Newspapers Collection Finding Aid


Newspapers Collection Finding Aid


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library staff




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List of newspapers in 22 oversize boxes.


Cataloging of archival materials




Folder 1

1. The New York Herald- European Edition-Paris
-Saturday December 14, 1918
-22 ½ x17 ½
-“President Wilson Arrives in France”: Pg.1
-“Au President Wilson” (poem): Pg.3
-“La Tache Du President Wilson est Considerable”: Pg. 3

2. Le Progres
-November 12, 1918
-23 ½ x 18 ½
-not Wilson related

3. Le Matin-Quatrieme Edition
-November 12, 1918
-24 ½ x 16 ¾
-not Wilson related

4. The Stars and Stripes
-Friday, January 3, 1919
-24 ½ x 16 ¾
-“President Talks Peace in England”; is now in Italy: Pg.1
-“President Spends His Christmas in Heart of A.E.F. Country”: Pg.3
-The Army’s Poets- “Woodrow Wilson”: Pg.4

5. Trench and Camp-printed for YMCA by Chaitanooga Daily Times
-April 8, 1918?
-16 ½ x 11
-not Wilson related

6. Trench and Camp-for YMCA by Chaitanooga Daily Times
-May 20, 1918
-17 x 11
-“Miss Margaret Wilson Given Ovation at All Her Concerts for the Soldiers in the
Park”: Pg.1

7. The Camp Crane News
To Rebuild Entertainment H ----
-Allentown, PA June 29, 1918
-24 ½ x 19
-not Wilson related

8. Mezer Reitung
-November 11, 1918
-22 x 16
- not Wilson related?

9. Le Petit Journal-L’Allemagne En Revolution
-November 11, 1918
-23 x 16 ¾
-“Le President Wilson S’Adresse aux Peuples Liberes d’Autriche”: Pg.2

10. Le Petit Journal
-November 13, 1918
-23 x 16 ¾
-“ Le President Wilson Commente L’Armistice”: Pg.1

11. Le Petit Parisien- “C’est Signe!”
-November 12, 1918
-23 ¼ x 16 ½
-not Wilson related

12. Le Petit Journal
-November 15, 1918
-23 x 17
-“Les Etats- Unis Consentent a Ravitailler l’Allemagne a Condition que l’ordre soit Maintenu”: Pg.1
-M. Wilson Participerait a la Conference de Paix”:Pg.2

13. Le Petit Parisien-L’Abdication du Kaiser
-November 11, 1918
-23 ¼ x 17
-“Apres les Elections Americains”: Pg.2

14. Les Petit Parisien
-November 15, 1918
-23 ½ x 16 ¾
-“M. Wilson Assistera a la Conference de la Paix”: Pg.2

15. The New York Herald-European Edition- Paris: “Paris Meets the President and Takes
Him to Her Heart”
-December 15, 1918-Sunday
-22 ½ x 17 ½
-“City Will Honor Wilson Monday”: Pg.1
-“Impressions of a Historic Day Lit by the Wilson Smile”: Pg.1
-“Le President Wilson a Conquis La Foule”: Pg.3
-“M. Poincare, at Elysee Lunch, Tells President of France’s Sufferings and Huns’
Crimes”: Pg.4
-“Parisiens Pleased by Mrs. Wilson’s Tasteful Costumes”: Pg.4

16. Oakland Tribune
-November 11, 1918-Monday
-22 ½ x 18
-Trade Board Employees First to Greet Wilson”: Pg.1

17. Oakland Tribune
-November 11, 1918-Monday
-22 ½ x 18
-“President Proclaims Armistice Signed”: Pg.1-quote
-“Congress is Told by President of Terms”: Pg.1
-“All Draft Calls are Cancelled by Wilson”: Pg.1
-“Wilson all Smiles when News is Told”: Pg.2
-“Gentlemen, Armistice has Been Signed”: Pg.3
-“President Reads Truce Terms Dramatic Scene Before Congress”: Pg.3
continued from Pg.1
-“Wilson’s “House” Cabinet”: Pg.8

18. The New York Herald-European Edition, Paris (3 copies)
-Tuesday November 12, 1918
-23 ½ x 17 ½
-“Miss Wilson Makes Debut in France at YMCA Hut”: Pg.2

