Battlefield” [enroute to Charleroi, Belgium].
Folder 78: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson and Brand Whitlock [with cane] in Ypres, Belgium.
Folder 79: 1919-06-18; Canal [Ypres canal lock, Belgium].
Folder 80: 1919-06-18; Woodrow Wilson with man in bowler hat in [Ypres?] Belgium.
Folder 81: 1919-06-18; Small crowd on street with cars in “LaPanne” [Belgium].
Folder 82: 1919-06-18; Cars from president’s party in Nieuport, Belgium, with ruins in background.
Folder 83: 1919-06-18; Ruins of town in Nieuport, Belgium.
Folder 84: 9999-99-99; Ruins in Nieuport, Belgium.
Folder 85: 1919-06-18; Ruins of a bridge in Nieuport, Belgium [Yser River?].
Folder 86: 9999-99-99; Ruins in Nieuport, Belgium.
Folder 87: 1919-06-18; Nieuport, Belgium [Yser River].
Folder 88: 1919-06-19; “Hotel de Ville, Brussells.”
Folder 89: 1919-06-19; “Brussells Government Building.”
Folder 90: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Parked cars on city street, Rue Nitot, Paris.
Folder 91: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Parked cards on back street, Rue Nitot, Paris.
Folder 92: 1919-06-99; Edward D. Shoor (labeled “me”) in Belgium with 5 unidentified soldiers.
Folder 93: 1919-06-99; Edward D. Shoor (labeled “me”) with small group of soldiers (drivers?) shown with 4 cars and ruins of a restaurant in background, captioned as “Belgium” on back.
Folder 94: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified group of soldiers (drivers) with car on the Rue Nitot, Paris.
Folder 95: 1919-06-99; Unidentified group of drivers sitting on and in a car on the Rue Nitot.
Folder 96: 1919-06-99; “Woody’s train going home.”
Folder 97: 1919-06-99; Unidentified soldier with train in background.
Folder 98: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified gentlemen with train in background.
Folder 99: 1919-06-99; Woodrow Wilson shaking hands with unidentified group with train in background.
Folder 100: 1919-06-99; Woodrow Wilson in front of train.

