Cary T. Grayson Papers Finding Aid


Cary T. Grayson Papers Finding Aid


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Guide to the large collection of Cary T. Grayson material in the archives.


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


Cataloging of archival materials


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Compiled over Dr. Grayson’s colorful life, the collection covers every aspect of Grayson’s military service, career, family life, and personal interests. It is arranged in 13 series (listed below), many with their own finding aids. The largest series, Correspondence (40 linear feet), includes letters and other documents from thousands of individuals.

Table Of Contents

Series in Collection:
Articles and speeches
Biographical materials
Book collection
Certificates and awards
Financial papers
Newspaper clippings
Phonograph records

Descriptive Identification : Heading


Box 1

Articles by Cary T. Grayson, 1920 – 1936 and list of CTG’s articles

1915-01-99 “The Old Time Doctor,” Southern Medical Journal, v. 8, #1
1920-08-01 “Riding for Health and Pleasure,” The Spur
1920-12-99 “Books as Mental Diversion,” The Bookman
[1922?] “The Enjoyment of Life,” carbon copy
1922 “Health Hints from the White House,” with notes and original drafts
1923-08-99 “Our Overworked Presidents”
1923-08-13 [Charles C. Wagner] to CTG. Has fixed up revised copy of article. Encloses carbon of “Our Overworked Presidents”
[1924] Draft of “The Human Side of Woodrow Wilson”
[1924?] “Impressions of Woodrow Wilson” by CTG and Stockton Axson
1924-06-28 “Our Overworked Presidents,” Liberty Magazine
1924-07-05 “How Shall We Save Our Presidents,” Liberty Magazine
1926-09-99 Draft of article on Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House, ultimately published in American Heritage, October 1964
1927 “The Health of the Presidents,” Ladies’ Home Journal

Box 2

Articles by CTG, 1927-1936 and undated

1927? Seven folders with notes and drafts on the health of various presidents for the Ladies’ Home Journal article published in 1927
1928-05-99 “The Secret of Longevity,” Atlantic Monthly (contains article and typescript)
1929-05-99 “It’s Derby Day,” American Motorist
1929-06-05 “Admiral C.T. Grayson Describes Derby,” New York Press
1929-11-99 “The Gorgas Memorial Institute,” reprinted from Clinical Medicine & Surgery

1930s? Articles on public health and diseases published by The Bell Syndicate
“Must Your Child Have Measles?”
“Why Contract Smallpox?”
“The Menace of Whooping Cough”
“Prevent Diphtheria”
“The Lowly Potato”
“What Should I Know About Scarlet Fever?”

1930-05-11“Prescribing Golf for American Presidents,” Washington Herald
1931-05-03 Handwritten notes on remembrances of President and Mrs. Wilson’s Reception in Europe in 1919 and other events
1932-01-99 “The Modern Trend of Medicine,” Bulletin, Medical College of Virginia
1936-05-99 “Chairman Thanks Chapters,” The Red Cross Courier
1938-02 Guest editorial on American Red Cross, Student Life
Undated “The Bridle Path as a Municipal Health Investment” and “The Bridle Path, a Road to Health,” typescripts
Undated “A President’s Life History” on Woodrow Wilson’s health
Undated “Memories of Woodrow Wilson,” Atlantic Monthly
Undated “Blood Pressure”
Undated “Care of Sick and Wounded in Ancient and Modern Times”
Undated “Health and Happiness in Modern Times,” also titled “Enjoyment of Life”
Undated “The Progress of Health and Happiness in Modern Times”
Undated “The Art of Eating”

Box 3

Undated Articles by Cary T. Grayson (continued); Speeches by CTG, 1915 – 1931

Undated “Treatment of Battlefield Wounds,” handwritten article
Undated “Treatment of Battlefield Wounds,” typescript
Undated “The Health of the Presidents,” early draft
Undated Typed notes on health of the presidents, including Coolidge and Harding
Undated CTG, Jr.? Draft article on The President’s Health in Relation to Medical Practice
Undated CTG, Jr.? Draft article on The President and the Public
Undated CTG, Jr.? Draft article on Presidential Health/Illness and need for  Succession plan
Undated CTG, Jr.? Notes and statistics on presidential ages and health/diseases
Undated Typed text of bulletin issued by physicians regarding the shooting of President McKinley
Undated Various newspaper clippings on presidential health and financial well-being (likely collected by CTG, Jr.)


[1915] Speech by CTG given at William and Mary  (typed and handwritten versions) on topic of how the world has changed in last 20 yrs
1915-05 “The Medical Man of the Navy,” speech by CTG at an alumni meeting Of the Medical College of Virginia
1916-11 “The Doctor’s Work for Naval Preparedness,” speech by CTG to the Southern Medical Association in Atlanta, GA
1917-05-10 Speech by CTG to Georgetown Clinical Society on the great strides being made in the practice of medicine and surgery
1918? Speech by CTG to the members of the Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America regarding military service by doctors in Army and Navy
[1921?] Speech [by CTG?] made at William and Mary to introduce the British Ambassador, Sir Auckland Geddes
1921-06-21 Speech by British Ambassador Sir Auckland Geddes made at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville
1923-12-05 “Heredity and Training,” speech by CTG in Danville, VA
1924-06-03 Speech by CTG at graduation of Medical College of Virginia in Richmond on the subject of preventive medicine
1924-06-09 Speech by CTG made at Randolph Macon College paying tribute to alumnus Walter Hines Page
[1928-1935?] Speech by CTG on the health strides made in Panama and the work of the Gorgas Memorial Institute
[1928-1935?] “The Gorgas Memorial Institute and Its Future,” speech by CTG
[1928-1935?] “Personal Health Moves On,” speech by CTG as president of Gorgas Inst.
[1928-1935?] Brief remarks by CTG made at a Gorgas Memorial Institute awards ceremony
[1929] Speech by CTG on fundraising for Gorgas Memorial Institute
1931-03-03 Speech by Edwin Alger about CTG with stories about Roosevelt, Taft, andWoodrow Wilson
1931-10-14 Radio Talk by CTG aired on WABC on “The Periodic Health Audit”
1931-11-17 Speech by CTG at dedication of Woodrow Wilson bust in Richmond, VA
1931-12-01 “The Modern Trend of Medicine,” speech by CTG to Medical College ofVirginia on Founder’s Day

Box 4

Speeches by CTG, 1932 – undated

1932-10-99 Radio talk by CTG on “The Periodic Health Audit, prepared for the annual meeting, American College of Surgeons, St. Louis, MO
1932-12-14 Radio address by CTG to extend the first general invitation to attend the inauguration of FDR
1933-02-06 “Inauguration, March 4, 1933,” speech by CTG
1934-05-10 Remarks by CTG on the presentation of the Birthday Ball check for the Warm Springs Foundation
[1935]?-04-08 Speech by CTG at the opening session of the Red Cross convention; includes letter from FDR
1935-04-27 Speech by CTG as chairman of the Red Cross, on Long Island to a group that included Mrs. Henry P. Davison
1935-09-30 Speech by CTG at Roll Call Luncheon in Cleveland, Ohio, about the American Red Cross
1935-10-16 Speech by CTG to the Inter-State Post Graduate Medical Association of North America, in Detroit, MI
1935-10-17 Penciled notes in CTG’s handwriting for a speech to the annual Roll Call Luncheon of the Chicago chapter of the American Red Cross
1935-11-23 Notes by CTG for several different talks, including one on the “forgotten man,” Mr. Edward E. Gann
1935-12-18 Address by CTG at the opening of the Accident Prevention Conference
[1935?] Speech by CTG at Red Cross Convention
[1935?] Notes for speech by CTG on Red Cross to be given in Detroit
[1935-1938] Speech by CTG to an unidentified audience in Washington, DC about the work of the Red Cross, urging an increase in membership
[1935-1938] “Shirt-Tail Story”
[1935-1938] Notes for speech by CTG given in Culpeper, VA on the Red Cross
[1935-1938] Speech by CTG on the history of the American Red Cross
Undated “Telling What Was Never Told Before: The Physician to Three U.S. Presidents Takes Us Into His Confidence, Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson Speaking”
Undated Speech by CTG at the Riding and Hunt Club introducing six people
Undated Speech written in CTG’s handwriting about doctors, patriotism, and the role of physicians in upholding democracy
Undated Speech written in CTG’s handwriting on the life of a physician, how he is viewed by society, his duty, advancements in technology, etc.
Undated Photocopy of a radio talk given by CTG on children’s health and ridding the world of infantile paralysis
Undated Handwritten notes, perhaps for a speech (?) including quote of Longfellow
Undated Notes in CTG’s handwriting on various events in life, perhaps the outline of a speech?
Undated Speech about the work of the Red Cross
Undated Radio program script announcing winners of health essay contest
Undated Radio address on “Nature and Common Sense”
Undated Radio address on horses
Undated Speech by Col. Robert Ingersoll at the tomb of Napoleon
Undated Single page (p.7) in CTG’s handwriting of a speech to physicians
Undated Speech by CTG [to Remount Association] on horses
Undated Speech by CTG on the medical benefits of golf
Undated Speech by CTG to members of the St. Andrews Society in Philadelphia on “The Medical Aspects of Golf” with quote by W.W. on golf
Undated Speech by CTG, “A Doctor Views His World,” on the need for quiet time at home and in nature for good health
Undated Speech by CTG in Richmond, VA on the subject of the family physician
Undated Speech by CTG on periodical health examinations and their benefits
Undated Speech (or article?) by CTG on increasing the health awareness of housewives
Undated Speech by CTG to Southern Medical Association meeting on the state of medicine in the South titled “The Old Time Doctor”
Undated Speech by CTG given to a boys school on the medical profession
Undated Speech by CTG titled “The Navy and Its Health Problems (note, we have two versions of a speech by this same name, one much longer than the other
Undated Speech by CTG to boys (students) on “The Practice of Medicine As a Profession”
Undated Speech by CTG (two versions) to the Contact Club in Pittsburgh on improving the health of working men in industry and the field of industrial medicine
Undated Speech by CTG to unidentified audience recounting stories of early black playmates, Cooney, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson,Clemenceau, and Lloyd George
Undated Speech by CTG at Hampton Institute
Undated “Lectures in Hygiene”

Box 5

Full magazines with articles by CTG

1920-08-01 “Riding For Health and Pleasure,” The Spur
1927-04 “The Health of the Presidents,” Ladies Home Journal
1927-05 “The Health of the Presidents,” Ladies Home Journal
1927-07 “The Health of the Presidents,” Ladies Home Journal 
1927-08“The Health of the Presidents,” Ladies Home Journal 

Box 6

Correspondence about CTG’s articles and speeches

(Note that there are other letters regarding CTG’s writings scattered throughout his correspondence. This batch of letters was separate from his correspondence and most were answers from people to whom CTG had sent copies of his articles)

Box 7

Speeches by Woodrow Wilson, 1908 – 1920 (most are printed versions from the Government Printing Office)