19. Exclesior
-December 13, 1918
-21 ½ x 14 ¾
-“Le President Wilson Arrive A Brest Aujourd’Hui”: Pg.1
-“Aujourd’Hui le President Wilson Foulera Le Sol de la France”: Pg.2
-“Demain, M. Wilson Sera l’note de Paris”: Pg.2
-“Le Sejour du President a Paris”: Pg.2
-“Le “George-Washington” en vue de l’Irlande”: Pg.3
-“Pour Wilson”: Pg.4

Folder 2

1. The Wheeling Register
-Tuesday, April 3, 1917
-22 x 16 ¼
-“President Asks Congress to Declare State of War”:Pg.1
-“President Wilson’s Speech”: Pg.1
-“4,000 Citizens------ to the Nation”:Pg.1
-“Prussianism Denoted in Great Speech”:Pg.1
-“Wilson’s Speech”: Pg.2 continued from Pg.1
-“President Demands War”:Pg.6
-“Gov. Cornwell Asks Citizens to be Loyal to the President”: Pg. 9
-“Big Patriotic Meeting is Held by Clark’s Burgers”: Pg.9

2. Name of paper not available
-Sunday, December 19, 1915-Staunton, Virginia
-20 ¼ x 7
-“President Wilson and Mrs. Edith Bolling Galt Married Las Night at 8:30 in Presence of Relative”: no page number

3. The Washington Post
-Sunday, December 19, 1915
-23 ½ x 18 ¾
-“President Wilson Weds Mrs. Edith Bolling Galt, at Ceremony Celebrated in Bower of Flowers at Home of Bride, Where Members of Immediate Families Witness Happy Event Which Brings Congratulations from Old and New World”: Pg.1
-“Orchids and Roses Frame Scene When Troth is Plighted”:Pg.1
-“Simplicity Keynote of Ceremony in Presence of Small Home Circle”: Pg.1
-“Her Bridal Gown”: Pg.1
-“Off to Hot Springs on Honeymoon Trip”: Pg.1
-“Emperor of Japan and His Foreign Minister Cable Congratulations”: Pg.1
-“Their Wedding”: Pg.1
-“Gifts Rich and Quaint from Many Lands Showered on Whitehouse Chatelaine”: Pg.2
-“Gowns of Fairy Tints”: Pg.2
-“Mrs. Wilson will be Thirty-Fifth entitled “First Lady of the Land””: Pg.2
-“Modistes Lavish Art and Beauty on her Trousseau”: Pg.2
-“Guest List is Small”: Pg.2
-“Gifts to Bride Royal”: Pg.2
-“President Wooed and Won on Country Walks and Rides Under Summer Skies”:
-“Few Wed Rich Brides”: Pg.3
-“Dainty Great Niece of President one of the Few Junior Wedding Guests”: Pg.3
-“Bride Gives her Promise to “Obey” in Episcopal Ceremony”: pg.3
-“President Wooed his Wife While Teaching her how to Play Golf”: pg.3
-“How the President and His Bride are Alike”: pg.3
-“Bridal Suite is Cozy”: pg. 3
-“Mrs. Galt’s Charity Work with Miss Wilson Led Up to White House Romance”: pg.3
-“Weddings at White house Lend Brilliance to history of Varied Social Episodes”: pg.3
-“Brides Ancestry United Old English Aristocracy with Indian Princess”: pg.4
-“Omens Point to Bliss”: pg.4
-“Luxuriously Furnished White house Apartments Await Bride and Bridegroom”: pg.4
-“Mrs. Wilson Old and New Homes”: pg.4
-“White House Bride’s Ancestry, Traced Back Six Centuries, Includes Indian Princess and Leaders in War of Roses”: pg.4
-“Veteran Indian Sees Good Omen in Bride’s Pocahontas Ancestry”: pg. 4
-“Dainty Pink Carnation Named “Edith Bolling” Tribute of Uncle Sam”: pg.4
-“3 Presidents Have Wed After Entering on their Term of Office”: pg.4

4. Staunton Morning Leader
-December 19, 1915- Sunday
-22 x 17 ¾
-“President Wed Mrs. Edith Galt; Simple Service”: pg.1
-“Wedding Present for Newlyweds”: pg.1
-“Simplicity Marks Wedding of President and Mrs. Norman Galt”: pg.6

5. The Washington Post-Scanned copy
-January 8, 1916-Rec’d from Washington office via Twentieth Century Fox
-22 x 14 / small cutout 21 ¼ x 8
-“Gowns Worn at White House Reception; Exquisite Designs and in Rich Variety”
-“President and Mrs. Wilson Receive 4,000 Guests at the White House”
-“Some of the White House Guests”
-Cutout: “White House Open to Pan Americans”

