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April 2

1917 President Wilson delivers an address before a joint session of Congress asking that the Congress declare war against the Imperial German Government.

April 4

1917 The United States Senate adopts war resolution by a vote of 82 to 6.

April 5

1918 War Finance Commision is created with a fund of $500,000,000 for financing essential industries.

1895 Woodrow Wilson is a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science and is a vice-president. He is a member until 1905.

April 6

1917 The United States House of Representatives adopts a war resolution by vote of 373 to 50.

1917 President Wilson signs the Proclamation "that a state of war exists between the United States and the Imperial German Government.”

1918 President Wilson delivers an address at Baltimore, Maryland, in connection with the Liberty Loan Drive.

April 7

1914 President Wilson signs a treaty with Columbia providing compensation for loss of Canal Zone. It was not ratified by the Senate.

1917 President Wilson signs the war resolution by Congress, marking official the United States entry into World War 1.

April 8

1913 President Wilson calls Congress in extraordinary session and appears in person and delivers at a joint session of Congress an address calling for immediate revision of the tariff. He was the first President since John Adams to do this.

April 9

1910 President Wilson has published in Harper’s Weekly his article, ”Living Principles of Democracy.”

April 10

1918 Webb-Pomerene Act exempted export associations from the restraints of the anti-trust laws, with a view of encouraging export trade.

April 13

1908 Woodrow Wilson makes an address on "Law and Personal Power" before the National Democratic Club of New York.

April 14

1917 President Wilson by Executive Order, establishes the Committee on Public Information with George Creel as Chairman.

April 15

1897 An historical essay “The Making of the Nation” is written by Woodrow Wilson.

April 16

1906 President Wilson of Princeton makes an address on “The Spirit of Jefferson” at the Democratic Club of New York.

1910 President Wilson delivers an address before the Princeton Alumni Association of Western Pennsylvania, at Pittsburgh, PA.

1886 Margaret Wilson the first of Woodrow Wilson’s daughters was born.

April 19

1916 President Wilson delivers an address at a joint session of congress. Tells Congress that if sinking of United States ships is continued even though assurances are given to the contrary, there is no other course to take then to sever diplomatic relations with Germany.

April 20

1914 President Wilson addresses a joint session of Congress telling of the situation with Victoriana Huerta at Mexico City.

April 22

1914 President Wilson orders the seizure of the Customs House at Vera Cruz by the United States Naval Forces.

April 23

1919 President Wilson issues a statement on the Adriatic question. He says that the port of Fiume must serve as an outlet for the nations of Hungary, Bohemia, Rumania, and the states of the new Jugoslavic group and not for Italy.

1920 President Wilson recognizes Armenia as a de facto Government.

April 28

1919 President Wilson as chairman of the League of Nations Commission, presents to the Peace Conference the revised covenant of the League of Nations report in full. This recognizes the Monroe Doctrine.

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