1908-1912 Speeches by WW reprinted in Congressional Record
1911-05-07 Address by WW as Governor of NJ on the occasion of the tercentenary celebration of the translation of the translation of the Bible into English
[1912-12-30?] WW’s speech, “Importance of Bible Study”
1913-03-04 Inaugural address
1913-04-08 Address on tariff reform to a joint session of Congress
1913-06-23 Address on banking and currency reform to joint session of Congress
1913-07-04 Address of President Wilson delivered at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on  the 50th anniversary of the battle
1913-08-27 Address on Mexican affairs to a joint session of Congress
1913-10-25 Address of President Wilson at the celebration of the rededication of Congress Hall, Philadelphia, PA
1913-10-25 Address of President Woodrow Wilson delivered at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
1913-10-27 Address delivered before the Southern Commercial Congress, Mobile, Alabama
1913-12-02 State of the Union address to joint session of Congress
1914-01-20 Address on antitrust legislation to a joint session of Congress
1914-03-05 Address on Panama Canal tolls to a joint session of Congress
1914-04-20 Address on the Mexican crisis to a joint session of Congress
1914-05-11 Address of President Wilson at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY, at services in memory of those who lost their lives at Vera Cruz, Mexico
1914-05-16 Address of President Wilson at the unveiling of the statue to the memory of Commodore John Barry, Washington, DC
1914-05-30 Memorial Day address at Arlington
1914-06-04 Address of President Wilson accepting the monument in memory of the Confederate dead at Arlington National Cemetery
1914-06-05 Address of President Wilson to the graduating class of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
1914-07-04 Fourth of July Address of President Wilson at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA
1914-08-19 “American Neutrality,” an appeal by the President to the citizens of the Republic, requesting their assistance in maintaining a state of neutrality during the present European war
1914-09-04 Address to a joint session of Congress regarding raising addition revenue through additional taxes
1914-10-20 Address before the American Bar Association, Continental Hall
1914-10-24 Address at Y.M.C.A. Celebration in Pittsburgh, PA
1914-12-08 State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress
1915-01-08 Jackson Day Address in Indianapolis, IN
1915-01-28 Veto message to the House of Representatives on H.R. 6060, an act to regulate the immigration of aliens to and the residence of aliens in the United States
1915-01-29 Address of the President at the mid-year conference of the American Electric Railway Association, The New Willard, Washington, DC
1915-02-03 Address of the President before the United States Chamber of Commerce, New Willard, Washington, DC
1915-04-20Address of the President at the Associated Press Luncheon, NY, NY
1915-05-10 Address of the President at Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA
1915-05-17 Address of the President at the luncheon tendered to him by the Mayor’s Committee, New York, NY, Hotel Biltmore
1915-05-24 Address of the President at the Pan American Financial Conference, Pan American Building, Washington, DC
1915-05-31 Memorial Day Address at Arlington National Cemetery
1915-06-14 Address of President Wilson at Flag Day Exercises of the Treasury Department
1915-09-28 Address of the President at G.A.R. Celebration, Camp Emery
1915-10-11 Address of President Wilson to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Continental Hall
1915-11-04 Address of President Wilson at the Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner of the Manhattan Club, Biltmore Hotel, New York, NY
1915-12-07 State of the Union Address to joint session of Congress
1916-01-27 Address of President Wilson at the First Annual Banquet of the Motion Picture Board of Trade, New York City, The Biltmore
1916-02-26 Address of President Wilson at the Gridiron Dinner, New Willard,Washington, DC
1916-04-19 Address to a joint session of Congress about German submarine warfare
1916-05-15 Address of the President at the National Press Club
1916-05-27 Address of the President to the First Annual Assemblage of the League to Enforce Peace
1916-06-14 Flag Day address of President Wilson, Washington, DC
1916-06-29 Address of President Wilson to the Associated Advertising Clubs, Philadelphia, PA
1916-06-30 Address of President Wilson before the Press Club in New York City and The Press and the President, by Ralph Pulitzer
1916-07-10 Address of President Wilson at Detroit, Mich. To the Salesmanship Congress; and at luncheon tendered by the Salesmanship Congress in Toledo, Ohio
1916-07-13 Address of President Wilson to the Citizenship Convention, Wilson Normal School Building, Washington, DC
1916-08-29 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress regarding Freight rail employees demanding an eight-hour workday
1916-09-02 Speech of Woodrow Wilson accepting the nomination for President By the Democratic Party, Shadow Lawn, NJ 
1916-09-08 Address of President Wilson at Suffrage Convention, Atlantic City, NJ
1916-09-25 Address of President Wilson before the Grain Dealers’ Association, Baltimore, MD
1916-12-05 State of the Union Address to joint session of Congress
1917-01-22 Address of the President to the Senate regarding peace terms, proposing All nations henceforth avoid entangling alliances
1917-01-30 Message from the President transmitting his veto of H.R. 10384 to regulate the immigration of aliens to, and the residence of aliens in the U.S.
1917-02-03 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress regarding Severing diplomatic relations with German after sinking of the Sussex 
1917-02-26 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress requesting authority to respond to German sinking of American and allied ships
1917-03-05 Inaugural Address of President Woodrow Wilson
1917-04-02 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress asking Congress to declare that the German government is at war with the US because of unrestricted submarine warfare
1917-04-16 Address of President Wilson to his fellow countrymen regarding entry of the US into the war in Europe
1917-06-14 Address of President Wilson delivered on Flag Day, Washington, DC
1917-08-11 Address of President Wilson to the officers of the Atlantic fleet
1917-08-27 Reply of the United States to the Communication of the Pope to the Belligerent Governments
1917-11-12 Address of President Wilson to the American Federation of Labor Convention, Buffalo, NY
1917-12-04 State of the Union Address of the President to a joint session of Congress
1918-01-04 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress regarding his Taking control of the railways lines and systems of water transport
1918-01-08 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress about the possibility of a general peace in Europe
1918-01-31 Message sent by the President to the Farmers’ Conference at Urbana, IL
1918-02-11 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress about the object of the war from the American perspective
1918-04-06 Address of President Wilson in Baltimore, MD, on the anniversary of America’s entrance into the war
1918-05-18 Address of President Wilson opening the campaign in New York for the Second Red Cross Fund
1918-05-27 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress regarding national finance
1918-07-04 Address of President Wilson delivered at Mount Vernon to the diplomatic corps
1918-09-30 Address of the President to the Senate regarding the Senate’s concurrence in the constitutional amendment proposing the extension of suffrage to women
1918-11-11 Address of the President to joint session of Congress re: terms of Armistice
1918-12-02 State of the Union Address of the President to a joint session of Congress (2 copies, one marked Confidential)
1918-12-29 Address of the President in Carlisle, England at church service (2 copies, 1 typed, 1 carbon, texts vary)
1919-02-24 and 1919-03-04 Addresses of the President in Boston, MA, Feb. 24, 1919 and New York, NY, Mar. 4, 1919
1919-02-28 Address of the President to the Democratic National Committee at a luncheon in the White House
1919-05-20 Message of the President Communicated to both Houses of Congress regarding appropriations 
1919-06-26 Speech of the President at the home of President Poincare, Paris
[1919-07-10] Speech of the President to the Senate about the treaty of Versailles (printed on small pages, 44 pages long)
1919-07-10 Address of the President to the Senate on the Treaty of Versailles 
1919-09-08 Address of the President to a joint session of Congress on the cost of living
1919-08-19 Treaty of Peace With Germany: Report of the Conference between Members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations And the President, at the White House, presented by Mr. Lodge
1919-12-02 Message of the President communicated to the two houses of Congress
1918-12-03 to 1919-02-24 Addresses of President Wilson made during his first trip To Europe
1920-12-07 Message of the President communicated to the two houses of Congress

Box 8

Undated manuscript of book about Woodrow Wilson written by Cary T. Grayson and Stockton Axson 


Box 1

Biographical materials about Cary T. Grayson, 1897 – 1938

[1897] Copy of portion of life insurance application made by CTG at age 19. (Note: Full application can be found in Correspondence-G, CTG Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1897-1909)
[1905] Brief typewritten biography of CTG through 1905
1905 Photocopy of ship’s log of U.S.S. Maryland, showing ports of call on CTG’s trip around the world.
1908-07-04 Photocopy of newspaper article, Washington Post, “Awards at Culpeper… Dr. C.T. Grayson’s Forget-Me-Not a Warm Favorite.”
[1908] Photocopy of newspaper clipping with photo of CTG mounted on Forget-Me-Not
[1913]-09-04 Photocopy of newspaper article, “Grayson Makes Record in Post at White House: President’s Own Doctor Wins by His Ability and Tact Affection of All Who Meet Him…”
[1916] Carbon copy of biographical sketch of CTG listing his course of study at Eastern View Academy and William and Mary, along with documenting his medical studies
[1916]? Photocopy of Who’s Who in America (?) entry for CTG (2 copies)
[1916] Newspaper clipping, “Wilson’s Nerve O.K., Says His Physician in Atlanta.” CTG recounts story of golfing with Wilson shortly before election which Hughes was favored to win. “He played the best game I ever saw him play…”
1917-01-18 H.E.C. Bryant to CTG with stories about Davie Bones, a dog who once belonged to Miss Bones and was given to Bryant’s brother Badger in N.C.
1917-01-29 Photocopy of letter from Josephus Daniels to Senator B. R. Tillman regarding CTG’s fitness for promotion (Note: Original carbon copy is in Correspondence-G, CTG Promotion to Rear Admiral)
1917-01-30 Photocopy of transcript of CTG’s appearance before Senate Committee on Naval Affairs regarding his promotion to Rear Admiral (Note: Original is in Correspondence-G, CTG Promotion to Rear Admiral)
[1917]? CTG vitae through 1917 (2 carbon copies)
[1917]? Information form for The National Cyclopedia of American Biography, with additions in CTG’s hand.
1917-07-17 George Derby to CTG. Editor of National Cyclopedia of American Biography writes to thank CTG for biographical data and asks for family, genealogical, and marriage records. Copy of biographical sketch attached. In same folder, F.B. Kain writes to CTG on April 9, 1918, enclosing preliminary proof of biography for the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, requesting CTG go over the proof and make corrections.
1919-03-99 Excerpt from Physical Culture magazine, “Admiral Grayson – Medical Physical Culturist,” by Richard M. Winans.
1919 Photocopies of letters from CTG to AGG written while he was with Woodrow Wilson in Paris for the Peace Conference
1919-10-07 Newspaper clipping, Cumberland, Md. “The President’s In Their Hands,” with pictures of CTG, Stitt, Dercum, Ruffin, and de Schweinitz.
1919-10-19 Newspaper clipping, The World, “This Admiral’s Big Charge Is to Keep a President Fit”
1919-10-26 Newspaper clipping, Boston Sunday Globe, article with picture of CTG: “Only Man Who Can Boss President is Grayson”
1919-10-30 Newspaper clipping, The Detroit News, Political cartoon regarding Wilson’s health
[1919]? Carbon copy of poem titled “Grayson and Ruffin and Stitt”
[1920-03-12] Request for information by Sewanee for Sewanee War Service Record – Postcard filled out in CTG’s handwriting
1920-03-13 “In the Arena: Cary T. Grayson” by Ray Stannard Baker. Article about CTG published in Colliers
1920-03-20 Copy of CTG’s personal information
1920-09-24 Order, signed by Daniel E. Garges (?) saying that CTG is appointed an additional private in the Metropolitan Police Dept. of the District of Columbia
[1922]? Capital Press Bureau, Press Release, “Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, President of the National Capital Horse Show Association”
1923-09-04 Newspaper clipping, Los Angeles Times, “Gossip in Washington,” including a story told by CTG about a doctor getting a speeding ticket
1924-02-05 Newspaper clipping, Boston Herald, with piece on CTG as deserving the thanks of the nation
1924“Flashlights of Famous People: Face to Face with Cary Travers Grayson, the Physician of Presidents,” by Joe Mitchell Chapple
1926-1928 Membership cards in The American College of Physicians, Southern Medical Association, and the Medical Society of the District of Columbia
1928-10-21 Newspaper clipping, Washington Herald, “Grayson Plans Soon to Retire from the Navy.”
1928-10-28 Newspaper clipping, Boston Sunday Post, “How Admiral Grayson Leaped to High Naval Rating, Recalled by Coming Retirement”
1928-10? Newspaper clipping, “Rear Adm. Grayson Seeks Retirement”
1928 Photocopy of article on CTG from American Biography, A New Cyclopedia, v.35
1928 Encyclopedia of American Biography, first draft of entry on CTG for 1928 edition. Final version omits many of the stories found in first draft
[1928] Newspaper clipping, “Cary Grayson retires”
[1928] Page from The Forerunner, with photo and article about CTG, Chairman of the General Committee of the General Convention [of the Episcopal Church]?
1929-07-15 Passport issued to CTG on July 15, 1929
[1930-02] Photocopy of article from The Washingtonian, “A Gentleman, -- and His Hobby: A Sketch of Cary Travers Grayson”
1930-10-17 Newspaper clipping, “The Cricket Chirps About People You Know,”
1932-06-03 H.R. 12448, A Bill to Amend the laws providing retired pay for certain officers and former officers of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States, with attached note, “Passed the House on Monday. C.C.W”
1933-03-08 Crandal Mackey to CTG, “If your father was a great grandson of George Mason, then he was a relative of my ancestor Richard Bennett Lloyd of Wye; Folder includes newspaper clipping from March 11, 1933, The Chronicle, Clarendon, VA. “A Leader in the White House – On President Roosevelt”
1933-12-07 R. Walton Moore to CTG regarding Charles H. Callahan of Alexandria, seeing data about Col. William Grayson, an aide to George Washington. Includes CTG’s reply that he cannot give any helpful information on William Grayson
1934-01-09 Photocopy of newspaper clipping, “Will Rogers Says,” talking about CTG’s stay at the Mayo Clinic for kidney surgery; also includes article from 1934-01-10 “Grayson gets kick out of Will Rogers,” describing CTG in his hospital room entertaining friends with funny stories
1935-01-07 “Report of Roentgen Findings in the case of Admiral Cary T. Grayson,“ signed by A. B. Moore, M.D.
1935-02-24 Photocopy of article from New York Times Magazine, “Admiral Grayson Looks Back and Ahead: The New Red Cross Chief Will Apply to His Task Principles He Followed as Physician to Presidents”
1935-02 Page from The Commonwealth, with news of CTG’s appointment as Chairman of the American Red Cross
1935-06 Photograph of award given to CTG at William and Mary College in June, 1935
[1935?] Brief printed bio of CTG, perhaps from Who’s Who in America(?)
1936-02 Article from The South, “Southern Personalities: Cary T. Grayson, Chairman of The American Red Cross,” by Wellington Brink
1937-02-17 (should be 1938) Virginia Star newspaper with front page obituary: “Adm. Cary T. Grayson, 59, Dies: Confidant of Three Presidents”
1938-02 Various newspaper obituaries of CTG
1938-02-15 Bulletins issued to press in CTG’s final illness and at this death. Printed card of appreciation sent from AGG, Gordon, Cary Jr., and William, “deeply appreciate your sympathy
1938-02-16 Congressional Record, vol. 83, #35, including tributes to CTG after his death by William G. McAdoo and Alben W. Barkley (p. 2751)
1938-02-19 Photocopy of article from The Thoroughbred Record, “The Passing of Admiral Grayson”
1938-02-20 Newspaper article, Washington Post, “Grayson, Friend of Presidents, Never Forgot Hippocratic Oath”
1938-03 Virginia Medical Monthly, vol. 65, #3, with obituary of CTG on p. 186
1938-03-11 Official document from Veterans Administration – Public Voucher for Death Claim on Insurance for Cary T. Grayson
1938-04 The Caduceus of Kappa Sigma, excerpted article on Cary Grayson, written after his death
1938-04 Scouting magazine with obituary of CTG on p. 19
1938-04 Junior Red Cross Journal with obituary of CTG, p. 240
1938-04-27 Mary D. Zoll to AGG enclosing order of burial services for CTG; Response from Miss Newman on behalf of AGG thanking her
[1938]-08-16 Photocopy of newspaper clipping, “Grayson Memorial Dinner,” describing guests listening to outline of a proposed foundation to combat diseases of horses through scientific laboratory study and research
1938-Midsummer The Cathedral Age, vol. 13, #2, with picture and obituary of CTG on p. 48-49
1938 Correspondence between R. B. Carter and AGG regarding CTG’s biography for the National Cyclopedia of American Biography
1938 In Memoriam: Reprints of Articles Appearing in the Red Cross Courier for March, April and May, 1938, on life and Works of Admiral Grayson, Chairman, American Red Cross
1938 Magazine article, “Admiral Grayson Comes Home,” by Alwyn W. Knight, describing CTG’s burial in Arlington Cemetery

Box 2

Biographical materials about Cary T. Grayson, 1939 – undated.