6. Richmond Times Dispatch
-Saturday, November 4, 1916
-22 ½ x 16 ½
-“President Closes Campaign Today”: pg.1
-“Both Sides Predict Victory in Election”: pg.1
-“To Invite Wilson”: pg.2
-“Amos Princhot tells Why he is for Wilson”: pg.3
-“Why I am For Wilson” by Constance Drexel: pg.4
-“Eight-Hour Law Held to be Constitutional”: pg.4
-“Cardwell Makes Appeal to Democrats to Vote”: pg.5
-“Appeals to Women to Support Wilson”: pg.8

7. The Boston Herald
-Friday, November 10, 1916
-18 ½ x 14 ½
-“Wilson Wins California and with it Re-Election”: pg.1
-“Wilson’s Victory Conceded by Republican Chairman”: pg.1
-“Electoral Votes of State Bring his Total to Three More than are Needed”: pg.1

8. Staunton Daily Leader
-Friday, November 10, 1916
-21 ¾ x 17
-“California re-elects Wilson: GOP Will Contest Results”: pg.1
-“Neither Candidate Makes Commitment When Advised of Returns”: pg.1
-“Montana Sends Woman Member to Congress”: pg.1
-“Will Continue in White House”: pg.1 (picture)
-“Electoral Votes”: pg.2
-“Weeks May Pass Before Result is Finally Settled”: pg.2
-“Paris Watching Election Here”: pg.2

Folder 3

1. The Evening Star- in Plastic
-Tuesday, March 4, 1913
-21 ¾ x 17
-Picture Section
-Mrs. Wilson
-Vice President Marshall
-Mrs. Marshall

2. The Staunton News Leader (2 copies)
-Monday, May 5, 1941
-22 ½ x 17
-“Roosevelt Dedicates Wilson Birthplace”: pg.1
-“New Shrine of Freedom, Says the President”: pg.1 continued on pg.6
-“Ceremony is Witnessed by Dignitaries”: pg.1 continued on pg.6
-“Personalities of Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Dedication”: pg.2
-“Many Well Known Names Were Written in Press Book When Wilson Celebration was Held”: pg.2
-“Dedication’s Social Features are Outstanding Success”: pg.3
-“Waynesboro Citizens Give President Rousing Welcome as he Passes through City”: pg.4

Folder 4- 4 pieces=1 front page

1. The Sun-Pictorial Magazine
-January 5, 1913-Sunday
-22 ½ x 8 ½ (piece 1), 5 ¾ x 8 ¼ (piece 2), 12 ¼ x 8 ¼ ( piece 3), 22 ½ x 16 ¾ (piece 4)
-“Mrs. Woodrow Wilson-Intimate Pictures of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Next Mistress of the White House, Engaged in the Pursuits of her Favorite occupations”: pg.1 (6 pictures in all)

Folder 5

1. Unidentified Paper
-no date
-19 ½ x 14 ½
-Portrait of Woodrow Wilson with caption at the bottom

2. Philadelphia Public Ledger- pictorial section
-February 10, 1924
-22 ½ x 16 ½
-“Impressive Scenes Attending the Funeral of Woodrow Wilson Last Wednesday”: pg.1

Folder 6

1. The New York Times-copy from research library-twentieth century Fox
-April 8, 1917-Tuesday
-16 ¾ x 14 ½, second page 16 ½ x 14 ½
-“President Calls for War Declaration, Stringer Navy, New Army of 500,000 Men, Full Cooperation with Germany’s Foes”: pg.1
-“Text of President’s Address”: pg.1
-“Must Exert All out Power”: pg.1
-“Comment of Today’s Newspapers on the President’s Address”: pg. 1

Folder 7

1. The Evening Sun
-Wednesday, November 6, 1912
-24 ¾ x 18
-“Maryland to Wilson by 54,000, Democrats to Control Senate”: pg.1 (headline)
-“Wilson Backed by Independents”: pg.1
-“Underwood for Extra Session”: pg.1
-“Wilson Quiet but Confident and Happy”: pg.1
-“Detective to Greet President Elect”: pg.1
-“Wilson gets Clear Majority in Maryland”: pg.2
-“Wilson May Yet Win Out in Illinois”: pg.2
-“Roosevelt has Pennsylvania, Returns Indicate”: pg.2
-“21 Democratic Governors Win with Wilson”: pg.2
-“Taft Smiles in Face of Defeat”: pg.2

