Arthur S. Link Pamphlet List


Arthur S. Link Pamphlet List


French, Tim




2018 April 19




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1897 December 17 The Democratic Party and Civil Service Reform. A Paper Prepared for the Annual Meeting of The National Civil-Service Reform League at Cincinnati, Ohio, December 17, 1897. Hon. Moorfield Storey National Civil-Service Reform League
1911 November "Woodrow Wilson - A Biography"; "Dr. Wiley and Pure Food II"; "The War on Business"; "The March of Events" Wilson biography article author: William Bayard Hale Woodrow Wilson - A Biography
1914 May "An Englishman's Review Of President Wilson's First Year" Maurice Low The Century (magazine)
[1916]  "Why Spanish speaking naturalized American citizens should re-elect  Wilson as President" 
1917 March 5 Inauguration Ceremonies & Program of the Ceremonies Attending the Inauguration of the President and Vice President of the United States [ U.S. Government]
1917 March 5 "The Official Souvenir Program - Second Inauguration" Thomsen-Bryan-Ellis Co
1917 The Menace of Militarism Scott Nearing The Rand School of Social Science, New York City, 1917
1917 National News in Pictures Harris-Ewing News Service, Washington, D.C. Harris-Ewing News Service, Washington, D.C.
1917 "The Case Of The Allies. Being the Replies To President Wilson And Mr. Balfour's Dispatch." Arthur James Balfour London: Hayman, Christy & Lilly, LTD. 1917.
1917 The Problem of Neutrality When The World Is At War. A History of our relations with Germany and Great Britain as detailed in the documents that passed between the United States and the two great belligerent powers S.D. Fess Government Printing Office, Washington for the House of Representatives, 64th Congress, 2d session
1918 July 4 Inauguration of the Avenue Du President Wilson on July 4 1918 ;  M. Adolphe Cherioux, Vice-President of the Municipal Council; M. Antonin Dubost, President of the Senate;  M. Paul Deschanel, President of the French Chamber;  Ambassador of the United States;  M. Stephen Pichon, Minister of Foreign Affairs LAPINA, IMP. PARIS
1918 September 8 Les Grandes Figures De L'Entente: President Wilson Conference Donnee a Versailles au Bosquet d'Apollon Le 8 Septembre 1918 Par le Comite "L'Effort de la France et de ses Allies" Etienne Grosclaude
1918 "Why the War Must be Won" "League to Enforce Peace" and "American Alliance for Labor and Democracy" Published by "League to Enforce Peace"; Distributed by "American Alliance for Labor and Democracy during Labor Loyality Week, February 10 to 16, 1918."
[1918] "Since The Night We Entered War…" American Union Against Militarism American Union Against Militarism / The Nation Press
1918 The United State, Wilson and Italy and  "Roman Legion To Celebrate" Carlo Paladini Instituto Micrografico Italian
1919 "The Peace Conference: Personal Impressions" I. President Wilson in Europe Stephen S. Wise Free Synagogue Pulpit, Volume V, No. 4
1919 "Personal Impressions of the Peace Conference," IV. The Nation's Treatment of Its President and the League of Nations Once More Stephen S. Wise Free Synagogue Pulpit, Volume V, No. 11
1920 October 28 "The Tribute of a Friend. An Address Delivered at Bethesda, Maryland, Thursday October 28, 1920 By Joseph P. Tumulty, Secretary to President Wilson" Joseph P. Tumulty Harper and Brothers Publishers
1920 October 28 "Address By Joseph P. Tumulty, Secretary to President Wilson At Democratic Mass Meeting, Bethesda, Maryland, October 28, 1920 Joseph P. Tumulty
1920 "The Book of the Prophet Wudro - The Hypochrypha. From a Papyrus Discovered and Translated by Professor Dives." The Statesman Press
1921 January 8 Wilson's Place in History Jan Christian Smuts The Atlantic Monthly Press (reprinted)
1921 January "Remember Wilson" Charles William Bowers Grip! A Cooperative Magazine
[1921 April 20] Blood Money. Woodrow Wilson and the Nobel Peace Prize Herman George Scheffauer Overseas Publishing Company
1921 Woodrow Wilson: Farewell and an Estimate Stephen S. Wise Free Synagogue Pulpit, Vol. VI, No. 7
1922 February "The Four Power Pact Should be Defeated"; "The Washington Conference and the League of Nations"; "Were the Fourteen Points Rejected?"; "President Harding or Mr. Hughes?"; "Democracy's Opportunity in Pennsylvania" Vitor E. Moore, George W. Norris, George Creel, Richard Linthicum, Thomas Higgins,  The Wilsonian
