Dolores Lescure Collection Finding Aid


Dolores Lescure Collection Finding Aid


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum






Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


Cataloging of archival materials



Table Of Contents

Box 1 (Gray, acid-free, hinge-top box)
Lescure for Council Campaigns, 1980 & 1984, including campaign speeches, press statements, advertisements, text of radio ads, photos, expense lists, contributors, petitions, newspaper clippings, editorials, etc.

Box 2 (Orange and marbled hinge-top box)
United Negro College Fund, 1954-59. Correspondence, press releases, information packets, newspaper clippings related to fund-raising campaigns for the Fund. (Dolores did publicity for campaigns, wrote press releases, etc.)

Box 3 (Blue & white box)
AAUW Bulletins, 1994-98
Amelia Earhart newspaper clippings
August Annals, 1995-96
Bessie Bell – Copy of deed for Betsy Bell Mountain, 1985
Collins Celebration, 1983 – Correspondence, guest lists, newspaper clippings related to the Margaret and Fletcher Collins gala held in Oct. 1983.
Harrisonburg High School (2 folders) – Centennial Celebration, 1994; 50th Reunion, 1984.
JMU – Photographs, publications, correspondence in 1988 relating to Dolores being named a “Distinguished Alumni.”
Lescure – Correspondence and speeches, 1969? Most relating to MBC
Letters of Reference, 1951-93. Letters written for former executive directors of The WWBF, students, etc.
Madison College – Dolores’s college diploma, 1938, and commencement program.
MBC – Mary Baldwin College correspondence, press releases, etc. 1957-77
Saint Francis Jubilee, 1993, with historical materials about the church, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc.
Shenanarts, 1987
Staunton-Augusta County Consolidation material, 1984
Virginia Press Women, 1965
WWPL press releases, 2004
Framed certificate to D.L. naming her a “Soroptimist Woman of Distinction, 1992
Plaque, JMU Distinguished Alumni Achievement, 1988
Case containing 23 cassette tapes with hearings, news programs, etc. from D.L.’s time on Staunton City Council.

Box 4 (Blue & white box)
Envelope of photos of D.L. & Emily Pancake Smith
Personal correspondence, 1970s
Larger photos of D.L. with Emily Smith, D.L. with Warner & Elizabeth Taylor
Newspaper clippings, 1973, “Mrs. H. Mck. Smith Honored by Birthplace.”
Miscellaneous photos of D.L., some at WW Birthplace
Portfolio, WWBF retreat and vision meeting, 1998
Accordion folder of material from Richmond News Leader, 1955-56, newspaper clippings and articles written by D.L. 1955-61.
WWBF 1989-91, Thank you letters and annual appeal letters
WWBF, 1998, including tribute to Janet Campbell
VSDB (2 folders), 1936-47
Looseleaf notebook of newspaper clippings about annexation, consolidation, 1982
Augusta County Historical Society, 1973-76, correspondence, brochures, etc.
Chamber of Commerce, Staunton-Augusta County, 1971-73, correspondence, brochures, etc.
St. Francis Church (2 folders), public relations material
Staunton Democratic Committee, 1972-1980
Kings Daughters Hospital, 1966-1983
Misc. newspaper clippings
Parish Council, 1981-83

Box 5 (White “Fellowes” box)
WWPL, 2003 – Minutes, reports, etc.
Color photos of Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner at WW Birthplace
Presidential Library project, briefings, remarks, etc. 2003
Color group photo of WWPL staff in front of Pierce Arrow (undated)
Media releases and statements to Council by D.L. as Mayor, 1984
WWPL, 2002
Speeches, 1983-85
WWBF Business Membership program, 1974(?)
WWBF Study of the membership program, 1975. Sample letters in orange
looseleaf binder.
Local politics – Folder with correspondence, newspaper clippings and campaign materials from Mary Sue Terry, Tom Roberts, Pete Giesen, Tom Eavers.
WWBF membership file
VSDB 1940s correspondence from D.L.’s time working on a history of the education of the deaf in Virginia.
Statements – Media – 1982-88, including press releases and letters to the editor
Civil Service, 1940-43. D.L.’s civil service rating and correspondence about employment as an editoral clerk with U.S. Maritime Commission (which she declined).
Alex Hudgins, 1938. Correspondence trying to get newspaper or teaching job
Correspondence, 1957-59 about D.L.’s special stories to the Richmond Times
Dispatch from Staunton
Navy blue Staunton tie

