Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


University of Virginia. Jefferson Society




1880 October 23


Handwritten meeting minutes from the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia.




Jeff. Hall.

The Society met at 7 o’clock, Mr. Wilson in the chair, & entered upon the regular order of business. Messrs Page, Reddig, Massie & were elected & duly initiated members of the Society—The Debate was next in order of business, but none of the appointees responding to their names, the decision of the question was called & carried for the Neg. by a vote of the 4 to 3. It was moved & carried to put forward the one week the question chosen for the ensuing Saturday night & another question & debater’s substituted. Carried. Question: “Ought the students to have gone down to resent the affront offered by the business-men?” To be debated on the

Affirmative by Messrs. Scott,

Neg. Messrs. Rutherford,
Gaines, CCMassie,Page.

The question for three weeks hence was then selected and debaters appointed as follows: “Is Nihilism likely to attain its ends in overturning the existing Russian Government?”

Disputants on the Aff., Messrs. Swearinger.On the Neg. Messrs. Kent.James, S.H.Horner.

Mr. Dabney’s motion, tabled at the preceding meeting, was brought up & upon motion Mr. Wilson vacated the chair to explain the object object of the motion & the showed the urgent necessity of revising the Constitution & Bylaws. The Committee for this purpose was then elected, consisting of Messrs. Lefevre & Andrews, with Mr. Wilson as ex officio chairman—Mr. Blair offered the following Resolution: “Resolved, that no article which has previously appeared in print be considered as an eligible contribution in the Magazine—And further, that a committee from this society be appointed to consult with the Washington Society for the purpose of obtaining their concurrence in this matter.”

Mr. Dabney moved to go to the election of Magazine Editor, whereupon Mr. Lindsay was nominated & unanimously elected. The report of Com. on Society improvement was heard & the Com. continued—The second roll was then called & the House was adjourned—



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University of Virginia. Jefferson Society, “Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book,” 1880 October 23, WWP17259, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Records, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.