1938-1939 Scrapbook of tributes to CTG at his death – mostly newspaper clippings, but includes magazine articles, letters, photographs of his grave at Arlington, etc.
1939-02-16 Remarks of Hon. Carter Glass of Virginia in the Senate of the U.S. on Admiral Cary T. Grayson, on the first anniversary of CTG’s death
[1939]? Drawing of bronze plaque in Red Cross Building, Charlotte Court House, VA, placed by Mr. and Mr. David K. E. Bruce, 1939. Attached newspaper clipping about library and garden endowed by David Bruce in Charlotte Court House.
1940-02-27 Correspondence with Medical College of Virginia and The University of the South, Sewanee on dates of degrees conferred on Cary T. Grayson; List of colleges attended by CTG with AGG’s handwritten notes
1940-03-09 Correspondence with AGG on biography of CTG for National Cyclopedia of American Biography
1958-11-1958 James A. Jaffey to AGG regarding CTG’s bio in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography
1960-06-18 Book review from Saturday Review on Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Biography
1960-06-20 Newspaper clipping, New York Times, book review of Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Memoir
1964-04-07 Rear Admiral Cary Travers Grayson, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, Deceased, Biography written by Navy Office of Information
1966-06-29 Rear Admiral Cary Travers Grayson, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, Deceased, Biography written by Navy Office of Information
1966-08-01 Betty W. Shirley, Head, Biographies Branch of the Navy, to the Grayson Brothers, enclosing “6 copies of your father’s biography”
1967-11 Reprint of article from Psychiatry, “Denial of Presidential Disability: A Case Study of Woodrow Wilson,” by Edwin A. Weinstein
1976 Correspondence between Edwin A. Weinstein and CTG Jr. regarding his writing of a medical biography of Woodrow Wilson and requesting info on CTG
1978-07-30 Kurt Wimer to CTG Jr. proposing a luncheon to talk about Wimer’s writings on Woodrow Wilson. Encloses a memorandum, “Grayson’s Career,” which characterized CTG as a “Second Boswell”
1984-05-10 Newspaper clipping, Culpeper News, Reprint of story from 1928 on CTG’s retirement from the Navy
1987-07-15 Saratoga, 1917, from magazine EHW. Picture of people who frequented the racetrack in Saratoga includes CTG
1990-11-26 Photocopy of article from Washington Post, “Wilson’s Disability Preceded 1919 Stroke, Records Show”
1994-04-07 CTG Jr. to Arthur Link enclosing copies of various biographical materials “Gordon and I have selected in order to give you a springboard for the biography”
1994-04-22 Reprint, signed by Arthur S. Link, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 138, no. 4, “Dr. Grayson’s Predicament,” by Arthur S. Link
1999-02/03 Article from In and Around Horse Country, titled “Rough Riding Presidential Party: Upperville’s Adm. Grayson Part of Roosevelt’s Day Trip,” by CTG Jr. Undated Biographical notes on Dr. Cary T. Grayson made by his son, Cary T. Grayson, Jr.
Undated Synopsis of key letters from CTG to AGG, 1915-1932
Undated Draft of biography of Cary T. Grayson prepared by CTG Jr.
Undated Timeline of CTG’s life through March 4, 1909, handwritten by CTG Jr.
Undated Two examples of CTG’s signature
Undated Photo of CTG clipped from a publication with his name misspelled in the caption
Undated Photocopy of six short newspaper articles, all with stories about CTG
Undated Brief typewritten biographical sketch of CTG
Undated Newspaper clipping, poem about WW’s visit to Culpeper by Will T. Whelan
Undated Notes typed by Priscilla Grayson from handwritten note of Gertrude Gordon Grayson with CTG’s earliest memories
Undated Newspaper clipping, Los Angeles Sunday Times, political cartoon showing Secretary Daniels pinning a medal on CTG’s chest, “For distinguished service in home waters.”
Undated Article from Encyclopedia of Biography on CTG (photocopy)
Undated Photocopy of book excerpt describing WW’s grief after Ellen’s death, with
Text of letter from WW to Jessie Wilson Sayre in Oct. 1914. Also mentions that Jessie’s baby, Francis Sayre, was delivered in the White House by Dr. Grayson on Jan. 17, 1915
Undated Newspaper clipping, Mrs. Harrison and two sons in Upperville
Undated Typed list of articles and speeches by Admiral Grayson – Medical
Undated Caricature of CTG and WW playing golf, with limerick (photocopy)
Undated Photocopy of photograph of CTG with “My Own”
Undated Handwritten biographical notes on CTG, perhaps for a talk(?)
Undated Photograph of CTG copied from an unidentified book (3 copies)
Undated Photocopy of CTG’s file from the Archives of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Gift of Dr. Mike Dickens, 2006.


Box 1

Alexis Soyer: A Chivalrous Chef. J.S. Taylor. Rep. from United States Naval Medical Bulletin, 15:1. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1921.
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Box 2

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Box 3

How the War Came to America. Issued by the Committee on Public Information. N.p. January, 1918.
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Box 4

Popular Spanish Word List. Edited by the Staff of the Latin American New Record. N.p. Washington D.C., 1940.
President in Love: The Courtship Letters of Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling Galt. Edited by Edwin Tribble. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 1981. Inscription from Tribble to Mr. and Mrs. Grayson on inside.
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Program at the Ceremonies Attending the Burial of an Unknown and Unidentified American Soldier.” November 11, 1921. N.p., N.d. 2 copies.
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The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Board of Directors of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Nd. N.p.
The Young Democrat of the District of Columbia. April 1936. I:3.

Box 5

Separated Material

 “Art History” – Handwritten title. Memorandum Book.
The Book Shelf Scrap Book. Newspaper clippings of Admiral Grayson as Chairman of the Red Cross: 1935-38.
The Book Shelf Scrap Book. Photographs of Admiral Grayson as Chairman of the Red Cross.
Culpeper National Bank. Business card wallet.
“Congressional Philadelphia” – Handwritten note on first page. Financial records book bound in brown leather with notes and figures.
Department of State. 13 November 1937 Certificate Appointing Admiral Grayson the Chairman of the US Delegation to the 16th International Red Cross Conference in London.
“Grayson” – Handwritten title. Empty financial records book with several pages ripped out.
Interleaved in Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical. Henry Gray. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers, 1897: Two lists of medical terms, program for “The Tourists” (Boston: Majestic Theatre), and 1 February 1906 letter from Laurence Duncheskei.
Memo. Small flip notebook bound in brown leather.
Newspaper clippings. 12 December 1936 & 25 July 1933. Together in Holland’s: The Magazine of the South. February 1936. 55:2.
Presidents of the United States: Lithographs. “The White House. Official Business” on envelope
Small Flip Notebook Bound in Black Leather with Various Notes and Calculations.
Tributes to Admiral Cary Travers Grayson. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings.
Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Memoir Review Scrapbook. Newspaper clippings.
Women Safety Committee Pad belonging to Mrs. Cary T. Grayson.


1902-08-27 Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, certificate of attendance in the Junior course of lectures in the college, passing satisfactory examinations in those subjects listed below (includes long list of courses)
1903-01-22 University of the South Medical Dept., certifying that Cary T. Grayson has attended a course of special instruction in the School of Disease of Children in the Sewanee Medical College and has passed a satisfactory examination in that subject (oversized)
1903-01-22 University of the South Medical Dept., certifying that Cary T. Grayson has attended a course of special instruction in the School of Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat in the Sewanee Medical College and has passed a satisfactory examination in that subject (oversized)
1904-12-15 The Association of Military Surgeons of the United States electing Cary Travers
Grayson, Assistant Surgeon in the United States Navy an active member of the Association from the first day of January, A.D. 1905
1905 American Medical Association membership certificate certifying that Cary T. Grayson, M.D. of Washington D.C. is a member, in good standing, of the American Medical Association
1909-03-04 Certificate issued to Past Assistant Surgeon, Cary T. Grayson, appointing him a special aid in the parade in the city of Washington at the inauguration of William H. Taft
1915-01-04 State Board of Medical Examiners of Virginia certifying that Dr. Cary T. Grayson
has passed a satisfactory examination before the Medical Examining Board of Virginia
[1916] Navy Bachelors’ Protective and Benevolent Association, discharging P. A. Surgeon Cary T. Grayson from the organization, but extending good wishes for the health, wealth, prosperity, and unending happiness of the singularly fortunate, tho’ backsliding brother and his less fortunate bride.
1917-03-16 Official signed appointment of Cary T. Grayson as a Medical Director in the Navy with the rank of Rear Admiral, signed by Woodrow Wilson and Josephus Daniels
1917-10-26 American College of Surgeons framed certificate admitting Cary Travers Grayson
as a fellow of the college
1918-09-06 Association of Army and Navy Stores, certifying Med. Dir. Cary T. Grayson, U.S.N. a life member of the Association, entitled to receive membership savings
1919- 06-25 Ordre National del la Legion d’Honneur, naming Cary T. Grayson as a commander in the Legion of Honor (oversized)
1919-06-28 United States Council of National Defense… makes grateful acknowledgement of
the services of Cary T. Grayson to its organization, and through it, to the country, in the course of the Great War (oversized)
1922-08-01 Congressional Country Club certificate of life membership to Cary T. Grayson, signed by Herbert Hoover (oversized)
1924-09-01 Washington Cathedral Builder certificate issued to Admiral & Mrs. Cary Grayson,
Diocese of Washington
1935-10-17 The Society of Virginians granting membership in the society to Cary T. Grayson,
A founder
1936-06-05 Certificate from the University of the South, Sewanee, (in Latin) awarding Cary T.
Grayson a Doctor of Civil Law degree (oversized)
1937-11-30 Department of State document signed by Cordell Hull, certifying Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, U. S. Navy, Retired, Chairman of the American Red Cross, has been designated Chairman of the delegation of the United States to the sixteenth International Red Cross Conference to be held at London, England, June 20 to 24, 1938 (oversized)

Box 1


Ackerman, Carl W.
Adams, William Grayson
Addison, Arthur D.
Adee, Graham M.
Adler, Waldo
Ailes, Milton E.
Alcocke, Eleanor R.
Alderman, Bessie H. (Mrs. Edwin A.)
Alderman, E. A. (Edwin Anderson)
Allen, Frederick H.
Allen, Henry T.
Allen, Sherman
American Automobile Association
American Civic Association
American College of Surgeons
American Expeditionary Forces
American Museum of Natural History
American Society of the French Legion of Honor
American University
Amory, Thomas D.
Anchor Post Fence Co.
Anders, Howard E.
Anderson, Isabel (Mrs. Larz)
Anderson, Paul V., M.D.
Anderson, Thomas
Andrews, Alexander B.
Angwin, W. A. (William Arnold, 1879-1951)
Architects’ Small House Service Bureau
Arline, May
Armstrong, W. C.
Army Octagon Newspaper
Aronson, Louis V.
Aspinwall, Clarence A.
Association of Military Surgeons
Astor, Helen (Mrs. Vincent)
Atkins, Charles D.
Atlantic Monthly
Atwell, George Jr.
Audubon, John James
Ayer, Frederick

Box 2

Alfalfa Club

Box 3

Alibi Club
American Foundation for Studies in Government
American Medical Association
American Security and Trust Company

Box 4

American Red Cross (Congratulatory messages on appointment of Cary T. Grayson as Chairman of American Red Cross)

Box 5

American Red Cross (Correspondence, publications, etc. of A.R.C.)

Box 6

Andrews, Adolphus
Angell, Montgomery B.
Army & Navy Club

Box 7

Axson, Stockton

Box 8


Bailey, Joseph W.
Baker, George Barr, Liet. Comm.
Bane, Lucy L.
Banister, Danion (Mrs. Blair)
Barklie, Isabel A.
Barbour, John S.
Barrow, Tom
Bartlett, Charles M.
Baruch, Simon
Bastedo, Paul
Baxter, Norman W.
Baylor University (Dean Edward H. Cary)
Beavor-Webb, John
Belgian Embassy (E. de Cartier Marchienne)
Bell, J. C.
Belmont, August Jr.
Belmont, Eleanor
Bennett, Louie
Benson, William S.
Bicknell, Frank C.
Bingham, Robert W.
Bingham, [V.O.T.]?
Birch, Thomas H.
Birthday Ball for the President
Blackwood, N. J.
Blair, Gist
Blake, Henry D.
Bliss, Robert W.
Blue Ridge Farms, Inc.
Bond, A. W.
Bond, E. Malcolm
Bonham, Melissa
Boniface, Fritz
Bonneville, Joseph H.
Bookman Magazine
Boone, G.
Boston Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
Bowen, H. W.
Bowers, Claude G.
Bowers, Mrs. Lloyd Wheator
Bowers, W. P.
Boy Scouts of America
Boyd-Rochfort, Cecil
Brady, Thomas G.
Brahany, Thomas W.
Breckinridge, Desha
Bright, Bick (Mr. A. M.)
Brock, Ray M.
Brown, Henry D.
Bruton Parish Church
Bryant, H. E. C. (Henry Edward Cowan)
Buckey, M. C., Colonel
Buckingham, M. C.
Buckingham Palace
Buckler, W. H. (William Hepburn)
Bullard, Arthur
Bullard, Ethel M.
Bush-Brown, H. K. (Henry Kirke)
Butler, Alban B.
Byrnes, James F.

Box 9

Baker, Newton D.
Baker, Ray Stannard
Barron, James S.

Box 10

Baruch, Bernard M.

Box 11

Bell, Edward Price
Bender, Robert J.
Berry, “Commander Bob”
Berryman, Clifford K.
Bertron, S. R. (S. Reading)
Bloedorn, Dr. W. A. (Walter A.)
Blythe, Sam
Bones, Helen Woodrow
Boone, Joel T., Admiral
Bowditch, Richard L.

