Thomas J. Koger Collection


Thomas J. Koger Collection


Koger, Thomas J.






The Thomas J. Koger Collection materials include a Rainbow Division hat, four maps, two licenses, two membership cards, trip materials, and a newspaper clipping.


John W. Swartzwelder Jr. and Nancy Joyce (Koger) Swartzwelder


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum


World War, 1914-1918
Vehicles, Military
Camp Dix (N.J.)
United States. Army. Infantry Division, 42nd
United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces


Carter Anderson



Date Accepted


Collection Items

Francis and TJ Koger
Full-length view of couple in front of a home.

Francis Koger at Lookout Mountain
Outdoor scene with full-length view of woman standing next to cannon.

Lt. Koger in Uniform
Seated portrait.

Lt. Koger, AEF, 1917
Uniformed Koger stands on a road with a French village in the distance behind him.

Major Thomas J. Koger at Fort Oglethorpe with Junior Officers
Full-length picture of three men in front of a wooden building. Koger is on the left. Captain Carlton & First Lieut. Hooks.

Additions to the Koger Scrapbook
Additional material that was interleaved in the Koger scrapbook. Many of these are newspaper clippings from New York City newspapers.

Women Voters, A Vote for Cox and Roosevelt is a Vote for the League of Nations
Pamphlet that explains the gist of the League of Nations.

Koger Scrapbook
Scrapbook of Koger's service in World War I made from a wallpaper sample book.

Thomas J. Koger Collection Finding Aid
Brief finding aid for a small personal collection of a WWI soldier.

Map of Fort Dix: 1st Lieutenant TJ Koger
A special military map created by the War Department of the vicinity of Camp Dix, in New Jersey

Map - Plan de Nice
A map of Nice, France.

Tennessee Operator License – Thomas J. Koger
Thomas J. Koger's Tennessee Operator License from 1983 to 1985.

Insurance Card – Aetna Casualty and Surety: Thomas J. Koger
Thomas J. Koger's government-wide indemnity benefit plan card, which was a part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act.

United States Army Motor Vehicle Operator’s Permit – no. 4013: TJ Koger
A motor vehicle operator's permit to operate a motor vehicle in the United States Army. Belonged to Thomas J. Koger.

Certificate of Death - Frances Koger (Hamond)
The Tennessee Department of Health and Environment Certificate of Death for Frances Koger, wife of Thomas J. Koger.

Certificate of Death – Thomas J. Koger
The Tennessee Department of Health and Environment Certificate of Death for Thomas J. Koger.

Thomas J. Koger and Another Man at Mississippi State.
A photograph of two men sitting on a fence. Koger is in the foreground on the right. On the back of the photograph, "MISS STATE" is written.

Map of the Offensive of the St. Mihiel Salient
A map showing the offensive of the St. Mihiel Salient.

Map – 42nd Division, Meuse Argonne
A map of the 42nd (Rainbow) Division in Meuse-Argonne.

Envelope for trip pass with handwriting on front
An envelope for the trip pass, with handwriting on the front.

Marriage Announcement, Koger-Rorke
A newspaper clipping of the marriage announcement of Thomas Jeff Koger and Gertrude Loretta Rorke. The clipping has been mounted on a card.

Voter’s Registration – Shelby County: Thomas J. Koger
Thomas J. Koger's Tennessee voter's registration card.

National Association of Rainbow Division Veterans Membership Card
Thomas J. Koger's membership card for the National Association of Rainbow Division Veterans.

Expeditionary Forces Christmas Pack Coupon: Thomas J. Koger
An official Christmas Package Coupon, allowing a Christmas package to be sent to Thomas J. Koger, free of charge.

Reserve Officers Training Camp, Chickamauga Park
Cover for a printed roster for the Reserve Officer's Training Camp, which took place in Chickamauga Park from May 14, 1917 to August 14, 1917. Text is missing.

Trip Pass – US Army Piers, Hoboken, NJ
A trip pass for Nannie Koger, a relative of Thomas J. Koger, allowing her to visit him at the Troop Movement Office, Room 355, Pier 2, in Hoboken, NJ.

Rainbow Division Hat
Hat worn by those in the 42nd Infantry Division, also known as the Rainbow Division. One side has a small rainbow with a blue 42 under it, other has "Rainbow Division" printed in blue.
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