Laura F. Buerger Collection Finding Aid


Laura F. Buerger Collection Finding Aid


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library staff






Documents stored in a commemorative scrapbook, including letters, postcards, photographs, and other miscellaneous paper items.


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum


Cataloging of archival materials




One legal sized document box containing 10 folders, and one oversized document box containing 7 folders. Within the legal sized document box, the contents are arranged alphabetically by material type, and then chronologically within each folder. The oversized document box is arranged alphabetically and then chronologically by subject.

Box 1

Correspondence, 3 April – 4 May 1919
Miscellaneous items including postcards, Membership cards, and a feather
Newspaper Clippings, 22 November 1918 – 22 June 1922
Newspaper Clippings, Undated
Woodrow Wilson Related Newspaper Clippings, 26 December 1918 – 7 January 1919
Photographs from Hubert Buerger to Laura Buerger, c. 1919
Personal Photos from Franklin H. Gahue to Laura Buerger, c. 1917-1919
Regimental News 302nd Engineers Association Publication, November 1918 – April 1919
Instructions for Mailing Christmas Boxes to Soldiers and Mailing Envelope, c. 1918-1919
A Soldier’s Letters at Home and Abroad Empty scrapbook

Oversize Box
Pages three and four of the Buffalo Courier, 10 February 1919
Pages nine and ten of the Buffalo Commercial, 10 October 1918
Front page section of the Buffalo Evening News, 14 February 1919
Collier’s, 16 November 1918
German map, 26 August 1918
Miscellaneous Buffalo, New York Newspaper Clippings, 24 December 1918 – 17 April 1919, Undated
Sapper, 10 February 1919



Scope and Content

The Laura F. Buerger Collection documents the life of the American soldier overseas as well as life on the home front during, and immediately, following World War One. The correspondence is from several different people, some of whom are mentioned in the newspaper clippings included in the collection. The newspaper clippings and regimental newsletters track the wartime activities of the 302nd Engineers stationed out of Buffalo, New York, where Laura Buerger lived. The photographs are from Buerger’s uncle and American soldier Franklin Gahue. Buerger’s uncle’s photographs document an exhibition in New York City after the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. Franklin Gahue’s snapshots document the soldier’s life in camp in both serious and light-hearted moments.


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Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library staff, “Laura F. Buerger Collection Finding Aid,” 1916-1919, FA000483, Laura F. Buerger Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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