Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish


Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish


Hubble, Ruth L.




1919 March 16


Ruth writes to Earl with news of the home front.




Jenison, Mich.

March 16 - 1919

Dear Earl,

If you will allow me to use this fancy stationery I'll make myself heard once more.

It is very spring like here today. It has been 70 degrees today. Almost to warm to feel comfortable especially with a furnace going.

I didn't go to church as I didn't know Daddy was going. When I first woke up it was raining so hard that I knew he would not go so I turned a deaf ear and went to sleep. The next time I came to the sun was shining and dDaddy was driving out the yard.

I might have missed a blessing but I was tired.

I've had a sick headache all day so if this letter seems dull you'll know the reason.

[blob of ink with pointing arrow -- What will I say?]

I did manage to get S. S and Helen, Nellie, Marie and I called on old Mrs Writa who is sick.

Daddy said that Charles Bennett is very sick.

It would seem funny not to see him around Allendale wouldn't it?

My landlady has moved They went Friday.

So now I have to drive although I don't mind but rather enjoy it.

Sunday night a week ago we went to Bauer. Monday night Mrs Clark called and wanted me to go with her again Monday night I didn't feel like it but I thought if she could stand it with all her work I could so I went. Thursday night we had a surprise for Mr Roberts. We had a good time.

Albert Hinker told me he thought Id make a pretty good Dutchman and the next thing that I needed was a good Dutch fellow - (nixy), I told him to find the fellow.

Julia went to the play Friday night she said it was good She also said she seen Milo. I wonder if he will call on her tonight?? I hardly think so but as long as Fred Kennedy's Ford and is in running order.

Earl I hardly think I will write you another letter until Spring considering everything? When you come back I'll be in Detroit and you can stop and see me. Won't that be nice?

I don't believe I congratulated you on your new nephew did I? Well Congratulations! But after all Earl dont feel too proud for isn't quality as good as quantity? I hold to the former!

Do you get any papers from the States? Let me know. I believe we both miss a big meeting Farmer Club meeting at Allendale this week. It kind of seems like the teachers are missing a few things. Perhaps they were figureing on not having such a spread a 12 o'clock You know all school teachers do have big appetites.

Aren't you getting anxious for a Ford ride or a Saxon ride? I had one Friday night (Ford ride).

I suppose you have heard that Mr Luenstra sold out and is going to Chi. Do you sometimes get sick of reading news that you have reread several times. So much for having a big correspondence?

I'm going to have three or four more scholars this month - real interesting eh?

Nine more weeks and my school work finished for this term unless I go to Summer School.

This year certainly has been a short year. It don't seem near as long as last I rather think our beautiful winter weather has made it seem shorter too. Being real busy makes time fly too. I, like you, am not sorry it goes fast.

If you are not home this summer I think I will go to school in G. R.

Only eight more weeks and Mildred will be out of school. Daddy just said though that she may not be home this summer.

I wonder if you and Maurice have seen each other yet.

Mother Libbey has been at Haneshill Mass, ever since she left here. But last week she wrote that she would return t Detroit Thursday.

I wonder if you aren't dizzy reading such a disconnected letter.

Now Earl please forget & forgive Feb 3rd's letter won't you? If won't I'm afraid you will have to forget the writer. Good night dearest Earl don't forget that we do think of you often and wish you home so much.


[upside down top of first page]

Do you get your mail regular your last letter came in about three weeks. Don't forget sending your letter (with the one exception) So don't stop writing and that wasn't half bad.


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Parish, Earl S.




Hubble, Ruth L., “Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish,” 1919 March 16, WWP22786, Earl S. Parish Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.