Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish


Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish


Hubble, Ruth L.




1919 May 5


Ruth writes to Earl about his coming home and her opportunities to teach school.


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library




Jenison, Mich
May 5. 1919

Dear Earl

I see it is Sunday Evening
again and it finds one writing
as usual.

I just got back from church
I started this standing up

Well I wonder if you are
any nearer home this Sunday
than you were last.

Friday night we all attended
the S.S Convention it was great
the Hallanders were also quite

Herm, and Alma, Dorothy, Frances,
Alice, Mary Janice, and Frank
were the young folk that
were at church to night.

Tomorrow (Mon) is Charles Bennets
funeral. Mother and Daddy and
____; have to sing.

I may go if I can get Lena Geonner
to come over to school for a couple

Earl I received a letter from
Mr E. Vaneroy Saturday. He + family
are living in Benton Harbor now.
He wanted me to come down
and teach their school.
It's a two room school.
One man teacher and only four
grade for me to teach and
he said I would get at least
$ 65⁰⁰ per. I have missed
some splendid chances by
being so hasty but daddy
thinks I took up the best
one. I did hate to turn down
the Benton Harbor offer though.

I guess we are getting some
of your French rain now
Thursday it rained hard all day
and was pleasant Friday but Saturday
it rained hard all day and it rained
so as to keep us home to day. If I hadnt
had a couple good books Im afraid
it would have been rather lonesome.

It will be a glad day when you
and Maurice get in the U.S Again.
Do you agree!

My school term proper only lasts
ten more weeks but rumors are
going around that they want
me to teach ten additional weeks
until the 8th Grade take their
exam which is the 25th.

I wonder if you have seen
Maurice yet He write to us about
taking a vacation.

I'm not feeling extra well to night
so I guess Id better join Hellen.

I didnt hear from you since a
week ago Sat (wrtten 13 April I think)
But I'm not worrying for I know
you write when you want to
and it h͟a͟s͟ been often

Good night dear

P.S I have something I could
tell you but you might construe
the meaning if I write it.
We will both have so much to
tell that it will be hard to think
of anything to say when we do get
the chance. Rufie

[written to the side sideways]
If any of my letters
are marked up lay that to [?] and Rai.
[end of side sidways text]

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Parish, Earl S.




Hubble, Ruth L., “Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish,” 1919 May 5, WWP22793, Earl S. Parish Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.