Box 6 (White Staples box)
Entire box is WWBF-WWPL materials, mostly from 1998-2003. Includes lists of potential Board members, committee assignments, Library Task Force
Report 2000, financial statements, correspondence, etc.

Box 7 (White Fellowes box)
Frontier Culture Museum materials (approx first 1/3 of box)
WWPL – mostly fundraising reports, lists, newspaper clippings, etc.
1992-96, 2003-2005

Box 8 (Brown box, black top)
Bound volumes of Mary Baldwin College Publications
Mary Baldwin Bulletin (Reporter Issue), Sept. 1957-Oct. 1969
Mary Baldwin Newsletter, Feb. 1970-May 1973
Mary Baldwin Bulletin (Alumnae Issue), Oct. 1960-May 1967
Mary Baldwin Catalogues, 1965-74
WWPL (loose papers include financial reports, etc. 1997)
Black looseleaf – WWBF Committee Meeting Schedule & reports, 1998-1999
Maroon looseleaf – Advancement Committee, 1997-98
White looseleaf – Board Resources Committee, 1992-98, including board lists, nominations, etc.
Maroon looseleaf – Marketing committee, and marketing information, 1994-98

Box 9 (Small maroon hanging file)
WWPL Files
Long Range Planning Committee, 1993-99
Executive Committee, 1999-2001
Marketing Committee, 1999-2000
Education Committee and W.W. Forum, 1998-2001
Advancement Committee and Fundraising, 1999-2001
Globe Fest Fundraisers, 1999-2001
Properties Committee, 1998-2001

Box 10 (Clear plastic box, yellow top)
Staunton Comprehensive Plan, adopted, 1981
Booklet, 1978, City Government: Making it Happen in Staunton, VA
Staunton Capitol Improvement, 1980
Evaluation of Staunton Transit System, 1987
Newspaper clippings and correspondence about City Attorney position, 1983
Consolidation materials, 1976-1984
Staunton-Augusta Consolidation Plan – How it Affects You, 1984
(4 copies)
To Consolidate or Not to Consolidate, 1984 (7 copies)

A Summary Version of the Staunton-Augusta Consolidation Plan, 1984,
(8 copies)
Annexation & Consolidation: A Handbook, 1983 (22 copies)
Citizens Handbook, Staunton, VA, 1981 (?) (3 copies)
Carry Me Back to Old Virginia – Tourist booklet
Mary Baldwin Bulletin, Nov. 1960, with Eisenhower’s visit to MBC on cover
MBC correspondence, 1966 & 1974
Certificate from Rotary to D.L. naming her a Paul Harris Fellow

