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March 1

1913 Woodrow Wilson resigns his post as Governor of New Jersey

1917 President Wilson gives the press the text of the Zimmerman Note.

March 2

1900 A historical essay is written by Woodrow Wilson entitled “The Reconstruction of the Southern States.”

March 3

1916 The Gore Resolution is tabled in the Senate by a vote of 68 to 14.

1921 President Wilson communicates his last message to the House of Representatives, a veto of the so-called ”Emergency Tariff Bill.”

March 4

1913 President Wilson’s First Inaugural Address

1917 President Wilson issues a statement to the country that the Senate of the United States has not acted on legislation or other matters which in view of the war has rendered the Government of the United States helpless and contemptible.

1919 President Wilson delivers an address along with ex-president Taft on the proposed League of Nations.

1921  President Wilson's second term as President expires at noon. He leaves the White House and lives in Washington, DC Before he leaves he rides to the Capitol with President- elect Warren G. Harding and then Wilson signs the bills passed by the 66th Congress in its final stages.

1893 Woodrow Wilson’s Division and Reunion is published in book form.

1915 President Wilson signed Seaman’s Act into law.

1918 Bernard M. Baruch becomes Chairman of reorganized War Industries Board.

March 5

1914 President Wilson urges Congress to repeal the portion of the Act of August 24, 1912 which gave to American coastwise ships exemption from Panama Canal Tolls in order to comply with the treaty with Great Britain of November 18, 1901.

1917 President Wilson delivers his Second Inaugural Address.

1915 President Wilson sends a communication to Ambassador Page in London pointing out the irregularities in the British and French blockades.

1919 President Wilson sails for Europe to resume participation in the Paris Peace Conference.

March 6

1880 Woodrow Wilson delivers an oration on John Bright. His reputation was so known that the entire college community was eager to hear them. Later this was published in the college magazine.

March 7

1916 The McLemore Resolution is tabled in the House of Representatives by a vote of 276 to 142.

1916 President Wilson appoints Newton D. Baker as Secretary of War to succeed Lindley M. Garrison.

March 11

1913 President Wilson issues a public statement giving his reasons for declining to recognize the Government of Huerta in Mexico, and stated that he would not recognize any Government which owes its origin to the physical force or intrigue of politicians at the head of revolutionary armies.

March 12

1883 Woodrow Wilson was admitted to practice in the federal courts of Georgia.

March 13

1919 President Wilson lands at Brest, France.

1917 President Wilson gives de jure recognition to Carranza’s government in Mexico.

March 14

1919 President Wilson arrives in Paris.

March 15

1916 President Wilson sends General Pershing with six thousand troops into Mexico in pursuit of Villa.

March 17

1893 The article “Mr. Cleveland’s Cabinet” is written by Woodrow Wilson.

March 18

1910 President Wilson’s address on “Mr. Cleveland as President.”

March 20

1920 A motion is made in the United States Senate for ratification of the Treaty of Versailles with reservations adopted in the Committee of the Whole; motion lost. Motion then made by Senator Lodge to return the Treaty to the President; motion carried. The Treaty therefore failed a second time to obtain the necessary two-thirds majority.

March 25

1916 President Wilson issues a statement to the press as to effects of the Mexican Policy. The expedition into Mexico was worked out under an agreement with the de facto Government of Mexico for the single purpose of taking the bandit Villa, and is not to be considered an invasion of the Republic of Mexico.

March 29

1918 President Wilson having steadily urged unification of Allied command, congratulates General Ferdinand Foch on assuming Supreme Command of all Armies

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