1922 March "Benedict's Life Saddened by Failure to End War" The Soldier
1922 March "Laud Woodrow Wilson in New York Meeting" The Soldier
1922 April "Normalcy and Republican Misrepresentation"; President Wilson's Moral Offensives During the War"; "Harding's Honeymoon Year";  Joseph P. Tumulty, George Creek, Richard Linthicum The Wilsonian
[1922] Organization Hand Book of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation for State and Local Chairmen, Treasurers, and Members of State and Local Committees Woodrow Wilson Foundation Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1923 Woodrow Wilson's Place in History William J. O'Brien, New Haven, Connecticut
1924 February 3 Sermon Delivered by Dr. Kennedy, St. John's Church, Washington, Feb. 3, 1924 Dr. Kennedy
1924 February 10 "Memorial Address delivered at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, February 10, 1924 David Hunter Miller [ unknown ] 
1924 February 24 "Service in Memory of Woodrow Wilson" Princeton University
1924 June 3 "Woodrow Wilson, Prophet of a New Era of Humanity."  Address by Rev. Charles S. MacFarland, D.D. at Staunton, Va., the Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, June 3, 1924 Reverend Charles S. MacFarland, D.D. Shenandoah Valley Pilgrimage
1924 December 16 "Woodrow Wilson Memorial Address - Delivered Before A Joint Session Of The Two Houses Of Congress December 15, 1924 In Honor Of Woodrow Wilson - Late President Of The United States" Dr. Edwin Anderson Alderman, President of the University of Virginia Washington Government Printing Office
1924 "Woodrow Wilson" Vladislav Sabich
1924 "Woodrow Wilson Memorial Address" Huston Thompson, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission
1925 February 3 "Woodrow Wilson, The Man" James D. Phelan, former United States Senator from California "Over Radio, KPO Station, San Francisco, California, February 3, 1925"
1925 December 27 "Woodrow Wilson" Henry Van Dyke Norman H. Davis, Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1925 December 28 Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points After Eight Years Manley O. Hudson, Bemis Professor of International Law, Harvard Law School The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1925 "Commemorative Tributes to Page, Wilson, Bacon" Bliss Perry American Academy of Arts and Letters
[1925] Woodrow Wilson College unknown unknown
1925 "The President" -- from Twice Thirty Edward W. Bok Charles Scribner's Sons
1926 April 24 "Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations". Delivered at Texarkana by the T.W. Gregory, Former Attorney General of the United States, Before the Joint Meeting of the Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas Associations April 24, 1926 T.W. Gregory World War One, WW1, WWI, costs of war, died, captured, wounded, national debt, casualties, moneyed cost of war
1926 December 26 Dinner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Commemoration of Woodrow Wilson's Birthday, Hotel Astor, New York City, December 28, 1926. (Speakers) Reverend Howard Chandler Robbins, Honorable Elihu Root The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1926 December 27 Wilson's Place in History David Hunter Miller An Address delivered at Albany, New York December 27th, 1926, the eve of the seventieth birthday of Woodrow Wilson
1926 December 28 Address of Julian S. Miller, Woodrow Wilson Memorial Dinner, December 28, 1926 at Hotel Charlotte, N.C. Julian S. Miller Published by the Chairman (H.M. Victor) at the request of those in attendance
1926 December 28 "Woodrow Wilson, the Idealist", address to Chapter House, Rainier Chapter, D.A.R. Seattle, Washington Louis B. Schwellenbach
1926 December 28 The National Commemoration of Woodrow Wilson's Birthday, December 26, 1926 The National Commemoration Committee The National Commemoration Committee
1927 June "The League of Nationas As An Historical Fact".  Also, "The Admission of Germany to the League of Nations and Its Probably Significance" William E. Rappard International Conciliation, published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