Folder 8

1. Midweek Pictorial- News of the World in Pictures- published by The New York Times Comp.
-February 7, 1924
-16 x 11
-The Late Woodrow Wilson (portrait) pg.5
-Various Pictures of Wilson pg. 10-11
-Wilson and first grandchild pg.10
-Mrs. Wilson and President Pg.10
-At his official desk pg.10
-At the Paris Peace Conference Pg.10
-At burial of Unknown Soldier Pg.10
-Public Appearance Pg.10
-Walking down Fifth Avenue Pg.11
-On his 65th Birthday Pg.11
-Wilson and his World War Cabinet Pg.11
-After Partial Recovery Pg.11
-Guest of King Albert of Belgium Pg.11

Folder 9

1. Unidentified Newspaper-Midweek Pictorial- in plastic
-No date
-16 x 11
-“President Wilson on Tour on Behalf of Treaty”

2. Unidentified Newspaper-Midweek Pictorial- in plastic
-No date
-16 x 10 ¾
-“President Wilson Delivering Historical War Message”

Folder 10

1. The Charlotte Observer
-Wednesday, December 5, 1917
-21 ½ x 16 ¼
-“Wilson Recommends War on Austria-Hungary”: pg. 1 headline
-“Necessary to Meet Situation Facing Country”: pg.1
-“Winning of War if Immediate and Unalterable Task Ahead”: pg.1
-“Address Read by Whole World”: Pg.2

Folder 11

1. Boston Evening Globe
-Saturday, October 4, 1919
-23 ¼ x 18 ¼
-“President Seems Improving, Happier Feeling in White house”:pg.1
-“All Members of His Family there”:pg.1
-“Wants League of Nations Convened”: pg.1

Small Documents

Folder 1

1. Cinema Pathe
-8 ¼ x 5 ½
-Not Wilson Related
-Newspaper cutout-French

Folder 2

1. Paper name not available
-no date
-11 ¼ x 3 ¼
-Not Wilson related
-“Talks on Teeth by Orian Hendrick, D.D.S.”

Folder 12

1. The Washington Herald-2 copies-original in pieces
-Sunday, February 3, 1924
-8 ½ x 11
-“Woodrow Wilson Dies”:pg.1
-“Ex President Passes Away at his Home”:pg.1
-“Cheered by 10,000 When he Appeared on Armistice Day”: pg.1
-“Party Lauds Wilson for Domestic Workers”: pg.1
-“Intimate and Latest Views of War President”: pg.2
-“Wilson’s War Record Overshadowed by Failure of Peace Program”: pg.3
-“War Message Was Supreme Event of Life”: pg.3
-“Woodrow Wilson’s Wit and Wisdom”: pg.3
-“Wilson’s Trip Abroad Made Many Enemies”: pg.3
-“Chronological Outline of War President’s Life”: pg.3
-“Wilson Pained on Seeing Self on Film Screen”: pg.3
-“Wilson’s Softer Side is Revealed”: pg.3
-“Limerick Made by Wilson tells of his Plainness”: pg.3
-“Daniels Paid High Tribute”:pg.3
-“Wilson Linked league With Monroe Doctrine”: pg. 3
-“Wilson Popular in----- Capital City”: pg.3
-“Watchful Wa----- Policy of Wilson in Mexican----- Mess”: pg.3
-“Some Interesting Close Ups of Wilson”

Subfolder 1

1. The Wheeling Register
-December 15, 1916-Friday
-22 x 17 ¼
-“Allies Will Discuss peace”: Pg. 1
-“Entente Allies Moderate Tone Toward Germans”:Pg.1
-“Immigration Bill Passes Senate by Vote of 64 to 7”: Pg.1
-“Nationwide Prohibition”: Pg.6
-“West Virginia’s Vote”: Pg.6

Subfolder 2

1. The Wheeling Register
-Friday, November 10, 1916
-22 x 17 ¼
-“Wilson Elected”: Pg.1- California Gives big Plurality for President
-“272 Votes in Electoral College for Democrats”: Pg.1
-“Republicans Concede Vote to Pres. Wilson”: Pg.1
-“Wilson has Good Lead in New Mexico”: Pg.1
-“Democrats to have Senate and the House”: Pg.1
-“Wilson Elected”: Pg.2 continued from Pg.1
-“Wilson Completes Vacation and Leaves Shadow Lawn, N.Y.”: Pg.7
-“Most Prominent of Party’s Men to Participate”: pg.8


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Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library staff, “Newspapers Collection Finding Aid,” No date, FA100037, Newspapers Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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