Box 12

Braisted, William C., Admiral
Bridges, Henry P.
Bruce, David and Howard

Box 13

Bryan, John Stewart
Buckner, Grayson T.
Bullitt, William C.
Byrd, Harry F.
Byrd, Richard E., Admiral

Box 14


Camden, J. N.
Carlin, C. C. (Charles Creighton)
Carlin, Keith
Carnagey, Dale
Carr, Wilbur J.
Carter, A. F.
Carter, Anne (Hoover is my shepherd)
Cartier, Inc.
Carver, C. N.
Cary, Edward H.
Century Magazine
Chadbourne, Thomas L.
Chalmers Runabout
Chamberlain, George E.
Chambers, E. P.
Chambers, W. H.
Chapman, W. D.
Chapple, Joe Mitchel
Cheney, Albert L.
Chitwood, Joseph H.
Chitwood, Oliver Perry
Clarke, Claude F.
Clarkson, Grosvenor B.
Cline, Thomas L.
Cocroft, Susanna (Susanna Cocroft Headington)
Cohen, John S.
Colby, Bainbridge
Colman, Edna M.
Commercial National Bank
Congressional Country Club
Converse, Mary P.
Conway, William B.
Coolidge, Grace
Corcoran, George Eustis
Cornwell, G. King
Cotton, Frederic Jay
Cox, James M.
Craufurd-Stuart, Charles Kennedy
Crawford, Charles B.
Creel, George
Cresson, Charles C.
Crim, John W. H.
Crockett, Albert S.
Cromwell, Thomas B.
Cummings, Edward J.
Cummings, Homer S.
Currie, Barton W.
Curtis, Charles
Curtis Publishing Co.
Cushman, Charles V. B.

Carmichael, Otto (1865-1942, journalist who worked many years as Washington correspondent)

Box 15

Carter, Amon G. (1879-1955, creator and publisher of Fort Worth Star Telegram)
Chambers, E. P.
Chilton, William E. (1858-1939, Senator from West Virginia)
Churchill, Winston
Clark, Herbert C.
Clemenceau, Georges

Box 16

Clark, Robert Sterling (1877-1956, American art collector, philanthropist, and horse breeder)

Box 17

College of William and Mary
Crane, Charles R. and Richard
Crile, Dr. George W.

Box 18

Culpeper, Virginia, Miscellaneous Culpeper correspondents include:
Crump, M. H.
Hiden, J. G.
Luris, Mattie Mars
Roberts, Rufus
Samuelson, Mrs. M. A.
Wager, John P.
“Significant” Culpeper correspondents include
Hansboro, Cooney
Rixey, A.S., Dr.
Rixey, Eppa, Sr.
Rixey, Eppa, Jr.
Rixey, Presley M. (1852-1928, Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy)
Rixey, Presley M. (1879-?, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps)
Walton, Henry P. (half-brother of Cary T. Grayson)

Box 19


Daly, Michael
Daniels, Josephine J.
Darden, James G.
Davidge, Richard
Davis, Ellen B.
Davis, T. B.
DeLaney, M. E.
Delano, Frederic A.
Dewey, Henry S.
Dickinson, Jacob M., Jr.
Dickson, Laurence
Diener, Louis
Dougherty, Peggy (Mrs. John A.)
Douglas, Charles A.
Douglas, Lou
Dowell, J. B.
Dowling, Oscar, Dr.
Doyle, Maron Wade
Dreicer & Co. Jewels
Drewry, P. H.
Dulany, H. Rozier
Duncan, Greer A.

Daniels, Josephus (1862-1948, Secretary of the Navy)
Danielson, Richard
Davies, Joseph E. (1876-1958, first chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, in 1915)
Davis, Edward P., Dr.
Davis, John W.
Davison, F. Trubee (Frederick Trubee, 1896-1974, aviator in WWI)
Decorations from Foreign Countries
Sons of Liberty
Grand Officier do l’Ordre de Leopold (Belgium)
Democratic Conventions, 1920 and others
Dercum, Dr. F. X. (Francis Xavier, 1856-1931, American physician and noted neurologist who treated Woodrow Wilson in 1919.
Dodd, William E. (1869-1940, American historian and professor at the University of Chicago, later named ambassador to Germany)

Box 20

Doherty, Henry L.
Duvall, Frederick G. and Gertrude


Eckles, A. H.
Elkins, William
Elliott, Milton C.
Ellis, John (and wife)
Ellis, Wade H.
Eustis, E. M. (Edith Morton, 1874-1964)
Eustis, W. C. (William Corcoran, 1862-1921, assistant to John J. Pershing during WWI)
Evans, Joseph J.
Early, Stephen
Eskridge, Frank, Dr.

Box 21

Estate of Cary T. Grayson (includes correspondence between attorney Fontaine C. Bradley and Alice Gertrude Gordon Grayson, trying to settle estate and various estate tax documents)

Box 22


Fallansbee, M
Farenholt, A.
Federal-American National Bank and Trust Company
Field, Gavin L.
Finney, B. F.
Fisher, Charles T.
Fisher, Irving
Fitzhugh, J. C. G. (John Cooke Grayson)
Fleming, D. F.
Flippin, J. (James) Caroll
Fordyce, Allen O.
Fordyce, S. W., Jr.
Forster, Rudolph
Foster, Thomas G. (Pomp)
Fowler, H. A., M.D.
Fox, George A.
Franklin, Dove
Freeman, Douglas
Fall, Senator (Albert B. Fall, 1861-1944)
Farley, James A. (1888-1976)
Fauntleroy, Archibald Magill (Jr?, 1875-1937)

Box 23

Foundation – Woodrow Wilson (Correspondence, minutes, reports and other material from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Cary T. Grayson served on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in the 1930s. Correspondents include Hamilton Fish Armstrong, May Ladd Simonson, Agnes F. Heaney, Helen E. Wheeler, Ellen Gowen Hood, Mary Chesley, Abraham H. Sakier, Mrs. Alexander M. Hadden, Alice Burgess, S. V. B. Nichols.

Foundation – Woodrow Wilson Birthplace (Correspondence regarding the purchase of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace from Mary Baldwin College and the incorporation of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation. Correspondents include Michael Kivlighan, Evarts W. Opie, Harry Flood Byrd, Governor George C. Peery, Mrs. Cyrus McCormick (Alice H.), Thomas J. Watson, Floridus Crosby,
John Randolph Bolling.

Box 24


Gaines, Francis Pendleton, author of Lee: The Final Achievement (1865-1870)
Gallagher, Rev. L. J.
Gallinger Municipal Hospital
Garfinkle, Julius
Garlyon, McCleskey
Garnett, Glass, & Grayson (Photograph from Washington News)
Garnett, Thomas H.
Garrett, Mary Amidor (?)
Gattrell, Pete
Gentry, W. A.
Gibbons, Floyd & Isabella
Gibson, Mrs. Charles S.
Giles, George W.
Gill, John A.
Gills, William Armistead
Gilmer, James Blair
Godwin, Bernhard
Gold, P. D., Jr.
Golden, John
Gordon, Albert
Gore, Thomas P.
Gorgas, W. C.
Grant, J. A.
Gray, Dorian (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
Grayson, Ambrose T.
Grayson, Cary T. Jr.
Grayson, Clifford
Grayson, Georgia T.
Grayson, Gordon
Grayson, R. S.
Grayson, William,
Green, Elizabeth H.
Green, S. D.
Green, Thomas E.
Greetings – Holiday Greetings-Samuel G. Blythe, Roy Carruthers, Demachy, Grace and Henry L. Doherty, Ethel, Frank T. Heffelfinger, Fannie and John Hertz, Frank L. Polk, John Rogan, George E. Scott, Stewart, Joseph Widener, Lucille and Warren Wright.
Griffin, Daniel J.
Griffin, Thomas F.
Griffith, Clark C.
Groble, Edwin St. J.
Grosvenor, Gilbert
Grow, E. J.
Gwaltney, L. N.

Garner, John N. (includes correspondence from Ettie R. Garner)
Garnier, Louis
Garrett, Lottie C.
Gary, Hampson
Gibbons, Floyd (includes manuscript for file, “The Great Decision”)
Gills, W. Armistead, Dr.
Glass, Carter, Correspondence dated 1920-1929

Box 25

Glass, Carter, Correspondence dated 1930-1940
Gorgas Memorial Institute
Grasty, Charles H.
Grasty, Joan Clark
Grey (Lord) and Major Charles Kennedy Craufurt-Stuart (includes notes by Mary
Wallach Mitchell on an incident with Craufurt-Stuart)
Gridiron Club

Box 26

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon to Cary T. Grayson 1913 to 1916-04-09

Box 27

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon to Cary T. Grayson 1916-04-12 to 1919-07-09

Box 28

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon to Cary T. Grayson 1919-07-27 to 1936-11-16

Box 29

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters sent to AGG at time of Cary T. Grayson’s death in 1938. Most were written in February, 1938. A-B

Box 30

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, C

Box 31

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, D – F

Box 32

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, G

Box 33

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, H – K

Box 34

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, L – M

Box 35

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, N – R

Box 36Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, S

Box 37

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence letters, T – Z

Box 38

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence calling cards and lists of people who gave flowers and other gifts. A – M

Box 39

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence calling cards and lists of people who gave flowers and other gifts. N – S

Box 40

Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon
Condolence calling cards and lists of people who gave flowers and other gifts. T – Z

Box 41

Grayson, Cary Travers
Congratulatory notes to CTG on his engagement and wedding to AGG. Most letters written between Oct. 1915 and May, 1916. A – L

Box 42

Grayson, Cary Travers
Congratulatory notes to CTG on his engagement and wedding to AGG. M – Z

Box 43

Grayson, Cary Travers
Newspaper clippings about his engagement and wedding, 1915-1916.
Birth of CTG’s sons
Letters requesting to see CTG’s diaries or other articles, 1921 – 1926

Box 44

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1914 – 1915
(Includes log of letters from CTG to AGG and AGG to CTG, 1914-1934 compiled by CTG, Jr.)

Box 45

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1916 – 1917

Box 46

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1918 May to 1918 October

Box 47

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1918 Dec. to 1919 April

Box 48

Photocopies of letters from CTG to AGG (copies made for Arthur Link) 1918-1919

Box 49

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1919 May to 1921 Sept.

Box 50

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1922 – 1924

Box 51

Grayson, Cary Travers to Grayson, Alice Gertrude Gordon 1925 – 1937 and undated

Box 52

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1887 - 1909

Note: Cary T. Grayson kept some of his correspondence in chronological order by date, rather than alphabetical by the last name of the correspondent. It is not entirely clear from his files why he made this distinction, though the Miscellaneous category includes many receipts, invitations, requests for financial help or assistance getting jobs. Correspondents include a number of women who appear to have been girlfriends, including Elsie Aldrich, Katherine Jennings, and Helen Taft, along with other correspondents including Kermit Roosevelt, Harry F. DuPont, Ethel Carow Roosevelt, and Nona McAdoo.

Box 53

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1910 – 1911

Box 54

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1912 – 1913 March

Box 55

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1913 April – 1913 December

Box 56

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1914 January – 1914 December

Box 57

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1915 – 1916

Box 58

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1917 – 1919

Box 59

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1920 – 1938

Box 60

Grayson, Cary Travers, Miscellaneous Correspondence.
Includes a memorandum on possible mosquito breeding places on the White House grounds (9999-08-03), and cartoons and limericks about Charles H. Grasty, William E. Corey, Senator Blair Lee, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., John Skelton Williams, Senator George T. Oliver, and James Speyer

Box 61

Grayson, Cary Travers. Promotion to Rear Admiral, 1917.
Background material includes transcripts, memoranda, and correspondence relating to Grayson’s promotion to Rear Admiral.
Congratulatory messages after promotion was announced, in alphabetical order by correspondent. A – N

Box 62

Grayson, Cary Travers, Promotion to Rear Admiral, 1917.
Congratulatory messages, O – Z.
Newspaper clippings related to Grayson being named Rear Admiral,most dating from Jan. 1917

Box 63

Grayson, Cary Travers. Official Naval Orders, 1903-1933.
White House Orders, 1913-1918.

Box 64

Grayson, Cary Travers. Mayo Clinic, 1933-1934
Letters from family and get well cards and wishes during Grayson’s illness and surgery at Mayo Clinic to remove a kidney tumor.

Box 64A

Grayson, Cary Travers. Mayo Clinic, Jan. & Feb. 1934
Miscellaneous correspondence to CTG while he was recovering from surgery in Mayo Clinic. Includes numerous updates from Gladys Newman, telegram from FDR, letters from well-wishers.

Box 65

H – Miscellaneous

Hackley, J. B. Dr.
Hammond, John Hayes
Hankey, M. P. A.
Hann, Charles, Jr.
Harkin, Anne
Harper & Brothers
Harper’s Weekly
Harriman, Florence J.
Harris, Charles
Harris, F. M.
Harris, George W. (of Harris & Ewing photographers)
Harris, P. C.
Harris, Vaughn (?)
Harrison, Virginius
Hartwell, Harry T.
Hash, V. L.
Hayden, H. B.
Hayes, Ralph
Helm, J. B. (Lieut. Commander)
Henderson, Robert E.
Hennessy, M. E.
Herring, Clyde L.
Hiden, J. G.
Hill, Adele V.
Hines, Frank T.
Hitchcock, Gilbert M.
Hogan, Austin
Hooker, Agnes
Hoover, Herbert
Hoover, N. B.
Horgan, Edmund J.
Housman, Frederick
Houston, Herbert S.
Howe, Mary Carlisle
Howland, S. S.
Hughes, Robert M.
Hughes, Thomas J.
Huidekoper, Frederic L.
Hull, Cordell
Hull, Frances
Hurley, Edward N.
Husted, Helen S. regarding Agnes Hooker Memorial Scholarship Fund (includes biographical information on Agnes Hooker)

Haggard, William D., Dr.
Hallowing Point Club (duck shooting)
Harding, Florence K. (Mrs. Warren G.)
Harris, Henry M.
Harris, Seale

Box 66

Harrison, George L.
Hart, William S.
Harts, W. W., Brig. General
Hazen, Melvin C.
Hill, Edwin C.
Himes, Joseph H.
Hitt, William F. and Katherine
Holmes, Duncan A.
Hoover, Ike
House, Edward M.
Houston, G. David
Howe, Louis McHenry, Col.
Hunt, John Stuart

Box 67

Programs, souvenirs, speeches & other material from various presidential inaugurations, 1905-41

Box 68

Industrial Preparedness
Invitations (includes invitations to White House, diplomatic, and other Washington social functions)

Box 69

Invitations (includes invitations to White House, diplomatic, and other Washington social functions)

Box 70

J – Miscellaneous

Jackson, C. S. (Charles Samuel)
Jackson, Edward N.
Jacobs, Mrs. N.
Jacobs, William J. C.
Jamakorgian, Rainbow (Mrs.)
James, Marquis
James, Ollie M.
James, Pat
Jasper, John
Jay, Delancey K.
Jay, Peter A.
Jeffords, Sarah D. F.
Jeffords, Walter M.
Joel, J. B.
Johnson, Emory R.
Johnson, Wayne
Johnston, Robert
Jolson, Al
Jones, Percy, Col.
Jones, W.
Judd, Spencer
Jusserand, Jean Jules (?)