Box 2
Folder 101: 1919-06-99; Woodrow Wilson with King Albert of Belgium with train in background.
Folder 102: 1919-06-99; Soldiers standing at attention on the yacht of the King of Belgium.
Folder 103: 1919-06-99; Unidentified boat [potentially ferrying W.W. and party the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 104: 1919-06-99; Unidentified shipboard or dockside scene of large group of soldiers.
Folder 105: 1919-06-99; Shipboard scene [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 106: 1919-06-99; Woodrow Wilson with binoculars and Cary T. Grayson with unidentified soldiers [possibly on board the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 107: 1919-06-99; Woodrow Wilson with binoculars and Cary T. Grayson in front of group of sailors [possibly on U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 108: 1919-07-04; “On board U.S.S. George Washington.”
Folder 109: 1919-07-04; Woodrow Wilson [on board the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 110: 1919-07-04; “This is Wilson’s speech the fourth on the George Washington…[text becomes indiscernible].”
Folder 111: 1919-07-04; Woodrow Wilson [on board the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 112: 1919-07-04; Woodrow Wilson [on board the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 113: 1919-07-04; Shipboard scene of sailors in rigging [4th of July games aboard the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 114: 1919-07-04; Unidentified soldiers wrestling [4th of July games aboard the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 115: 1919-07-04; Boxing match between unidentified soldiers [4th of July games aboard the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 116: 1919-07-04: Wrestling match between unidentified soldiers [4th of July games aboard the U.S.S. George Washington].
Folder 117: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Crowd of soldiers on board a ship [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 118: 1919-07-04; Shipboard scene [U.S.S. George Washignton?].
Folder 119: 1919-07-04; Shipboard scene [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 120: 1919-07-04; Shipboard scene [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 121: 1919-07-04; Shipboard scene [U.S.S. George Washington?.]
Folder 122: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Postcard picture of the U.S.S. George Washington issued by the Jewish Welfare Board to Soldiers and Sailors of the U.S. Army and Navy.
Folder 123: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ships.
Folder 124: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldiers in airplane.
Folder 125: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldiers posing with and in a tank.
Folder 126: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] French Zouave (North African) soldier receiving a medal from an unidentified French soldier.
Folder 127: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ships.
Folder 128: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Photograph postcard of unidentified group of 6 soldiers with “Felix Eskine…Paris” stamped on back.
Folder 129: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Two unidentified children barefooted on the running board of a car.
Folder 130: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldier with rifle in front of sign reading “it is dangerous to dig in the ruins” [Ypres, Belgium].
Folder 131: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldier [Rue Nitot?].
Folder 132: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldier with car and tents in background.
Folder 133: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] “Musuem in Vienna” [Actually identified as the Austrian Parliament building in Vienna].
Folder 134: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Photograph postcard of three unidentified individuals “In the airship” [either 3 women or 2 women and 1 man].
Folder 135: 1919-06-99; King Albert of Belgium with soldiers standing near train tracks.
Folder 136: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ruins [Bellicourt].
Folder 137: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ruins near Bellicourt.
Folder 138: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Abandoned carts and dead horse on the side of the road.
Folder 139: 1919-06-18; “Convoy to Belgium” showing line of cars and drivers.
Folder 140: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Captured German mortars with chalk messages written on the barrels.
Folder 141: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified solider driving a motorcycle with another soldier in the sidecar down a brick street.
Folder 142: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Group of unidentified soldiers posing with a card [photo may include Edward D. Shoor].
Folder 143: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified port scene.
Folder 144: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Marching soldiers in front of ruins.
Folder 145: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Two cars on a street in an unidentified town.
Folder 146: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldier posing in a car [Rue Nitot].
Folder 147: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Group of unidentified soldiers.
Folder 148: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified soldiers posing with motorcycles with sidecars.
Folder 149: 1919-06-18; President’s group on a battlefield tour in Belgium [Houthulst Forest?].
Folder 150: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified river scene [Seine river in Paris?].
Folder 151: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified woman with children in a garden or park.
Folder 152: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Section of wall with arches in an unidentified park.
Folder 153: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Archway in an unidentified park.
Folder 154: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified park view.
Folder 155: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Walkway with statues and benches in an unidentified park.
Folder 156: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Dirigible alof.t
Folder 157: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Airplane flying with American flag in foreground.
Folder 158: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified biplane in flight.
Folder 159: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified plane in flight.
Folder 160: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified plane in flight.
Folder 161: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified plane in flight.
Folder 162: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] American flag flying aboard a ship [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 163: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ship [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 164: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ship [U.S.S. George Washington?].
Folder 165: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified battleship.
Folder 166: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ship on the horizon.
Folder 167: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ships in the distance.
