Woodrow Wilson Press Statements


Woodrow Wilson Press Statements


Tumulty, Joseph P. (Joseph Patrick), 1879-1954






Press releases written by Assistant to the President, Joseph P. Tumulty.


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Employee Compensation Communication
Information on Mrs. Frances C. Axtell, Dr. Riley McMillan Little, and Hon. John J. Keegan.

Biography of Francis P. Garvan
Mr. Francis P Garvan has been appointed to succeed Mr. A. Mitchell Palmer as Alien Property Custodian.

Appeal to Railway Employees
Woodrow Wilson reminds the Railway Employees Department of the American Federation of Labor of the need to transport the produce of the country in order to help the nation return to normal after the war, and assures them of the Government’s full…

Woodrow Wilson to Albert B. Fall
Woodrow Wilson addresses Senator Albert B. Fall’s questions regarding the Treaty of Versailles.

Veto of Act for Repeal of Daylight-Saving Law
Woodrow Wilson vetoes H. R. 3854, “An Act for the repeal of the daylight-saving law” since the nation needed to foster growth in production more than anything else.

Resignation of U.S. Shipping Board Chairman
Edward N. Hurley resigns as Chairman of the Shipping Board.

Shipyards Permitted to Accept Foreign Contracts
President Wilson has taken action to permit American shipyard to accept foreign contracts.

Boy Scout Week
In recognition of the patriotism and work on behalf of the nation by the Boy Scouts of American, Woodrow Wilson proclaims June 8 through June 14, 1919 to be Boy Scout Week.

Food Relief Appropriation
Woodrow Wilson urges Congress to approve Herbert Hoover’s requested appropriation for food relief saying that Bolshevism could not be stopped by force, but could be stopped by food.

White House Closed for Repairs
The White House will be closed to visitors after January 11, 1919 due to repairs.

Secretary Tumulty to Remain in US
Joseph Tumulty will remain in Washington, DC in charge of the Executive Offices while Woodrow Wilson is in France.

Aircraft Production Investigation Pardons
Woodrow Wilson pardoned Lieutenant-Colonel George W. Mixter and Lieutenant-Colonel J. G. Vincent, whom the recent report on Aircraft Production showed to be technically guilty of a breach of statutes, because he believed in their innocence.

Resignation of Fuel Administrator
Woodrow Wilson has accepted Fue Administrator Garfield’s resignation.

Peace Donation from a Leper
Filipino leper gives his worldly goods towards President Wilson's efforts towards peace.

Dumba Incident Misrepresentations
Woodrow Wilson addresses the misrepresentations of the Dumba incident mentioned in the newspapers, specifically that he did not ask for William Jennings Bryan’s resignation.

Allegations of Mismanagement in Aircraft Production
Gutzon Borglum and Newton D. Baker correspond regarding an investigation about potential significant errors and bad practice in the production of aircraft.

Josephus Daniels Defends the Naval Administration
Josephus Daniels proclaims that due to criticizm of the Navy by the Navy League, no members, officers, or other representatives of the Navy League will be admitted to any naval station, reservation, or ship in the Navy.

Red Cross Week
Woodrow Wilson proclaims the week of June 25, 1917 to be Red Cross Week when the American people will be asked to give.

Food Control and Administration
This statement describes to need for and duties of the Food Administration compared to the Department of Agriculture.

Telegram Praising Wilson's War Message
George Harvey Praises Woodrow Wilson’s patriotism in his war message.

Members of the US Tariff Commission
Members of the United States Tariff Commission are announced.

Railroad Strike Negotiations Reopened
Woodrow Wilson tells railroad officials that he is glad a settlement is coming together.

Railroad Strike Negotiations
After meeting with his Cabinet, Woodrow Wilson asks railraod officials to resume negotiations with those on strike.

Ukranian Relief Day Proclaimed
Woodrow Wilson proclaims, in compliance with Congress appoints and proclaims April 21, 1917 as a day for Americans to sending aid to Ukrainians stricken in belligerent countries.

Extra Session of the Senate Called
Woodrow Wilson calls members of the Senate to attend a session at 12 o’clock noon on March 5, 1917.

Returning Joint Resolution on a National Archive
Woodrow Wilson returns Joint Resolution (H. J. Res. 230) without signing because he believes there needs to be contemplation for necessary space and equipment to properly run a national archive.

Emergency In Water Transportation of the United States
Woodrow Wilson declares a national emergency arising from insufficient tonage to carry the products of the farms, forests, mines and manufacturing industries of the United States, and admonishes all citizens to abide by the regulations in the…
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