Jefferson, Thomas
Jones, Jesse

K – Miscellaneous

Kean, Jefferson R., Col.
Keane, Michael
Keeler, Stephen E.
Keene, Carter B.
Kelley, J. Thomas
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Joseph P.
Kennedy, R. M.
Kent, A. Atwater
Kent, Robert Jr.
Keplinger, Maurice
Killian, Tom
King, George H. S.
Knauss, Harrison E.
Knox, Philander C.
Kreuttner, Joseph W.
Krock, Arthur

Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Knapp, H. S.

Box 71

L – Miscellaneous

Ladies Home Journal
Lambert, Wilton
Landis, Mrs. Charles
Langmack, Holger C.
Lanier, Charles D.
Latham, H. S.
Laurence, John S.
Law, P. B.
Lawrence, David
Leach, M. M.
Lebeau, F. A.
LeBraz, Henriette S. P.
Lee, Marguerite du Pont
Lee, Robert E.
Leorat, General
Leonard, William A. (Bishop of Ohio)
Levitan, Solomon
Lewis, Allen
Lewis, James Hamilton
Lindsay, Elizabeth
Lippmann, Walter
Lockley, Fred
Logan, G. C.
Long, John T.
Longstreet, Cleveland
Longstreet, James C.
Loranz, C. P.
Lucas, Albert (see also St. Albans School)
Lumsden, L. L.
Lunsford, Charles I.
Lyceum & Chatauqua Association (correspondence with Louis J. Albert)

Lamont, Thomas W.
Lane, Franklin K.
Lansing, Robert
League of Nations

Box 72

Lejeune, John Archer
Light, Charles P.
Lloyd George, David
Lodge and Moses (Senators Henry Cabot Lodge and George H. Moses)
Long, Breckinridge

Box 73

M – Miscellaenous

Mairesse, Robert
Malcolm, Ian
Malone, Dudley Field
Manchester Guardian
Mandell, George S.
Marlise, Frances L.
Marmon Motor Car. Co.
Marsh, Edward H.
Marshall, Thomas R.
Martin, Herbert M.
Mason, Kate Kearney (Mrs. John G. Mason)
Meakin, Hardie
Meredith, E. T.
Meyer, Alice
Meyer, Eugene Jr.
Migram, Clive
Miller, Mrs. Vernon W.
Moffett, W. A. (Captain)
Monroe, Ida
Moore, R. Walton
Morris, Ira Nelson
Morris, L. Z.
Mulford, Edwin H.
Myer, Sterling
Myers, Jefferson

Martin, Franklin (Colonel)
Mayo Clinic (includes letters from Charles H. Mayo, Edith G. Mayo, William J. Mayo, Sister Mary William, Dr. E. Starr Judd, itinerary for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s visit to Mayo Clinic in 1934)

Box 74

Mc – Miscellaenous

McCarthy, Clem
McCauley, Edward Jr.
McCormack, Arthur T.
McCormick, Cyrus H.
McCully, Newton A.
McIntyre, M. H.
McKellar, Kenneth D. (Senator)
McKenna, Patrick
McKuen, P. E.
McLean, John and Edward
McLean, “Mac”
McLennan, Joseph
MacMillan Publishers
MacNeilly, A. E.
McNeir, Willaim
McQuade, Jerry
McVeigh, Mrs.

Box 74 Continued

McAdoo, William G.
McCormick, Vance
McIntire, Ross T. (Admiral)
McLean, Angus (Dr.)

Medical College of Virginia

Box 75

Memorials, Monuments (to Woodrow Wilson), Proposed
Memorial Addresses for W.W.
Morgenthau, Henry
Mulford, Babbie
Mulford, Edwin H.
Mulford, Kate S.
Murphy, Joseph
Murray, Lawrence O. (“George”)
My Own (correspondence with Herbert Bayard Swope, Major August Belmont, Clark H. Thompson, Norman H. Davis, Earl H. Sande, William Woodward, J. O. Fant, John Stewart Bryan, B. H. Meyer, H. Rozier Dulany, C. J. Fitzgerald, W. P. Burch, E. F. Simms, Dick Ferris, FrankJ. Bryan and others regarding CTG’s race horse, “My Own.”) and newspaper clippings about My Own and other race horses

Box 76

N – Miscellaneous

Nesbit, Harrison
Netherland, Alice
Nevin, John Edwin (Jack)
Nevius, Avon M.
New, Harry S.
Newman, King Smart Inc.
Niles, M. ?
Noble, Robert E. (Brigadier General)
Noell, J. C.
Northcliffe (Alfred Harmsworth)
Northrop, Frank
Norton, J. K. M.
Nottingham, E. J.
Nye, J. M. (Bill)
National Cathedral Foundation
National Geographic Society
Naval Reports to Woodrow Wilson
Navy Mutual Aid Association
Newman, Gladys R. (includes indices compiled by Gladys Newman for Cary T.Grayson, Jr. in 1961-62)

Box 77

O – Miscellaneous

Oak Ridge, Va.
O’Connor, Charles A.
Olibares, E.
Owens, W. D.
Oyster, James F.

Old, Eddie (Captain)
Oxnard, Henry T.

P – Miscellaneous

Page, Arthur W.
Page, Thomas Nelson
Palmer, A. Mitchell
Palmer, Leigh
Parker, Myron M.
Patterson, F. D. (Dr.)
Payne, G. Logan
Peach, R. S.
Perrin, John
Perry, E. S.
Pershing, John J.
Peters, Fred J.
Peterson, J. H.
Pittman, Key
Plummer, William T.
Pollard, J. Garland
Pollard, Robert N.
Porter, Henry A.
Potter, Clarkson
Powderly, Ruth
Pratt, Julius W.
Price, T. M.
Probert, Dick
Procter, F. C.
Public Utilities Commission
Pullman, Raymond W.
Payne, John Barton
Peabody, George Foster
Physicians to Woodrow Wilson, Comments re Diagnosis and Bulletin (includes Edward P. Davis, F. X. Dercum, Charles H. Mayo, and G. E. de Schweinitz)
Poems, including “Grayson and Ruffin and Stitt”
Polk, Frank L.
Portale, Madame

Box 78

Paris Peace Conference

China and Japan
Peace Effort, Expressions re:
Preliminaries 1 & 2 and Covenant
Presidential Party (includes official orders to assign various officers and
enlisted men to the presidential party serving at the Peace
Conference. Many reported directly to Cary T. Grayson)
Press Statements
Russia (reports by William C. Bullitt and Norman Hapgood)
S. S. George Washington
Treaty of Peace with Germany
Versailles Ceremonies

Box 79

Paris Peace Conference
Memorabilia Nov. 1918 – Jan. 3, 1919

Box 80

Paris Peace Conference
Memorabilia Jan. 3, 1919 – Aug. 19, 1919

Box 81

R – Miscellaneous

Rainey, Henry T.
Randolph, Hollins N.
Read, Edgar T.
Read, Semmes
Reed, James A.
Reeder, Charles A.
Reiland, Karl
Reis, Langhorne
Replogle, J. Leonard
Revill, Henry H.
Rhoads, Thomas L.
Richey, Lawrence
Rider, L. W.
Riggs National Bank
Riker, Georgia A.
Ringling, John
Rixey, Earlena E.
Roast to the Kaiser (card from Campbell Art Co., c1917)
Rochester, Edward S.
Rodgers, Alice M.
Rogers, Burton R.
Roosevelt, Theodore (typed copy of letter regarding ride from
Washington, DC to Warrenton and back, Jan. 13, 1909, and ticket
To Roosevelt Reception, June 18, 1910)
Root, Elihu
Roper, Daniel C.
Rowcliff, G. J. (Rear Admiral)
Rubel, L. E.
Russell, Henry
Rutherford, Samuel N.
Ryan, Thomas F.

Real Estate (includes deeds of trust, correspondence, and sales contracts)
Requin, Edouard J. (Colonel) Includes painting by Requin
Riding and Hunt Club of Washington, D.C.
Ritchie, Albert C. (Governor of Maryland)
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Ross, Samuel R.

Box 82

S – Miscellaneous

Sandoz, F. L.
S – Miscellaneous, Continued
Sands, Daniel Cox
Sands, Mrs. D. C.
Saunders, Albert L.
Schmitz, Kathe
Schwartz, Morton L.
Scott, Riley
Sedwick, Ellery
Sellers, D. F. (Rear Admiral)
Sewell, Richard
Shoup, Paul
Sicard, Montgomery H. (M.D.)
Silliman, Blanche G. (Mrs. Charles Herbert)
Simmons, George H.
Simms, E. F.
Sinclair, D. A. (M.D.)
Skinner, J. O. (M.D.)
Slusher, W. C. (M.D.)
Small, Sam W.
Smith, A. S.
Smith, Arthur C.
Smith, Brian W.
Smith, Emily P. (to AGG re appropriation money for purchase of W.W. Birthplace and to Grayson sons thanking them for “show-table” gift to the W.W. Birthplace Foundation)
Smith, J. Morrisset (M.D.)
Sons of the Revolution
Spear, Raymond (Captain)
Spence, Thomas J.
Sprague, Phineas W.
Sproul, William C. (Governor of Pennsylvania)
Spur (Magazine) correspondence from Wilf. P. Pond
St. Albans School (see also Lucas, Albert
St. John’s Church
Stabler, Brooke
Starling, Guy
Stephens, R. Allan
Stewart, John H.
Stiles, Sara
Streett, John Rush
Strine, H. F.
Stringfellow, T.
Sullivan, Mark
Swanson, Elizabeth Lyons
Sweet, George C.
Sweetser, Arthur
Symington, Powers (Captain)
Symington, T. H.
Sze Ching-Chong, Tailor and Outfitter

Sayre, Francis B. (includes letter from Jessie Wilson Sayre)
Seibold, Louis
Shouse, Jouett
Stringer, Harry
Stringfellow, George F.
Swope, Herbert B.

Box 83

T – Miscellaneous

Taft, William Howard
E. Tautz & Sons
Tewksbury, H. J. R.
Thom, Corcoran
Thomas, Earl B.
Thomas, Samuel Bell
Thompson, Estelle Manning-Brewer
Thompson, Frederick L.
Thompson, Huston
Thornton, John S.
Thurber, C. C.
TOC H (Service organization)
Trible, George B.
Trout, Hugh D.
Tumulty, Joseph P.

Box 84

USS Grayson
USS Maryland
USS Mayflower
V - Miscellaneous
Van Goshen, Harvy
Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
Virkus, Frederick Adams
Veterans Administration
Virginia Military Institute

Box 85

W – Miscellaneous

Wadsworth, Martha Blow (Mrs. Herbert)
Wagner, W. H.
Wallace, Hugh C.
Walton, Henry P.
Warren, Charles
Warwick Cancer Institute
Washington, George
Watkins, S. C. G.
Welch, G.P. (?)
Wells, H. W.
Wheeler, Howard
White, Henry
Whitehead, Arthur W. (Captain)
Whitlock, Brand
Wile, Frederic William
Wiley, Louis
Williams, Hattie White
Williams, James T. Jr.
Williams, John Sharp
Wilson, H. B.
Wilson, John A.
Winans, Richard M.
Winfrey, G. Hermon
Wise, John C.
Wise, John Doublas
Woods, Edward A.
Woods, Edward A.
Woods, Hiram (Dr.)
Woodward, Thomas M.
Woolley, Robert W.
World War Historical Corporation

Waggoner, W. T.

Box 86

Wagner, Charles C.
Wartime Industries
Warwick Clinic
Washington and Lee University
Washington Cathedral
Washington Diocese
Washington Loan & Trust

Box 87

Watson, Edwin M. “Pa”
Wheeler, John N.
White House Sheep and Wool

Box 88

Wilson, Edith Bolling

Box 89

Wilson, Edith Bolling
Wilson, Ellen Axson
Wilson, Jessie
Wilson, Joseph R.
Wilson, Margaret

Box 90

Wilson, Woodrow (letters from W.W.)
Wilson, Woodrow - Offers of Aid and Advice during W.W.’s illness, A – H

Box 91

Wilson, Woodrow - Offers of Aid and Advice during W.W.’s illness, I – Z

Box 92

Wilson, Woodrow - Birthplace
Wilson, Woodrow – Condolence letters to Cary T. Grayson at time of W.W.’s death

Box 93

Wilson, Woodrow – Crank letters
Wilson, Woodrow – Death of
Wilson, Woodrow – Health Records
Wilson, Woodrow – Itineraries
Wilson, Woodrow – Miscellaneous Wilson Requests
Wilson, Woodrow – Philosophy of
Wilson, Woodrow – Plots against
Wilson, Woodrow – Protection

Box 94

Wilson, Woodrow – Published accounts of
Wilson, Woodrow – Tributes

Box 95

Wood, Waddy B.
Woodrow Wilson Foundation
World War I Weapons
Yancey, James P.