1927 December "Woodrow Wilson, An Interpretation" Rabbi Louis I. Newman Temple Emanu-El, made possible by Mrs. Leopold Michels
[1927] "Two Great Speeches About the Foreign Policy of the United States by Hon. Elihu Root -- formerly Secretary of State -- and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler -- President of Columbia University in the City of New York." Elihu Root and Nicholas Murray Butler Printed in Geneva, Switerland, reprinted from New York Times articles on December 29, 1926 and January 11, 1927
1928 July 4 Odhaleni Pomniku Presidentu Woodrow Wilsonovi v Praze dne 4 cervence 1928 - jako daru americkych Cechoslovaku rodne zemi v jubilejnim roce obnovy stareho narodniho statu zrizenim ceskoslovenske republiky Czechoslovakia - untranslated statue memorial dedication 
1930 December 26 "Woodrow Wilson - Man of Courage. A Discussion of the World Economic Crisis in the Light of Wilsonian Doctrine and Example." Wallace McClure An Address Delivered at a Dinner in Honor of the Seventy-Fourth Anniversary of the birth of Woodrow Wilson, Sponsored by the Knox County Women's Democratic Club, at the Young Women's Christian Association, Knoxville, Tennessee.
1931 January 27 Remarks  of Hon. Carter Glass of Virginia in the Senate of the United States, January 27, 1931.  Remarks of James Brown Scott and John H. Clarke, Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  At a Meeting of The Woodrow Wilson Foundation.  Washington, D.C. on January 4, 1931 Hon. Carter Glass (Senator); James Brown Scott and John H. Clarke, Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Government Printing Office, Washington
1931 November 17 An Address at the Unveiling of the Bust of Woodrow Wilson. By John Barton Payne.  Hall of the House of Delegates, State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia, November 17, 1931. John Barton Payne
1932 April 13 "Address of Newton D. Baker At the Tomb of Woodrow Wilson, In Washington Cathedral, April 13, 1932, the birthday of Thomas Jefferson." Newton D. Baker
1932 "America's Opportunity: How We Lost It and How We May Regain It" James Truslow Adams Charles Scribner's Sons
[1932] "Woodrow Wilson's Philosophy" Clarence R. Athearn (summary of thesis submitted to The American University, Washington, D.C.)  Reprinted from Methodist Review
1933 December 28 Woodrow Wilson Foundation.  Dinner in Commemoration of the Birthday of Woodrow Wilson, Thursday, December twenty-eight, 1933, The Mayflower, Washington, D.C.  Address by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Honorable Roland S. Morris (speakers) The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1934 December 28 Woodrow Wilson -- Internationalist, December 28, 1856 - February 3, 1924.  An Address at the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Woodrow Wilson Birthday Memorial Association of Cumberland County, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Spencer Van B. Nichols Woodrow Wilson Birthday Memorial Association of Cumberland County, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
1934 "Woodrow Wilson" Vladislav Sabich
1935 November "Bulletin of Sweet Briar College.  Democracy, The League and Wilson: A Prophecy." Perry Laukhuff, Instructor in Government Sweet Briar College
1935 December 28 "Woodrow Wilson and Economic Disarmament" Address by the Honorable Francis B. Sayre, Assistant Secretary of State The Department of State, U.S. Government
1936 January 17 "Dirt-Daubing The Sepulcher of Wilson. Brief Response by Senator Carter Glass of Virginia to the Shocking Assault In The Senate of the United States Senator Carter Glass U.S. Government Printing Office (not printed at government expense)
