Earl S. Parish to Mrs. Wells Parish


Earl S. Parish to Mrs. Wells Parish


Parish, Earl S.




1919 May 4


Earl writes to his mother commenting on the changes he will find when he gets home. Describes going to a French show.


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library




Savenay, France

May 4 - 1919

Dear Mother; -

Another Sunday night and time for my weekly letter. Just finished a letter to Ruth so may be this one will prove to be le petite.

Received a letter from Ruth and one from you last night that were written two weeks ago this evening. They came over in just twelve days which I think is the quickest time of any that I have received over here.

I imagine there is a letter on the road or water some where giving an account of the wedding and perhaps I will get it in a few days.

So Newton was home but only to return to army again. Well, I suppose a few days at home is far better than none, at least I would look at it that way.

If conditions and people keep changing in the future as they have in the past few months back in Allendale, I will hardly know where to find the town & who to look for. One thing I do hope is that you will have a gas wagon and plenty of gasoline when I get back as I feel as though I would like to enjoy myself that way for a time. But I dont think you need to worry yet about stocking up with gas as it may have time to all evaporate by time I see Michigan again.

All the latest rumours and all journal opinion would seem to conivince us that we all to proceed to Antwerp in a very short time but there is nothing officiall yet on the subject.

We are informed that we are not to receive any more patients after May 15th and I hope it's time as we may, in that event, stand some chance of getting home by the time watermelons are ripe.

Am reading another copy of the Stars and Stripes and if the editors know what they are talking about things are going in good shape as far as it concerns our getting out.

Brass section #1 as mentioned in the paper, includes us.

Have been down town today and took in a French show, one of those kind that travel through the country in a wagon or two.

What we could see wasn't very good and I dont know how one would have liked it if we could have understood them.

We did not get back in time for supper so we decided to write a couple letters first and stop over at the kitchen when we go back to the barracks as we have friends in the kitchen that wont let us go to bed hungry.

It is eight o'clock now and am still writing without artificial light.

I must ring off as I begin to feel hungry. My boss has left on a fourteen day leave so I have a little more responsibility than usual.

Hurrah! The mail orderly just came by here coming from the post office and he have beaucoup mail.

Love to all,

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Mrs. Wells Parish




Parish, Earl S., “Earl S. Parish to Mrs. Wells Parish,” 1919 May 4, WWP22792, Earl S. Parish Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.