Box 1

1905 Date book with few diary entries and many addresses.
1906 Date book with addresses; no diary entries
1910 Physician’s Year Book with notes in CTG’s hand of appointments, luncheons, etc.
1911 Brown, leather-bound diary with some diary entries and many names and addresses.
1912 Date book including diary entries and addresses
1913 Small red, leather-bound date book with diary notes
1913-1920 Various typed diary entries and notes by CTG, beginning with WW’s inauguration
1913-08-13 Diary entry describing W.W.’s day and favorable news about the Mexican situation typed on paper from Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department
1913-08-14 Diary entry about Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo’s attack of neuritis and W.W’s day
1913-08-18 Diary entry about the Mexican situation. Mentions W.W’s “high frequency treatment.”
1914-09-17 Penciled note in CTG’s hand about who was present at dinner.
“P. in good ____ spirits – best since Aug. 6…”
1915 Leather book inscribed with CTG’s name from Temple-Noyes Lodge No. 32. Includes brief diary entries for January, March, and December.
1915-06-28 to 07-11 Diary of W.W.’s trip to Cornish, N.H. in CTG’s hand
1915-08-28, 1915-08-30, 1915-09-01 Series of handwritten notes in CTG’s hand about WW’s views on college, indignation about papers alleging break between W.W. and Col. House, and Germany making amends for sinking of Lusitania
1915(?) Handwritten notes, telephone numbers, directions, quotes, in CTG’s hand (in small, bound book)
[1918] Bound book labeled “Engagements, Addresses,” with sections for Paris, France & A.E.F., England, Italy. Includes some brief notes about engagements, names, and addresses.

Box 2

1919-Jan. Photocopy of notes by CTG on a conversation with Melville Stone, describing W.W.’s response to the sinking of the Lusitania
1919-01-04 Typescript of CTG diary entry describing W.W.’s meeting with the Pope at the Vatican
1919-01-01 to 03-25 Leather-bound diary of trip to Italy and Paris for Peace Conference, in CTG’s hand
1918-12-03 to 1919-03-04 Typed diary entries with much more detail than the handwritten, bound diary
1918-12-17 to 1919-02-08 Loose-leaf notebook with handwritten diary entries
1918-Dec. to 1919-March Transcripts of several speeches given by W.W. in England and France
1919-01-01 to 02-24 Typed diary entries in folder on which is written: “These single pages have all been checked against the “original copy: - first trip. All are included: These are, therefore, duplicates.”
[c.1919-01-17] Grayson’s note on W.W.’s joke (handwritten)
[1919-01-03 to 06?] CTG’s handwritten notes, perhaps of WW’s remarks in Italy (?)
1919-03-04 to 07-09 Two folders of detailed, typed diary entries
[1919?] A first-person typed manuscript describing aspects of W.W’s visit to Europe for the Paris Peace Conference, author unknown
1919-09-03 to 09-28 Typed diary of the Western trip
[1919?] – 09-03 Single entry in small leather-bound book in CTG’s hand
[1919-09-17 or 18] Note in CTG’s hand, a quote from W.W. in San Francisco,”If I didn’t believe in God I’d not find an outlet.”
[1919]-10-02 and 03 Notes in CTG’s hand: “Oct. 2 This – enema will help the medicine to act. “I want something to help me.” Oct. 3 – Saturday temperature is normal but he says my temper is not.”
1919-10-29 Notes in CTG’s hand
1919-12-02 Notes in CTG’s hand: “J.P.T. concerning the treaty – what do you intend about a message – “Let them speculate” It will do them good.
1919-12-20 Notes in CTG’s hand: B.M.B. after Tom Lamont(?) interview “He is everything that they say he is not.”
[1919?]-99-99 CTG note on W.W.’s condition: “The President shows signs ofcontinued improvement, but his condition is such as to necessitate his remaining in bed for an extended period.”
[1919?]-99-99 CTG note on W.W.’s condition: “The President has passed a more encouraging day. The improvement is slight but not decisive.
[1919?]-99-99 CTG note on W.W.’s condition: “The President’s condition remains much the same as for the past several days…”
[1919?]-99-99 CTG note: In Paris – after dinner – going down stairs…
[1919?]-99-99 CTG note: “I never heard finer ideas more nobly expressed. Orlando…
[1919?]-99-99 CTG note.

Box 3

1920-02-14 CTG note: “In answer to question sent by Secy D. about detaching Admiral Sims from Naval War College…”
1920-02-24 CTG note: “Newspaper articles like painting a fine portrait…”
1920 -03-20 – 06-22 Diary in CTG’s hand in small looseleaf notebook
1920-04-24 CTG note.
1920-07-01 to 07-18 Diary entries in CTG’s hand in lined bound book
1920-12-13 CTG note.
1920-08-05 to 09-20 Check book stubs listing who check was written to and what it was for.
1922-12-99 Typed notes with handwritten additions about W.W. burning a package of out-of-date papers he had brought from the White House.
[1923-11-19] CTG note including scrap of limerick and W.W. on Carter Glass
1923-12-06 CTG note on Coolidge’s stand on the League of Nations and Army bonus.
[1924-02-02?] CTG note on W.W.’s condition
1924-Spring Typed article by CTG called “Crusaders” written after W.W.’s death.
1927 Small bound diary in CTG’s hand with notes on horses.
1937 Small bound diary/datebook with a few scattered entries in CTG’s hand
1937? Pocket notebook with names and addresses in CTG’s hand
1938-1939 Pages from Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. phone book with important phone numbers in pencil
1938-1957 Various correspondence relative to Grayson diaries with Charles C. Wagner, White House stenographer, memo by F.C.B. on whether the diary had any value to CTG’s estate, and a memo about a conversation with Bernard Baruch on Sept. 17, 1957 about giving him access to the diary.
1964-11-16 Cary T. Grayson, Jr. to Arthur S. Link regarding the Axson-Grayson memoir, and a list of chapters that might be included in a book using that material if one is contemplated

There are several additional folders of undated notes, some in CTG’s hand, along with CTG’s shorthand diaries

Box 4

Copies of CTG typed diaries for June 28, 1915 – July 11, 1915; Dec. 3, 1918 – March 4, 1919; March 4, 1919 – April 28, 1919; April 29, 1919 – July 9, 1919; Sept. 3, 1919 – Sept. 28, 1919.

Box 5

Copy of CTG’s typed diaries (De. 3, 1918 - June 5, 1919) used by Arthur S. Link, with editorial notes and marks presumably made by Link. A number of the diary pages were marked by a metal paper clip for unknown reasons. Those paper clips have been removed for preservation purposes.
Photocopies of correspondence, diary entries and other material from the Grayson collection given to Arthur S. Link. Folder contains copies of later correspondence (June 12, 1990) between James F. Toole, MD and Arthur S. Link on the subject of W.W.’s Oct. 1919 stroke.

Box 6

Calendars, 1928-1937, showing appointments, meetings, luncheons, for Mrs. Grayson and Cary T. Grayson


Box 1

Account books (including check record books and ledgers), 1903-1920 Oct.

Box 2

Account books (including check record books and ledgers), 1920 – 1922

Box 3

Account books (including check record books and ledgers), 1923 Jan. – 1926

Box 4

Account books (including check record books and ledgers), 1926 Jan. – 1930 and undated

Box 5

Bank statements, 1905 – 1927

Box 6

Bank statements, 1928 – 1946

Box 7

Bills received and paid, 1913 – 1936 and undated

Box 8

Cancelled checks, 1904 – 1920

Box 9

Cancelled checks, 1921 – 1923

Box 10

Cancelled checks, 1923 – 1924

Box 11

Cancelled checks, 1925

Box 12

Cancelled checks, 1926 – 1927

Box 13

Cancelled checks, 1927 – 1928

Box 14

Cancelled checks, 1928 – 1931

Box 15

Cancelled checks, 1931 – 1934; Charleston Hardware Co. material, 1915 – 1949

Box 16

Deposit slips, 1915 – 1933

Box 17

Financial correspondence, 1913 – 1950 (mainly with National Savings & Trust)

Box 18

Flournoy Family cancelled checks, deposits, and statements (note: Pat Flournoy was Mrs. Grayson’s first cousin, appointed in 1913 as a trustee with oversight in her financial affairs, a position he held until his resignation in 1937); Insurance records, arranged alphabetically by the name of the insurance company

Box 19

Miscellaneous financial papers; Murray, Lawrence O., cancelled checks and check register (note: Lawrence O. Murray (1864-1926) was U.S. Comptroller of the Currency from 1908 – 1913. He later served as President of the United States Trust Company in Washington, DC and also served in a financial and banking capacity for the U.S. Army and the American Red Cross before his death in 1926. There is no indication why some of his financial papers are in the Grayson Collection; perhaps the Grayson’s helped with his financial affairs in his final illness?)

Box 20

Stock records, 1917 – 1934, including statements and certificates

Box 21

Tax records, 1914 – 1934, including federal and Virginia state income tax returns, real estate tax notices, personal tax appraisals, and taxes due to the District of Columbia

Box 22

Tax records, 1935 - 1955


Box 1

Miscellaneous Articles

1915-07-20 New York Herald, Photocopy of “President Wilson, in Lighter Moods, Shows Benefits of His Vacation”
1917-11-99 Ladies’ Home Journal, “How Does He Stand It?” What Everybody is Asking about the President: by David Lawrence
1919-12-24 The New Republic, “When the Big Four Met,” by Maynard Keynes
1920-05/06 The Commonwealther, “With President Wilson at Home and Abroad, (Part II) The First European Trip,” by Gilbert F. Close
[1921-01-17] The Round Table, London, Contemporary Opinion – The Passing of Woodrow Wilson. Comments on WW leaving White House.
1922-10-21 Collier’s, The National Weekly, “My Neighbor Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Account and Interpretation of the Ex-President’s Life as a Private Citizen,” by J. W. Rixey Smith
1926-03-27 to 1926-05-22 The Dearborn Independent, nine part series by Huston Thompson on Woodrow Wilson
1926-04-04 The Washington Herald, “Diary of W.W.’s War Cabinet,” by David F. Houston
1926-12-99 The American Legion Monthly, “Wilson: Master Strategist,” by Josephus Daniels
1928-12-28 New York Herald Tribune, “A Premier of Determination,” by Count Carlo Sforza about French Prime Minister Poincare
1930-08 and 09 Hearst’s International-Cosmopolitan, “The Private Letters of the Wilson’s Social Secretary, Edith Benham Helm
1931-01-99 The Angier Idea, “Being Physician to the President of the United States”
1931-03-09 Time Magazine, Education section, “Yale Into Eleven,” article about WW’s reorganization of Princeton and the decision of Yale to do the same
1932-02-20 to 1932-03-26 Liberty Magazine, “When a Woman Was President of the United States,” a four part series by George Sylvester Viereck
1935-02 The Commonwealth, “Citations – Virginians in the Public Eye,” includes photo of CTG and summary of his life and accomplishments
1938-12-17 and 1938-12-24 The Saturday Evening Post, “As I Saw It,” by Edith Bolling Wilson
1940-07-12 The United States News, “Keeping Billions from the Nazis,” about impounding cash and securities, with picture of George L Harrison
1957 Booklet, “The Story of Woodrow Wilson,” by David Loth, published by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation
1957-1958 Articles on presidential disability and the role of the Vice President from various newspapers and U.S. News & World Reports
1958-02-08 The Saturday Review, “A Doctrine of New Weaponry,” by August Heckscher, A review of Henry Kissinger’s book, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
1958-02-08 The Saturday Review, “The Laughing Lincoln,” by Richard Hanser, and “Beyond the Slavery Question, by Bruce Catton
1958-02-19 New York Herald Tribune? Book review by Maurice Dolbier of Woodrow Wilson, by Arthur Walworth
1958-03-13 Congressional Record, “Presidential Inability,” by Dr. Ruth C. Silva (reprint)
1960? Book review by Elting E. Morison of The Good Years: From 1900 to the First World War, by Walter Lord (article is incomplete)
1960-06-19 New York Times Book Review, Arthur Link reviewing Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Memoir, by Cary T. Grayson and 1960-06-18, Saturday Review, August Heckscher reviewing Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Memoir, by CTG (photocopy).
1963-08-03 Saturday Review, “How the President Makes a Decision, Pt. II, The Olive Branch or the Arrows,” by Theodore C. Sorensen
1964-03-16 National Observer, Review by James R. Dickenson of When the Cheering Stopped, by Gene Smith (photocopy)
1964-03 New York Times Sunday Book Review, Review by Arthur S. Link of When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson, by Gene Smith.
1970-09 Journal of American History, “Woodrow Wilson’s Neurological Illness,” by Edwin A. Weinstein.
1980-02-27 Horizon, “Hartman House – Sidwell’s Famous House Endures After 150 Years,” by Peter Hutt (about house previously owned by CTG, known as Highlands.
1984-11/12 Mississippi Magazine, “Mississippi’s Christmas White House,” by Forrest Lamar Cooper, accompanied by letter from Paul D. Sanders to “Darden”
1989-08-27 Washington Post, “Our Ailing Care of World Leaders,” by Grace-Marie Arnett, Questioning CTG’s care of WW
1994 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, “Dr. Grayson’s Predicament,” by Arthur S. Link, (photocopy, with handwritten note by Link to CTG Jr.)
1996-10 The Washington Golf Monthly, “Alas, No Cure for Bad Golf,” by Eric Yoder, about WW’s golf game

Box 2

Miscellaneous Calling Cards, Forms, and Stationery

Undated Blank luggage tag: “Trip of the President to _____”
Undated Blank prescription forms, Medical Department, U.S. Navy
Undated Calling cards of Cary T. Grayson and Mrs. Grayson (4 folders)
Undated Calling cards of many notable figures
Undated Stationery: Highlands, Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC
Undated Stationery: Palais de Bruxelles
Undated Stationery: White House (2 folders)
Undated Unused (unsigned) anniversary congratulations card

Box 3

Miscellaneous Horse Racing Material (Correspondence, Newspaper clippings, Postcards, Racing forms, etc.)