1937 April 5 Economic Barriers To Peace. Addresses on the occasion of the presentation of the Woodrow Wilson Medal to the Honorable Cordell Hull, New York, April 5, 1937 Hamilton Fish Armstrong, President of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation; Cordell Hull, Secretary of State (speakers) Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1938 December 28 "The Place of Woodrow Wilson In History" James T. Shotwell Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1939 February 16 Extension of Remarks, Hon. William H. Smathers of New Jersey in the Senate of the United States, Thursday, February 16, 1939.  Inclusion of original address by Dr. James T. Shotwell, "The Place of Woodrow Wilson In History", delivered before the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, December 28, 1938 James T. Shotwell Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1939 December 28 Wilson and the New World War.  Addresses by Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Count Jerzy Potocki, Colonel Vladimir Hurban To Commemorate The Eighty-Third Anniversary of Woodrow Wilson's Birth December 28, 1939. Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Count Jerzy Potocki, Colonel Vladimir Hurban (speakers) The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1940 May  "Bryan and Wilsonian Caribbean Penetration" Selig Adler (Reprint from) The Hispanic American Historical Review
1941 November 10 Address of the Honorable Sumner Welles, Under Secretary of State, at the memorial services at the tomb of President Wilson in the Washington Cathedral at 3:!5pm., EST, on Armistice Day, November 11, 1941. Honorable Sumner Welles U.S. Department of State
1942 January 10 "Across the Years, 1920 - 1942.  Messages and cables from close collaborators in the work of President Wilson at Washington, Paris, and Geneva on the occasion of the Twenty-Second Anniversary of the Coming into Being of the League of Nations on January 10, 1920, commemorated at a dinner held by the National Board of the League of Nations Association in Washington on January 10, 1942." Hon. Josephus Daniels, Hon. Carter Glass, Dr. Edouard Benes, Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo, Lord Robert Cecil The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1942 May 3 "Voice From Idaho. A Courageous Reassessment: Splendid in its honestly. Wise in its statesmanship. American in its spirit." Editorial staff, The Idaho Sunday Statesman The Woodrow Wilson Foundation // originally published in The Idaho Sunday Statesman newspaper as "Wilson" (editoral)
1942 June "Woodrow Wilson Addresses the Citizens of Baltimore, 1896" Henry Wilkinson Bragdon (Reprinted from) The Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 2, June 1942
1942 December 28 "America's Part in World Reconstruction" Henry Wallace (Reprinted from) Public Administration Review
1942 Woodrow Wilson's Vision.  Radio Address of Hon. Joseph F. Guffey of Pennsylvania, December 28, 1941.  Printed in the Congressional Record of December 30, 1941. Honorable Joseph F. Guffey United States Government Printing Office
1942 Woodrow Wilson's Vision.  Radio Address of Hon. Joseph F. Guffey of Pennsylvania, December 28, 1941.  Printed in the Congressional Record of December 30, 1941. Honorable Joseph F. Guffey United States Government Printing Office
1943 July "Lincoln's Peace and Wilson's" J.G. Randall The South Atlantic Quarterly
1943 November 10 "Journeys Behind the News: Will History Repeat?" Script by Dr. E. Maxwell Benton, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Denver The Social Science Foundation of the University of Denver & Rocky Mountain Radio Council
1943 December 28 "Addresses by Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts, Raymond Swing, Ray Stannard Baker To Commemorate the Eighty-Seventh Anniversary of Woodrow Wilson's Birth. [1. Jan Smuts accepting The Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Service, Wilson Memorial Library, New York City, broadcast over NBC radio network] [2."The Contribution of Woodrow Wilson to the World Today" by Raymond Swing. Broadcast over the Blue Radio Network] [3. "Woodrow Wilson - Prophet" by Ray Stannard Baker. Address at Wilson Birthday Dinner, The University Club, Los Angeles. Sponsored by the League of Nations Association and the Center for International Understanding]  Jan Christiaan Smuts, Raymond Swing, Ray Stannard Baker, Mrs. Quincy Wright; Ralph Close The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
[1943] "A New Appraisal of Woodrow Wilson" Joseph T. Karcher, LL. B., Member of the New Jersey Bar. Former member of the N. J. Legislature. Pamphlet Distributing Company. New York, N.Y.