Box 11 (White Hollinger box – transferred out of tall cardboard box)
WWPL Committees folder, 1992-93
Various WWBF photographs, 1980s
Dolores Lescure – Bio folder and box with diplomas
Historic Staunton Foundation, 1971-78
Appeal Commission for Staunton & Augusta County, Annexation & Consolidation material – red folder.
4 legal pads with WWBF notes, 1991
Consolidation – tan folder
Newspaper clippings re: consolidation – manila folder
Consolidation – maroon looseleaf
Council vacancy, 1980
Citizen calls – letters to and from Staunton citizens, 1981-85
Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, 1983-84
Staunton Fine Arts Association, 1981-87
City Council newspaper clippings, 1980-82
Misc. photos
City of Staunton Exhibits, City of Staunton vs. Augusta County –
Annexation Proceedings, 1985
Fiscal Impact Study of Annexation Area, City of Staunton, Feb. 3, 1987
Background Info. on Consolidation Study by City of Staunton and Augusta
County, Oct. 27, 1983 (ref folder)
Correspondence, 1984-87, mostly on consolidation/annexation (manila folder – untitled)
Voting Rights Act Proposal – Correspondence & court documents relating to the calling of a special City Council election in 1987 (manila folder)
Newspaper Clippings, 1980-84, re: Staunton elections
PR material – Staunton, copy of newspaper article: “Staunton in Year 2000” (In tan MBC folder)
Balzer – Material on Balzer & Assoc. contract to do fiscal impact study of annexation area, 1987.
Newspaper clippings from D.L.’s early career, 1944
City of Staunton Fire Station Dedication, 1983-11-01; brochure & remarks by D.L.
Special City Council Meeting Minutes, 1982 & 1984; Strategic Plan for Econ.
Devt. 1988
Newspaper clippings about Waller Lescure
The Taj, June, 1934, Publication edited by D.L. at Harrisonburg H.S.
Misc. material from Staunton City Council, early newspaper work in 1949,
WWPL material etc.

Box 12 (Yellow box with knob on front)
Gavel and stand presented to D.L. in appreciation for dedicated service to the City of Staunton, elected Mayor, Aug. 11, 1983.
Staunton Downtown Revitalization, 1979-86
Organizing for Economic Development
Tourism Task Force, 1982-85
Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) 1986-1987
Tourism Study by Mary Meadows, 1982
Shenandoah Valley Surveys, Recommendations to Promote Tourism
Recommendations regarding promotion, pr, advertising
Tourism Market Survey, Staunton, Augusta County, 1982-12-16
Proposal for Tourism Development & Marketing Study for Staunton, Aug. 1981.
Shenandoah Valley Surveys, Tourism & Marketing Correspondence, 1982
Frontier Culture Museum correspondence, brochures, etc. 1988-92
Several notebooks with notes of meetings (?) 1980s
Datebooks, 1980 & 1982
Box of blank MBC stationery

Box 13 (White checkered box with black top)
WWBF Minutes, lists for fundraising, etc., 1969-70, blue looseleaf
WWBF Governance structure, committee memos, etc. 1992-93, aqua looseleaf
Feasibility Study, Restoration and Preservation, WW Birthplace, J. Everette
Fauber, May, 1997
Code of Ethics for WWBF Board, 1997, Committee minutes, etc. 1997-98
Advancement Committee, 1994-95, black notebook
WWBF Board committee lists, minutes, correspondence, etc., 1996, black
WWBF Board meeting material, 1995, maroon notebook
WWBF Advancement Committee material, 1995, maroon notebook
WWBF Advancement Committee material, 1996, maroon notebook
Bound Mary Baldwin Magazine, Dec. 1970-July 1973
Bound Mary Baldwin Alumnae Issue, 1967-70

Additional material
City of Staunton Certificate for Distinguished Public Service (undated)
Staunton Rotary Club Vocational Service Award, 1991-92
Framed political cartoon, inscribed to WWBF by artist Fred O. Seibel of
Richmond Times Dispatch, 10-27-1960
Framed front page of the New York Tribune, Sunday, Nov. 19, 1916.
Box of D.L.’s baby clothes (?)

Woodrow Wilson: A Brief Biography / Arthur Link. World Pub. Co., 1963.
Virginians Remember Woodrow Wilson / edited by Raymond F. Pisney. Mouseion Press, 1978.
Woodrow Wilson: The Politics of Peace and War / Edmund Ions. Library of the 20th Century, 1972.
Woodrow Wilson: World Statesman / Kendrick A. Clements. Twayne, 1987.
Edith Bolling Wilson: Tributes given at a memorial service at the WWBF, Jan. 20, 1962 by Arthur S. Link & Katherine E. Brand (in envelope)

Biography or History

Dolores Lescure was a former head of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation during the late 1900s

Scope and Content

The documents come from throughout Lescure's career and life.


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Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, “Dolores Lescure Collection Finding Aid,” 1954-1998, FA100022, Dolores Lescure Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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