1921-12-18 Hartford Race Horse policies (2 policies for different horses)
1921-1937 Correspondence related to horse-racing and horse breeding (2 folders)
1925 Yearling sale, 1925 (photocopies of articles, correspondence, etc.)
[1930] Newspaper clippings from various newspapers on the death of Samuel Ross and sales of yearling horses
1938-05-06 Certificate to Mrs. Cary T. Grayson. “The undersigned, loyal and devoted friends of Admiral Grayson, had the honor and pleasure of presenting “The Admiral Grayson Memorial at the Washington Horse Show, May 6th, 1938.”
1989-11-03 The Thorough-bred Horse, Democrat (Facsimile of a broadside printed in Richmond, VA in 1797, from the Marion DuPont Scott collection at the UVA Library. 100 copies made, this is 41)
1989-1992 Blue Ridge Farm Newsletters
1992-1995 Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, Inc. Annual reports.
1997-09 Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred: Photocopy of article, “Adm. Cary T. Grayson: Racing’s Renaissance Man.” Includes history of Grayson family and Blue Ridge Farm
Undated Miscellaneous horse-racing related items
Undated Newspaper clippings (3 folders)
Undated Postcards related to horses and horse racing

Box 4

Miscellaneous Stories, Jokes, and Undated Notes Collected by Cary T. Grayson)

[1923] Toasts Prepared by James Madison for the 4th July, 1798. Collection of 14 toasts framed in leather. The back is engraved with gold letters “Woodrow Wilson President of the United States From His Admirer, Stan V. Henkels.
Undated Stories, jokes, and poetry collected by CTG, who was known for being a superb storyteller. Some of these were sent to him by other people, with attached letters. (2 folders)
Undated Miscellaneous stories, poems, and articles all told in African-American dialect, collected by CTG
Undated Handwritten, undated notes by CTG – some are quotes, some are bits of stories

Box 5
Miscellaneous files, some from before CTG’s time, many from after his death.

1864-04-28 Pass for Dr. I. C. Grayson from Provost Marshall’s office, signed by J. W. Minor
1865-04-15 Reproduction of pages 1 and 8 of the New York Herald, the Extra Edition announcing Lincoln’s assassination, from the original newspaper at the Library of Congress
1885-08-08 Ulysses S. Grant – Official program for the memorial services held for Grant in New York City
1912-06-25 Guest ticket for 1912 Democratic National Convention in Baltimore
1919-04-24 Typed account of what Mr. Brenting said to Mr. Crane “after reading the President’s statement.”
1923-02-20 Deed between Luther A. Swartzell and his wife, Rachel C. Swartzell, and CTG, giving CTG land at the northwest corner of 37th and Quebec Sts, N.W., in the subdivision known as Richmond Park, for $100.00
1927 Pamphlet: “Street Cries of an Old Southern City,” by Harriette Kershaw Leiding
1929-02-19 Claude G. Bowers, Congressional Record publishing address on Lincoln and Douglas delivered at annual meeting in Springfield, IL, Feb. 12, 1929.
[11923] Cary T. Grayson’s District of Columbia driver’s license, expires 12-6-1935.
1933-09-25 Washington Baseball Club, Program for dinner in honor of the club, and the seating list
1936, March & April Correspondence, blue prints, pamphlets, and other material regarding trap shooting at Blue Ridge Farm
[1936-38]? List of concerns or issues by country: England, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico (Could be a Red Cross information sheet?)
1938 S.M. Johnson, Copy of a paper titled, “A Boulevard-Parkway Connecting Washington and the Shenandoah National Park” – presentation highlighting work to build highway from Nation’s Capital to West. Also includes pamphlet from AAA, “A Southern Approach to the Arlington Memorial Bridge, includes The Smith-Swanson Bill for the Memorial Bridge Approach, H.R. 7363: S.2933.
1960-06-22 Arthur Sweetser to Philip J. Noel-Baker, Inscription in CTG’s book given to the 1959 Nobel Peace Prize winner
1962-02-09 John F. Kennedy to CTG Jr. “Thank you for sending me a copy of your father’s memoir of President Wilson…” Mentions the “pleasant meeting we had this week,” when Graysons gave W.W.’s typewriter to the White House
1969-04-29 Hubert H. Humphrey to CTG Jr. on behalf of the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, asking for his comments on issues the Center might address and hoping they can consult with him in the future.
1973-Oct. Impeachment: Selected material. 718 page book from the Judiciary Committee on the Impeachment of Richard Nixon
1974-02-03 Woodrow Wilson and the Moving Picture: Commemorative program from “Films of the Wilson Era” at the National Archives Theater.
1981-01-15 Invitation from President and Mrs. Carter to White House reception – presumably to Gordon or CTG Jr.
1989-Jan. The White House: The Ronald W. Reagan Administration, 1981-1989, Washington, DC: Office of the Chief Usher, 1989. Book containing reference to Wilson’s Typewriter, with note from Chief White House Usher, Rex Scouten
1989-01-19 Ronald Reagan to the Graysons, expressing gratitude “for your generous gift to the White House, and thus to the people of the United States, of President Wilson’s Hammond typewriter.”
1990-07-10 Gordon Grayson to Phyllis Lee Levin responding to questions about family posed in letter sent to CTG, Jr. (Additional letters from Phyllis Lee Levin onAug. 19 and Dec. 19
2008-01-31 Pictures and correspondence related to Margaret Martin, governess to CTG’s children, whose family CTG visited in Carlisle, England in Dec. 1918
Undated Brief stories or life sketches of presidents William McKinley, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Warrden G. Harding, Grover Cleveland, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln
Undated Signal Corps Photo Index
Undated Priscilla Grayson correspondence and other material relating to Signal Corps photos in the Grayson Collection
Undated Place-card for CTG, engraved with presidential seal.
Undated Two gifts cards, one signed “Trudie,” the other, “Merry Christmas to the Admiral, with love from your family”
Undated Photocopy of political cartoon about catching measles from the Graysons
Undated Shorthand notes in pencil, one on White House stationery (could be Wilson, could be Grayson)
Undated Various Grayson family lists – household furnishings, luncheon attendees, “to-do items, horse farm plans, etc.”
Undated Course syllabus on American history, 1830-1860s (pages missing)
Undated Ship’s Service Store, U.S. Naval Hospital, Washington, DC. Charge card for CTG, signed by F. R. Bord, and purchasing directory.
Undated List of names in CTG’s handwriting

Miscellaneous Oversized Material (Housed in the Stack Room map case)

Poster Ministere de L’Armement. “Avec votre ferraille nous forgerons l’acier victorieux…” (With your scrap, we will forge victorious steel. For more information, contact railway stations, chambers of commerce, and town halls) (oversized)

1914-11-99 Painting by E. Réquin captioned “Premier bombardement d’Ypres, Nov. 1914”(oversized) [Note that there is correspondence between E. Réquin and the Graysons in the Correspondence-R box. E. Réquin may be Edouard-Jean Réquin (1879-1953)]

[1926 or 27?] Artwork. Cockatoo and Pomegranate by Japanese artist Shoson Ohara (1877-1945) (oversized)

1933-07-12 Blueprints of Blue Ridge Farm by Waddy B. Wood, Architect. (Note: See other material on Blue Ridge Farm in the collection of Alice Gertrude Grayson)

[1934]-01-30 President’s Birthday Ball (F.D.R.) poster, “Tickets for sale here for the President’s Birthday Ball, January 30th, $2.50 per person. Tickets good for one or all of the following hotels: Hamilton, Raleigh, Wardman Park,
Mayflower, Shoreham, Washington, Willard (oversized)

[1940-01-01] Poster …Lui aussi a tout quitté…faites qu’il ait sa part de votre Generosite. Addressez vos dons en especes ou en nature auz Amitiés Africaines, association reconnue d’utilité publique… (Picture of North African soldier) (oversized)


Box 1 1899 – 1918
Box 2 1919 – June, 1921
Box 3 July, 1921 – Dec. 1921
Box 4 1922 – 1926
Box 5 1927 – 1930
Box 6 1931 – 1932
Box 7 1933 – June, 1934
Box 8 July, 1934 – June, 1935
Box 9 July, 1935 – 1938
Box 10 1939 – 1999 & Undated

Newspaper Clippings (English language clippings on European Trip and Paris Peace Conference)
Box 11 Dec. 14, 1918 – Dec. 28, 1918
Box 12 Dec. 29, 1918 – Jan. 10, 1919
Box 13 Jan. 11, 1919 – Feb. 12, 1919

Newspaper Clippings (French language clippings on European Trip and Paris Peace Conference)
Box 14 Dec. 14, 1918 – Jan. 11, 1919
Box 15 Jan. 12, 1919 – Jan. 24, 1919
Box 16 Jan. 25, 1919 – Feb. 13, 1919

Newspaper Clippings (Italian language clippings on European Trip and Paris Peace Conference)
Box 17 Jan. 2, 1919 – Jan. 12, 1919

Full newspaper pages or entire issues

Box 1

The New York Herald – European Edition, Sat. Dec. 14, 1918 – Wed. Feb. 12, 1919 (missing Dec. 16 – 22; Jan. 7 – 9; Jan. 15, Jan. 19, Jan. 21 – Feb. 10)

Chicago Tribune – Army Edition, Sat. Dec. 14, 1918 – Tues. Dec. 24, 1918 (missing Dec. 19 – 21)

Box 2

Daily Mail – American Edition, Sun. Dec. 22, 1918 – Mon. Jan. 20, 1919 (missing Dec. 23, Dec. 30)

Box 3

Daily Mail – Continental Edition, Sun. Dec. 15, 1918 – Fri. Feb. 14, 1919 (missing Dec. 16 – 24; Jan. 21 – Feb. 10; Feb. 12 – 13)

Box 4

Friday, Dec. 27, 1918, Miscellaneous Newspapers

The Carlisle Journal, p. 5, “President Wilson’s Visit”
Belfast Telegraph, p. 5, “Premier and President: Mr. Wilson’s Busy Day at the Palace”
Daily Express, cover, “Wonderful Welcome to President Wilson”
Daily Chronicle, cover, “President Wilson’s Memorable Welcome in London.” “Mr. Wilson’s Drive with the King.”
Evening Standard, cover, “Wilson Goes to Downing Street
Daily Sketch, cover, “Welcome to Wilson”
The Daily Mirror, cover, “Londoners’ Great Greeting to Mr. Wilson.”
The Daily Mail, back cover, “President Wilson’s Arrival in London Yesterday”
The Daily Times, p. 5, “American Shipbuilding: Potent Instrument of Mr. Wilson’s Policy;” p. 6, “President Wilson’s Reception;” p. 7, “Mr. Wilson in London.”
The Daily Telegraph, p. 7, “London Welcomes Wilson with Stirring Scenes at Buckingham Palace”

Box 5

Saturday, Dec. 28, 1918, Miscellaneous Newspapers

The Globe, p. 6, “Wilson in the City”
The Evening News, cover, “President Wilson’s Speech in the City”
Daily Express, cover, “State Banquet to the American President”
Cumberland News, p. 7, “Wilson to Visit Carlisle”
The Freeman’s Journal, p. 3, “Wilson Meets Premier and Mr. Balfour”
“The Morning Post, p. 5, “President at the Palace.”
The Irish Times, p. 5, “President Wilson Honored…at Buckingham Palace”
The Daily Mail, back cover, “The President: Eight Studies in Expression. His Visit to Downing Street”
The Daily Telegraph, p. 7, “Wilson Gives Speech at Guildhall,” Tribute from King and Wilson’s Reply (2 copies)
The Times, p. 7, “Mr. Wilson: State Banquet,” “The President at Work: British Case and the 14 Points” (2 copies)
Evening Standard, p. 5, “City’s Great Welcome to Mr. Wilson”
The Daily Sketch, cover, “President Wilson at Downing Street (2 copies)
The Pall Mall Gazette, p. 5, “The President’s Great Day in the City: Dr. Wilson on the Final Enterprise for Humanity”

Sunday, Dec. 29, 1918, Miscellaneous Newspapers

Sunday Herald, p. 8-9, “A Right Royal Birthday for the U.S. President in the Empire’s Capital;” back cover, “Wilson’s Cavalcade.”
The People, cover, “President Wilson in the City: The Lesson of His Welcome by the British Public”
Lloyd’s Sunday News, p. 5, “Mr. Wilson’s Great Birthday Reception in London”
News of the World, cover, “President in the City”
Weekly Dispatch, cover, “The President at the Guildhall”
The Referee, cover, “Wilson in the City: The President and Labour”
Sunday Express, cover, “Spectre of Famine: Mr. Wilson’s Plan to Feed Central Europe”
The Observer, cover, “Mr. Wilson in the City: The Welcome of London”
Sunday Times, p. 3, “President Wilson and the American Navy;” p. 9, “President Wilson’s Declaration”

Box 6

Monday, Dec. 30, 1918, Miscellaneous Newspapers

The Daily Graphic, p. 6, “President Wilson in the City”
The Daily Mirror, back cover, “The City of London Greets the President of the United States
Daily Chronicle, p. 7, “London’s Great Tribute to Mr. Wilson on his Birthday”
Daily News, cover, “President’s Hustle: Journey to Carlisle Follows a Great London Welcome”
Daily Express, p. 5, “The President’s Visit to the North: Chapel Address in his Mother’s Birthplace”
The Manchester Guardian, p. 7, “Peace Conference Warning: The Many Attempts to Seize Terrorists”
The Morning Post, p. 7, “President’s Birthday: Presentation of an Address”
The Daily Telegraph, p. 9, “President Wilson at His Mother’s Birthplace;” “President’s Speech at the Guildhall”
The Times, p. 3, “Mr. Wilson in the City: Reply to Civic Address;” p. 4, “President Wilson at Carlisle;” p. 9, “Mr. Wilson: City’s Welcome”
Daily Sketch, cover, “President Wilson’s Visit to the North
The Irish Times, p. 4, “President Wilson’s Busy Days”
The Freeman’s Journal, p. 3, “The League of Nations: Speech of President Wilson in London”
Liverpool Post and Mercury, p. 5, “President Wilson in the North”
The Scotsman, p. 5, “Key to Peace: President Wilson on the League of Nations”
Daily Mail, p. 5, “Mr. Wilson and the League of Nations: Allies in Full Agreement” (7 copies)
Daily Dispatch, back cover, “President Wilson in the North: Election Scenes” (2 copies)
The Manchester Guardian City Edition, p. 5-7, “President Wilson in Manchester”

Box 7

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1918, Miscellaneous Newspapers

