Daisie Dodson Scrapbook Finding Aid


Daisie Dodson Scrapbook Finding Aid


Emma Diduch




1918-1924, bulk 1924


Scrapbook of newspaper clippings.


Daisie Dodson


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum


Cataloging of archival materials


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Box 1

Folder 1: 1924-02-03; Portsmouth Star Extra front page headline “Wilson Dead”
Folder 2: 1924-02-03; Newspaper clipping “Wilson Realized Greatest Truths Ever Triumphed”
Folder 3: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping, “We Bow Our Heads in Deep Regret at the Passing of Woodrow Wilson”
Folder 4: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping of an editorial about Woodrow Wilson
Folder 5: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping; “The Shadow of Wilson Death Stops Congress” and “No President Has Excelled Wilson – Glass”
Folder 6: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping; “Genius of Wilson Acclaimed by Chief of Tammany Hall”
Folder 7: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping, “Declares Wilson Was Greatest Statesman”
Folder 8: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping with a variety of short articles, headlines include: “Wilson Freed Last Bondsmen of Nation, Labor Meeting Says”, “Russian Makes Death Mask of Woodrow Wilson”, Legacy of Wilson to Humanity was League of Nations”, etc.
Folder 9: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping with tributes to Woodrow Wilson from a variety of New York papers
Folder 10: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping “Wilson in Death Becomes Part of Nation’s Traditions”
Folder 11: 1924-02-04; Newspaper clipping “Wilson Great by Every Test, Lloyd George”
Folder 12: 1924-02-04; Front page of Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark “Niche in Hall of Fame for America’s War President” [includes picture of Staunton birthplace]
Folder 13: 1924-02-04; Norfolk Ledger Dispatch article with headline “Famous Virginian World’s Greatest Figure During War”
Folder 14: 1924-02-04; Front page of Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark “Intimate Views of Former President Wilson, Family, and Friends”
Folder 15: 1924-02-04; Virginian-Pilot front page “Woodrow Wilson Dead, Wilson’s Death Culmination of Secret Illness”
Folder 16: 1924-02-04; Norfolk Ledger Dispatch front page “To Bury Mr. Wilson Wednesday Without Pomp; Whole World Pays Tribute To His Greatness”
Folder 17: 1924-02-05; Newspaper clipping “High Praise Paid Wilson’s Work for League of Nations” and “Unfinished Cathedral That Will House All That is Mortal of Woodrow Wilson Seems Silent Sentinel on Lofty Hill”
Folder 18: 1924-02-05; Norfolk Ledger Dispatch front page, “Wilson Wished His Funeral Simple”
Folder 19: 1924-02-05; Newspaper clipping, “Veterans Mourn Former Chieftain at Mass Meeting”
Folder 20: 1924-02-05; Newspaper clipping, “French Academy Considers Possible Wilson Successor”
Folder 21: 1924-02-05; Newspaper clipping; “Wilson Determined to Show How an Ex-President Should Behave”
Folder 22: 1924-02-05; Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch article, “New York Editors Differ Sharply in Appraising Wilson’s Career”
Folder 23: 1924-02-05; Newspaper clipping, “Tell of Wilson as a Student at University”
Folder 24: 1924-02-06; Newspaper clipping, “The Cathedral Tomb”
Folder 25: 1924-02-06; Virginian Pilot front page article, “Body of Woodrow Wilson Will Go to Final Rest in Marble Vault Today”
Folder 26: 1924-02-06; Norfolk Ledger Dispatch headline, “Funeral Guns Sound Around World for Woodrow Wilson” with a picture of Dr. Vlademar Fortunato, medical sculptor at Johns Hopkins University, who made a death mask of Wilson
Folder 27: 1924-02-07; Norfolk Ledger Dispatch front page picture of Woodrow Wilson’s coffin being carried from S Street House
Folder 28: 1918-02-11; Official bulletin “President in Address to Congress, Outlining to Basis for General Peace, Asserts All Nations Now at War Must Join in the Settlement of Every Issue Involved”
Folder 29: 1924-02-99; Newspaper clipping, “The Tribute to Wilson”
Folder 30: 1924-02-99; Newspaper clipping, “Woodrow Wilson”
Folder 31: 1924-99-99; Newspaper clipping, “Wilson Boom Started in Norfolk in 1911”


Folders arranged chronologically by date

Biography or History

Daisie Dodson was 14 years old at the time of Wilson's death in 1924, and saved a collection of newspaper clippings related to his death and legacy from newspapers available in her home of Portsmouth, Virginia.



Scope and Content

The clippings record the immediate response to Wilson's death, from short notices about funeral arrangements and the statements of politicians and foreign leaders to long remembrances of Wilson's career and legacy, both praising and critical, and the circumstances of his death. The clippings continue through the funeral and other memorial services, although sometimes those stories compete for space with the ongoing investigation into the Teapot Dome Scandal. The collection also includes an Official Bulletin from 1919 on Wilson's speech to Congress about his plan for peace.


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Emma Diduch, “Daisie Dodson Scrapbook Finding Aid,” 1918-1924, bulk 1924, FA000303, Daisie Dodson Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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