Memorandum on Mexico


Memorandum on Mexico


Hale, William Bayard, 1869-1924




1914 January 13


William B. Hale briefs Rudolph Forster on the situation Mexico.


Wilson Papers, Library of Congress, Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia


Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924--Correspondence




Dear Rudolph Forster">Mr Forster:

I am hors de combat Could you have a trusted man put the enclosed note in type writing for The Presidents perusal?

Memorandum on Mexico from Mr. Hale________________________________

I cannot drop out without reporting the od up I received that I learned as a result of several days inquiry in downtown NY. that foreign bankers are willfully determined to bitterly in their determination to support Huerta & that he is getting constant & substantial help.

Isnt it growing clearer that our wisest policy is = to aid Huertas chief opponent?

Carranzas need of ammunition is today greater than ever. He has funds to buy with, too.

The Constitutionalists tell me that they have contracted for 10 000 KragJorgenson rifles & a quantity of amunition which they could would be put on board a trampsteamer at San Francisco today to clear for a Chinese port but to be landed at Topolobampo, Sinaloa = if a little indulgence lenience could be shown by the port authorities at San Francisco.

They could get carloads. of ammunition through at Douglas, Arizona with a very little indulgence.____________________________

The NY firm of Wingate & Holland pretends to represent interests which are considering offering Carranza a loan of $5,000,000 gold, giving him per cent taking negotiating ( at 72 cent) a $5,000,000 6% loan for Carranza. Carranza thinks the Speyers, desiring to hedge their Mexican investments, are back of this, & is unwilling to encourage negotiations. My belief is that, if provided there is any good faith at all in the the proposal, it comes from the interests controlling controlling the Southern Pacific Railroad Railway.

WB Hale

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Hale, William Bayard, 1869-1924, “Memorandum on Mexico,” 1914 January 13, WWP18281, First Year Wilson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.