The Times, p. 9, “President on Peace: Need of World Unity”
Daily Sketch, cover, “The North’s Welcome to President Wilson”
Daily Express, p. 5, “A Stirring Last Day: Manchester’s Great Ovation to the President”
Daily News, cover, “Balance of Power Again: Clemenceau States Where He Differs from Mr. Wilson”
Daily Chronicle, cover, “British to Maintain Sea Power;” “Clemenceau in Agreement with Wilson;” “Mr. Wilson’s Farewell”
The Morning Post, p. 5, “Clemenceau: Vigorous Peace Policy;” “President Wilson: What America Will Not Do”
The Daily Mail, p. 5, “Mr. Wilson’s Thrill;” back cover, “President Wilson at Manchester”
The Daily Telegraph, p. 7, “President Wilson at Manchester: Friendship of Nations;” p. 8, “President Wilson on the Ship Canal”
The Daily Graphic, cover, “Wilson Shakes Hands with Thomas Watson;” p. 5, “Wilson’s Statement of Freedom of the Seas;” p. 6-7, “President Wilson in the North”
The Daily Mirror, cover, “President Wilson Presented with the Freedom of the Manchester City in the Free Trade Hall;” back cover, “President Wilson’s Visit to His Mother’s Home City”
The Scotsman, p. 3, “Mr. Wilson Offered University Presidency;” p. 4 “The New Age: President Wilson on the Coming Settlement”
The Freeman’s Journal, p. 3, “French Premier Against a League of All Nations”
Liverpool Post & Mercury, p. 5, “Mr. Wilson in Manchester: President in Getting Together” (2 copies)

Box 8

Oct. 12, 1918, Miscellaneous Newspapers

Evening Sun, “Berlin’s Answer Due Tomorrow”
Evening Telegram, “Lille Area in Flames; Germany’s Reply Now on Way to U.S.”
Evening Journal, “President Leading Loan Parade”

Oct. 13, 1918
New York Tribune, “Germany Accepts U.S. Terms”

Jan. 3 – 19, 1919, Italian newspapers with coverage of Woodrow Wilson’s Trip to Italy

Aug. 1, 1919 – 1922, Various newspapers with Wilson-related articles

Feb. 22 – 25, 1922, Articles on Four-Power Treaty

Box 9

March 30-31, 1916, Various newspapers announcing engagement of Dr. Cary T. Grayson and Alice Gertrude Gordon

March 9, 1915, Evening Sun, “U.S. Warships Ordered to Vera Cruz”

June 1, 1915, Richmond Times Dispatch, “Wilson Determined to Impress Germany With His Purposes”

1913-1918, Miscellaneous full-page newspaper articles on Wilson

May 16, 1914, Saturday Evening Mail, “Secretary McAdoo Weds Miss Wilson;” Picture of CTG as Best Man
March 5, 1898, The Nassau Guardian (Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas)
Aug. 28, 1938, Washington Herald Times, Photograph of Gordon, Cary Jr., and William Grayson at Warrenton Horse Show.

Box 10

The Bell Syndicate, Inc. Pamphlet: “Admiral Grayson on Exercise, Diet &Health”
Feb. 24, 1935, New York Times Magazine, p. 4, “Admiral Grayson Looks Back and Ahead”
Sept. 24, 1931, The Virginia Star
May 11, 1930, The Washington Herald, cover, “Admiral Grayson: Prescribing Golf for American Presidents”
Nov. 24, 1929, The Washington Herald, p. 11, “Wilson’s Physician Tells of Many Medical Talks with Former Premier (David Lloyd-George) on His Longevity”
May 22, 1927, Eastern Racing Number of the Morning Telegraph, cover, “Belmont Stakes Crowning 1927 Event”
Sept. 9, 1925, The Sporting Chronicle, p. 3, “St. Leger Day, Leading Horses and Personalities”
April 27, 1925, The Morning Telegraph, cover, “Admiral Grayson’s Colt Has Fifteen Pounds’ Advantage Over Mrs. Vanderbilt’s Star”
Oct. 14, 1922, The Thoroughbred Record, cover,
Jan. 18, 1917, The Evening Star, cover, “Dr. Grayson to be Medical Director”
Jan. 18, 1917, The Washington Times, cover, “Grayson Made Rear Admiral”
Nov. 11, 1914, The Richmond Virginian, cover, “Old Time Doctor Grayson’s Subject:
Nov. 11, 1914, The Times-Dispatch, cover, “Prevention Most Important Part of New Medicine – President’s Physician Speaks”
Nov. 10, 1914, The News Leader, p. 5, Picture of CTG with articles on physicans


January 1913, Cosmopolitan Magazine, vol. LIV, no. 2.
March [1914?], Hearst’s Magazine, vol. 25, no. 3.
August 1915, Current Opinion, vol LIX, no. 2. Many articles devoted to WWI.
7 August 1915, The Saturday Evening Post, vol. 188, no. 6, includes “The Hohenzollerns at Home” by an Ex-Lady of the German Court, and “Paris in Half-Mourning” by Anne E. Tomlinson.
October 1915, The American Magazine, includes “Why I Shall Vote ‘Yes’” by Ray Stannard Baker (article on women’s suffrage).
October 1915, Metropolitan, vol. XLII, no. 6, includes “International Duty and Hyphenated Americanism” by Theodore Roosevelt and “At the Serbian Front” by John Reed.
9 Sept. 1916, Colliers: The National Weekly, vol. 57, no. 26, containing Woodrow Wilson’s address at Hodgenville, Kentucky, Sept. 4, 1916.
December 1916, Bulletin: Surveyors Customs Welfare Association, vol. 1, no. 4, with picture of Woodrow Wilson on the cover.
16 August 1919, The Saturday Evening Post, vol. 192, no. 7, including “The Peace and President Wilson,” by William Allen White.
September 1930, Scribner’s Magazine, vol. LXXXVIII, no 3., includes “The Woman Movement: After One Hundred Years” by Gerald Carson.
January [1931?] Ballyhoo.
December [1931?] Ballyhoo.
20 February 1932, Liberty Magazine, with feature article, “When a Woman Was President of the United States,” about Edith Bolling Wilson, by George Sylvester Viereck.
November 1934, The African World, with feature on General J. C. Smuts.
October 1935, Turf and Sport Digest, “The Admiral of Sportsmanship” by Newton Tell; article about Cary T. Grayson cut from a magazine and pasted on the pages of a blank book.
31 January 1940, Bulletin des Armees d’Outre-Mer, magazine primarily in French, serving Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.
February 1956, The Library of Congress Quarterly Journal of Current Acquisitions, vol. 13, No. 2, including “Woodrow Wilson in His Own Time” by Katharine E. Brand:
Catalog of the Woodrow Wilson Centennial Exhibit.
October 1964, American Heritage, vol. XV, no. 6, including “The Colonel’s Folly and the President’s Distress,” by Adm. Cary T. Grayson.
December, [?] Natale Capodanno Numero, (in Italian).

Bio In Sound – Wilson, on the NBC Orthacoustic Instantaneous label. No. 506212. Eight parts (on eight sides). 1956 October 2.
Patty Cavin Interview, William & Carey Grayson (i.e. Cary T. Grayson, Jr.), on the NBC Reference Recording Instantaneous label. One side only. Sept. 30, 1960. Label reads, “This recording is not to be used for broadcast purposes or for public performance for profit.”
George L. Harrison, Ruth Draper and Orchestra. Red Cross Appeal. Station: WARC. November 10. 1936. No. 1-6.
Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson. Plans for the Inaugural. Station: WARC. No. 1 and unnumbered copy. December 30, 1936.
Red Cross Radio Speech with Cary T. Grayson, chairman and Will Hayes. February 1, 1937.
Recorded Program Address by George L. Harrison, President and L. Steven Lindsay, Vice Presient of the New York Life Insurance Company for Branch Office Meeting. April 12, 1944 Parts 1-7.
Untitled Admiral Cary T. Grayson Record from Jim Moran. N.d.

Descriptive Identification : Note

Over the course of Cary T. Grayson’s career at the White House and beyond, he wrote numerous articles and gave many speeches which are filed separately in this series, in chronological order. The first box includes a list of CTG’s articles and speeches, probably compiled by Grayson’s secretary, Gladys R. Newman. In addition, Grayson kept a file of correspondence specifically about his public talks and articles. A separate box contains entire magazine issues that include articles by CTG from 1920 – 1927 and one article about Woodrow Wilson from the Saturday Evening Post, Aug. 16, 1999.

Grayson collected and kept the speeches of Woodrow Wilson, most of which were printed by the Government Printing Office; a small number were actual typescripts. W.W.’s speeches are filed chronologically. The final box in the series contains the manuscript of a book about Woodrow Wilson by Cary T. Grayson and Stockton Axson that was never published.

This series includes newspaper and magazine articles about Cary T. Grayson’s life, drafts of articles for biographical encyclopedias, obituaries, insurance applications, etc. Because many of the files include photocopies, it can be assumed that this material was compiled by Cary T. Grayson, Jr., perhaps when he was preparing to publish Woodrow Wilson: An Intimate Memoir in 1960. The biographical materials are filed chronologically.
This series includes a variety of certificates and awards from universities, governments, medical associations, and other agencies. The documents are listed separately below, with notations indicating if they are oversized. The oversized documents are housed in the map case in the Stack Room.

Cary T. Grayson, or his secretary Gladys R. Newman, kept meticulous correspondence files. “Significant” correspondents were given their own heading, arranged alphabetically by last name. These correspondents were either notable individuals such as cabinet members, senators, physicians, etc., organizations Grayson belonged to, or people with whom he corresponded frequently. He also created a “Miscellaneous” file for each letter of the alphabet, in which he filed the rest of his correspondence, by the last name of the correspondent or name of organization. The Correspondence Series section contains a listing of all the correspondents in the collection, with box numbers to serve as physical finding aids. In some cases, such as the Paris Peace Conference memorabilia, items other than correspondence are included. Menus, seating charts, information about the voyage to France were all kept together by Grayson with the rest of his correspondence, and the original order has been preserved. If a letter included a newspaper article or photograph as an enclosure, they are retained with the letter in the correspondence files. Please note, however, that there is a separate series in the Cary T. Grayson Collection for newspaper clippings and another for photographs.

The diary series includes a variety of diaries, date books, address books, and calendars. Some of the diaries from 1918 and 1919 are typed, the rest are in CTG’s handwriting. The typed diaries from 1918 and 1919 are overlapping; some contain more details than others and may be later versions.

These papers show the financial accounts, holdings, and transactions of Cary T. Grayson and his wife, Alice Gertrude Gordon Grayson. Mrs. Grayson inherited money, property, and business interests when she was still a teenager, and she continued to have separate financial interests throughout her marriage to Cary, although they also held joint accounts. The major financial institutions the couple dealt with include: American Security and Trust, East Hampton National Bank, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Guarantee Trust Company, National Savings and Trust, and Riggs National Bank. Unless otherwise noted, the files are arranged chronologically.

This series includes a variety of items, from stories, horse-racing material to war posters and artwork that do not fall into any of the other established Grayson series.

Cary Grayson kept newspaper clippings about himself, his family, Woodrow Wilson, the Wilson administration, the war, the Paris Peace Conference, and other topics that he found interesting.

The collection is divided into ten boxes of general newspaper clippings covering every subject imaginable arranged chronologically; three boxes of English language clippings (mostly British, some American) that cover Woodrow Wilson’s travels in Europe prior to the opening of the Paris Peace Conference and the first few months of the Peace Conference itself; three boxes of French language clippings covering that same time period; and one box of Italian newspaper clippings.

In addition, there are full pages of newspapers or entire issues housed in oversized boxes, most of which date from Dec. 14, 1919 – Feb. 14, 1919 and cover the President’s European tour and the Peace Conference.
This series includes a variety of periodicals (entire issues) collected by the Grayson family between 1913 and 1964. The collection is housed in one oversized Hollinger box and is arranged in date order.

This series consists of fifteen phonograph records housed in one oversized Hollinger box.

Biography or History

Cary Travers Grayson, Woodrow Wilson’s personal physician, as well as loyal friend and confidant, was born 11 October 1878, at Salubria, in Culpeper County, Virginia. Educated at William and Mary and the University of the South, Grayson earned his M.D. from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond and interned at Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, D.C. He did post-graduate work at Johns Hopkins medical school under the famous Sir William Osler. After joining the Navy in 1903, Grayson served on the U.S.S. Maryland and was later assigned to temporary duty aboard the presidential yacht, the U.S.S. Mayflower, serving as physician to presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft before Woodrow Wilson appointed him White House physician and aide in 1913. Grayson married Alice Gertrude Gordon on 24 May 1916, and the couple had three sons: James Gordon, born 7 January 1918; Cary Travers, Jr., born 21 March 1919; and, William Cabell, born 28 May 1921. Promoted to Rear Admiral in 1916, Grayson accompanied Woodrow Wilson on both trips to the Paris Peace Conference after World War I and cared for the president after he was incapacitated by a stroke in October 1919. During Grayson’s White House assignment, he also offered medical care to members of the cabinet and their families and to many other prominent officials. He served on the staff of several hospitals and lectured at the U.S. naval medical school. Assigned by President Harding to continue caring for Wilson after Wilson’s second term in office ended in 1921, Grayson remained with Wilson until the ex-president’s death in 1924. Retiring from the Navy in 1928, Grayson was named head of the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventive Medicine that same year. Franklin D. Roosevelt tapped Grayson to chair his first and second inaugural committees, and later appointed him chairman of the American National Red Cross, a position he held from 1 March 1935 until his death on 15 February 1938, in Washington, DC.




Cary T. Grayson Diaries Updated Finding Aid (3-22-16).pdf
Cary T. Grayson Correspondence, Updated Finding Aid (8-18-15).pdf
Cary T. Grayson Articles and Speeches Finding Aid.pdf
Cary T. Grayson Miscellaneous Finding Aid.pdf
Cary T. Grayson Financial Papers Updated Finding Aid 8-23-16.pdf
Cary T. Grayson Newspaper Clippings Updated Finding Aid.pdf
Cary T. Grayson Periodicals Finding Aid.pdf
Cary T. Grayson Certificates and Awards Finding Aid.pdf
Cary T. Grayson Biographical Materials Updated Finding Aid (2-28-17).pdf
Cary T. Grayson Phonograph Records Finding Aid.pdf
Finding Aid_Postcards.pdf


Faulds, Danna, “Cary T. Grayson Papers Finding Aid,” No date, FA000465, Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

Archival Finding Aid