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July 1

1909 President Wilson of Princeton delivered an oration “The Spirit of Learning” before the Phi Beta Kappa Chapter of Harvard University

July 2

1912 Nomination of Woodrow Wilson for President of the United States by the National Democratic Convention in Baltimore on the 46th ballot

July 4

1913 President Wilson’s address at Gettysburg before the Fiftieth Reunion of the Grand Army of the Potomac and the Confederate Veterans.

1914 President Wilson delivers an address at Independence Hall, Philadelphia upon the occasion of the one hundred and thirty-eighth anniversary of the birth of the United States.

1916 President Wilson delivers an address at the dedication of the Federation of Labor Building, Washington, DC.

1918 President Wilson addresses the Diplomatic Corps at Mount Vernon and adds to his Fourteen Points

1919 President Wilson addresses the soldiers and sailors of the USS George Washington

1902 An address “Religion and Patriotism” is delivered at Northfield, Massachusetts at a student conference.

July 5

1873 Woodrow Wilson became a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbia, South Carolina.

July 6

1909 President Wilson of Princeton delivers an address on “The Ideal University” at Princeton University.

July 8

1919 President Wilson lands in Hoboken, New Jersey.

1919 President Wilson makes an address in New York City

July 9

1915 President Wilson calls for reports from the Secretaries of War and Navy on war and preparedness.

1917 President Wilson issues a statement accompanying the embargo proclamation prohibiting the export of various commodities except under regulations or licenses.

July 10

1919 President Wilson delivers an address before the United States before the United States Senate telling about the treaty.

1916 President Wilson delivers an address before the Salesmanship Congress at Detroit, Michigan.

July 12

1911 Woodrow Wilson makes an address before the Kentucky Bar Association At Lexington on “The Lawyer in Politics.”

July 13

1916 President Wilson makes an address before the Citizenship Convention at the Wilson Normal School building in Washington, DC.

July 15

1920 President Wilson issues the formal call for the first meeting of the Assembly of the League of Nations, November 15th, at Geneva, Switzerland.

July 17

1916 The Federal Farm Loan Act was signed by President Wilson which improved the agricultural credit situation; it established a federal land bank to conduct the leading business, and provided for farm loan associations of borrowing farmers, and a federal farm loan board for administrative purposes.

July 20

1889 Woodrow Wilson makes a letter on Walter Bagehot “A Literary Politician” and was published in Mere Literature and Other Essays in 1896.

July 21

1915 President Wilson issues the Third Lusitania Note.

1914 United States naval units occupied Vera Cruz pursuant to Wilson’s order. This was done to thwart delivery of arms to Huerta by Germany.

1915 President Wilson requests the Secretaries of Army and Navy to recommend preparedness programs adequate for nation's security.

July 22

1918 President Wilson issues a proclamation placing the telegraph and telephone systems of the United States under Government control.

July 26

1893 International Congress of Education at World’s Fair in Chicago Wilson’s answer to their query “Should an antecedent Liberal Education be required of students in Law, Medicine and Theology.

1918 President Wilson issues a statement to the American people about the mob spirit. He says that he wants the laws to be kept inviolate and its fame untarnished.

1916 President Wilson sends a note protesting British “blacklist” of American firms and British attacks on American commerce.

July 28

1917 The War Industries Board was created and was placed in complete control or charge of all war purchases.

July 29

1919 President Wilson sends a message to the United States Senate with the text of the treaty between France, the United States and Great Britain, known as the tripartite treaty. of guarantee.

July 31

1914 President Wilson called Congressional leaders to White House and urged passage of legislation to increase the United States merchant marine.

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