Folder 168: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified ship in the distance.
Folder 169: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Unidentified group of soldiers sitting on ship rail.
Folder 170: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Postcard “Parc de Versailles (S.-et-O.) – La Nymphe a la Coquille.”
Folder 171: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Postcard from the Musee de Cluny “BOIS. – Panneaux (XVI siècle” [Wood panel, 16th century].
Folder 172: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Postcard from the Musee de Tours “Diane” de Houdon.
Folder 173: 1921-01-11; Postcard of Paris “Le funiculaire et le Sacre-Coeur. The cable-railway and Sacre-Coeur” [message written in French on back].
Folder 174: [1917-12-12 to 1919-07-17] Postcard “Limoges – Eglis Saint-Pierre” [“Church of St. Peter” has been written on front of postcard].
Folder 175: 9999-99-99; Five men and one woman with handwritten “Dad” and “Me” [Edward D. Shoor] and corresponding arrows.
Folder 176: 9999-99-99; “Trenches, Champagne” [translated from French].
Folder 177: 9999-99-99; “Trenches in Champagne” [translated from French].
Folder 178: 9999-99-99; “Mortars in trench in action, Champagne” [translated from French].
Folder 179: 9999-99-99; “Platform de la Bertha” [written in French].
Folder 180: 9999-99-99; “Somme” [written in French].
Folder 181: 9999-99-99; “Nieuport” [Belgium].
Folder 182: 9999-99-99; “Nieuport cemetery” in Belgium [translated from French].
Folder 183: 9999-99-99: “Nieuport” ruins of a town [Belgium].
Folder 184: 9999-99-99; Unidentified locality in Belgium with ruined buildings.
Folder 185: 9999-99-99; Unidentified town in Belgium with ruined buildings.
Folder 186: 9999-99-99; Unidentified town in Belgium with ruined buildings.
Folder 187: 9999-99-99; Ruins in “Bethune” France.
Folder 188: 1916-08-99; “Armored train near the road from Mont [indiscernible text] to Pierrepont” [translated from French].
Folder 189: 9999-99-99; “German general headquarters taken by the English” [translated from French].
Folder 190: 9999-99-99; “Tanks on the move” [translated from French].
Folder 191: 9999-99-99; [French?] soldier identified on the back as “Guynemen.”
Folder 192: 9999-99-99; “German trench after a bombing” with image of bodies [translated from French].
Folder 193: 9999-99-99; “Bayaux trenches” [written in French].
Folder 194: 9999-99-99; Soldier overlooking ruins in the town of “Verdun.”
Folder 195: 1918-06-99; “Chateau Thierry, cannon firing at night” [translated from French].
Folder 196: 9999-99-99; Bodies in a sandbagged position captioned “the bottom of a [indiscernible text]” [translated from French].
Folder 197: 9999-99-99; “12 long” camouflaged cannon with smoke coming from barrel.
Folder 198: 9999-99-99; “First French tank” with unidentified soldier posing in front [translated from French].
Folder 199: 9999-99-99; “Imprisoned German officers” [translated from French].
Folder 200: 9999-99-99; “German prisoners” [translated from French].
Folder 201: 9999-99-99; “French gun emplacement, destroyed” [translated from French].
Folder 202: 9999-99-99; Ruins of buildings in “Peronne” [France].
Folder 203: 9999-99-99; Ruins in “Reims” [France].
Folder 204: 9999-99-99; Ruins in “Rheims” [France].
Folder 205: 1888-10-30; Photographic copy of Edward David Shoor’s birth certificate, born October 30, 1888 in Schuylerville, New York.
Folder 206: 1918-02-04; Special orders No. 11 appointing Edward D. Shoor a Sergeant.
Folder 207: 1918-05-10; Special orders No. 120 ordering Sergeant Edward D. “Shore” to take charge of a shipment of cars from Versailles to Limoge, France [note misspelling of Shoor’s last name].
Folder 208: 1918-05-10; Photocopy of special orders No. 120.
Folder 209: 1918-08-20; Special orders No. 16 assigning Sgt. Edward D. Shoor to perform the duties of a non-commissioned officer in charge of MTS Barracks. Signed by George W. Dykeman, Jr.
Folder 210: 1919-02-20; Special orders No. 51 ordering Sgt. Edward D. Shoor to proceed by rail to Tours, France, on duty connected with the Motor Transport Corps.
Folder 211: 1919-03-15; Pass giving Sgt. Edward D. Shoor on special duty with the automobile and dispatch service of the President of the United States permission to be out of quarters in Paris at any hour day or night while in performance of his duties by command of Brig. General Harts. Signed by James B. Munn, Major Infantry, Asst. to Chief of Staff.
Folder 212: 1919-04-11; Special orders No. 259 promoting Private Leon Shaner to Sergeant.
Folder 213: [1919-06-17 to 1919-06-19] Memorandum, A.C. Smith to Sgt. Shoor, listing arrangements made for the use of automobiles during the President’s visit to Belgium.
Folder 214: Special orders No. 166 assigning five men including Sgt. Edward D. Shoor to process over land in charge of ten Cadillac automobiles to Brussels. Signed by A.C. Smith.
Folder 215: 1919-06-19; A.C. Smith to Sgt. Shoor requesting limousines to report to pick up members of the President’s party at the Hotel Astoria
Folder 216: 1919-06-21; Copy of letter from Brand Whitlock to Captain Smith asking that Smith convey to the chauffeurs his appreciation of their service during President Wilson’s trip to Belgium, June 17-20, 1919.
Folder 217: 1919-07-17; Honorable Discharge of Edward D. Shoor, Sergeant, Motor Transport Corps, signed by W.G. Muldoon.
Folder 218: 1920-08-13; Letter from P. Mattieu to Edward D. Shoor expressing his hope that his letter and picture announcing his child’s death arrived; recounts his problems with the manager of Joco Estate which resulted in Mattieu’s resignation and decision to move to Saigon where he became a professor at the College Chaseloup-Laubat [letter written in French].
Folder 219: 1920-12-30; Letter from A.J. Jennings to Edward D. Shoor recounting meeting a mutual friend in Chicago, suggesting Shoor get in the cattle business with him, and that he is getting married in July.
Folder 220: 9999-99-99; Edward D. Shoor’s address list.
Folder 221: 2006-03-99; Donation letter from Al and Sonia Rubenstein to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library explaining Shoor’s collection; two envelopes also in folder.

Biography or History

Collection of photographs of Edward D. Shoor (1888-1971) who served in the motor pool during Woodrow Wilson’s trip to Paris in 1919. Shoor was Alan Rubenstein’s uncle by marriage and a driver on the trip Wilson and Prsidential party took in June, 1919, from Paris to Belgium. Shoor took small snapshots of the ruins, battlefields, and other sites along the route, including the following places in France: Bellicourt, St. Quentin, Chauny, Esnes, Noyon, Mont Faucon, the Argonne Forest, Verdun, Ypres, and Nieuport, Belgium. There are candid shots of Wilson and other dignitaries including Mrs. Lansing and Miss. Benham at stops along the way back to the U.S. Many, though not all, of the photographs are identified on the back. The end of the collection culminates in several special orders issued to Shoor during his enlistment in addition to some general correspondence letters.


Edward D. Shoor FA.pdf


Brianna Eagle, “Edward D. Shoor Collection Finding Aid,” 1917-1919, FA100020, Edward D. Shoor Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

Archival Finding Aid