1944 May The Story of Woodrow Wilson David Loth The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1944 September 13 "Journeys Behind the News: Blueprints for World Order. Dumbarton Oaks - Part I" Script by Mrs. Charles B. Kinney, Narrated by Randolph P. McDonough The Social Science Foundation of the University of Denver & Rocky Mountain Radio Council
[1944 December 19] "Extension of Remarks of Hon. Henry D. Larcade, Jr. of Louisiana in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, December 19, 1944 Henry D. Larcade, Representative, Louisiana Congressional Record of 1944 December 30
1944 December 28 "Address by the honorable F. B. Sayre, Diplomatic Adviser, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, at the Washington Cathedral, at the tomb of Woodrow Wilson upon the Occasion of his Birthday, at 4:00 PM, Thursday, December 28, 1944" F. B. Sayre
1944 December 28 "Watchman, What of the Night" Raymond Gram Swing San Francisco: The Grabhorn Press
1944 America's Reception of "Wilson", The Screen Dramatization Of The Life And Times Of A Great American -- Woodrow Wilson compiled by Arthur Sweetser The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1945 March 22 "Inequality of Sacrifice. 'Thanks for the Billions' Letters from British Lords to the House of Morgan" Hal Walton [Lindbergh Witnesses]
1945 April "Last Time" Hamilton Fish Armstrong Foreign Affairs
[1945] "The Life of Woodrow Wilson. An Outline for a Course of Study" James T. Shotwell
1945 The Heritage of Woodrow Wilson J. Eugene Harley, Professor of Political Science and International Law, The University of Southern California Center for International Understanding
1946 Spring Independence Day for the United Nations L. Jeston Hampton Harvard Educational Review
1947 April "A School of Public and International Affairs as a Memorial to Woodrow Wilson" Princeton Universtiy
1947 November 10 Addresses at the 25th Anniversary Dinner of The Woodrow Wilson Foundation; Upon the Occasion of the Presentation of the Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Service to Bernard M. Baruch. Frank Altschul, President of the  Woodrow Wilson Foundation;  Ambassador Warren R. Austin, U.S. Representative at the Seat of the United Nations;  The Honorable Josephus Daniels;  The Honorable Bernard M. Baruch The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1947 November 10 Woodrow Wilson Foundation 25th Anniversary Dinner at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, November 10, 1947 Frank Altschul, President of the  Woodrow Wilson Foundation;  Ambassador Warren R. Austin, U.S. Representative at the Seat of the United Nations;  The Honorable Josephus Daniels;  The Honorable Bernard M. Baruch United States Government Printing Office
1948 December 28 "Dare We Keep The Vision?" Roy Malcolm, Executive Secretary of the Los Angeles County Unit of the League to Enforce Peace, 1919. Los Angeles Times
1948 "A Selection of Books Relating To Woodrow Wilson" Katharine E. Brand, Curator of the Woodrow Wilson Collection, Library of Congress Woodrow Wilson Foundation with permission of Princeton University Press, consists of a reprinting of Section 5, "Books in the Woodrow Wilson Field," from the book Woodrow Wilson Bibliography by Laura Shearer Turnbull
1948 "The Palestine Question In The Wilson Era" Selig Adler article reprinted from: Jewish Social Studies, Vol. X, No. 4
1950 January 6 "Woodrow Wilson - Man of Half Century" David Lawrence U.S. News and World Report
1962 January 28 "Edith Bolling Wilson: Tributes Given At Memorial Service At The Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, Staunton, Virginia, January 28, 1962." Arthur S. Link, Professor of History, Princeton University; and Miss Katharine E. Brand, Former Custodian of Woodrow Wilson Papers of the Library of Congress
[n.d.] The Great Crusader. A Tribute to the Memory and Idealism of Woodrow Wilson Willis Everett Ridgeway


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French, Tim, “Arthur S. Link Pamphlet List,” 2018 April 19, FA100015, Arthur S. Link Personal Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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