Small Collections Box Finding Aid


Small Collections Box Finding Aid


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum staff




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Scope and Content

Collection 1: #98 Wilbur G. Kurtz collection, 1913 – 1969
– Pencil Sketches for his painting “Signing of the Federal Reserve Act” and correspondence between his son Henry H. Kurtz and the executive director of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum
Collection 2: #99 J. Campbell Brandon
– Typed manuscript entitled “Recollections of the Early Years of Woodrow Wilson as President of Princeton University”
Collection 3: #100 Edward Davis Parker
– poem written in honor of Woodrow Wilson’s birthday 28 December 1931
Collection 4: #101 Kimberly King, 2 December 19??
– typed copy of article entitled “A Sidelight on History: How Wilsonian Diplomacy Helped Iran Preserve National Integrity”
Collection 5: #102 Margaret W. Daniel Papers, 1921 – 1925
– five documents relating to correspondence between Staunton native and Mary Baldwin alumni, Margaret Daniel and John Randolph Bolling as well as the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation regarding a scrapbook she kept of Woodrow Wilson memorabilia that he had signed.
Collection 6: #106 William Gibbs McAdoo Collection, 1914 -1940
– Four letters from William Gibbs McAdoo to Eleanor Wilson McAdoo written in hand and signed.

Collection 9: #215 Anna Nevins Collection, 1917 -1918
– Four folders containing correspondence, foreign residency documents, and other memorabilia from Anna L. Nevins travels in England during World War I.
Collection 10: #391 Earl S. Parish Collection, 1918 – 1919
11 folders containing correspondence, photographs and a train ticket from Earl S. Parish’s time in France with the United States Army after war had officially ended in Europe.


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum staff, “Small Collections Box Finding Aid,” No date, FA100034, Small Collections Box, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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