Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


University of Virginia. Jefferson Society




1880 November 20


Handwritten meeting minutes from the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia.




Hall of Jefferson Society,

The Society was called to order at the usual hour by President Wilson, & after the roll call & reading of Minutes, proceeded to the election of Officers for the ensuing term. Upon nomination by Mr. Youmans, Mr. Lefevre was unanimously elected president, Mr. Gaines vice-president. The question for debate was read, & argued on the aff. by Mr. Lindsay—None of the other appointees responding to their names, the subject was thrown open for general discussion & was supported in the Aff. by Mess. Gaines, Mallet, Whiteley, Dabney & Blair—on the Neg. by Mess. Lefevre, Youmans & Robinson. Decided on the Aff. by a vote of 10 to 7—From the Report of the Question Committee the following question was chosen for three weeks hence. “Is the Irish Land League justifiable in the means they are taking to effect their ends?” Debaters appointed: on aff Mess. Lindsay Mallet, Mallet Lindsay, & Massie; on Neg. Messrs. McLemore, Page, Patterson. The report of the Treasurer was read & excuses were made. Mr. Robinson made a report of progress with reference to the judges in awarding the Magazine medal. The classes for debate were then read, the second roll was called & the House pronounced “adjourned to meet one week hence at 7 o’clock—” Presdt. Secretary.

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University of Virginia. Jefferson Society, “Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book,” 1880 November 20, WWP17263, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Records, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.