Edward W. Axson to Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre




Edward Axson sends birthday wishes to his neice Jessie Wilson Sayre, and he asks if she has learned to swim.


Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University




My dear Jessie

This is your birthday isnt it. I send you a book which I used to think (and still do) was about the prettiest story I ever read. I hope you will enjoy it and I think you will too for it is about a has lots of adventure in it—it tells about a beautiful girl who was kept by some robbers in their stronghold and was rescued by a man who was so big he was almost one of your fairy tale giants. I wonder if you are having a party today—or rather are going to have one tomorrow for you would hardly have one Sunday afternoon. If you are I know you will have lots of fun even though you cant have Beth Hibben at it and Maggie to make peach ice cream and chocolate cake—is that the right combination on your birthday or have I mixed it up with Margarets & Nellies?Have you girls learned how to swim like I told you—If not tell Uncle Stock I say to tie you on the end of a fishing pole and hang you out in the water till you can. I received both your letter some time ago and your Mama's yesterday—you are evidently having a mighty good time up there and I guess you will be sorry to get back to Princeton. Do you know yet when you leave Gloucester?I have been staying for nearly two weeks now with my friend Mr Kennedy—he just wont let me go back to my boarding house till he leaves for his vacation some time this week. It is very nice to be with him tho' we are both busy all day & see each other only at night. He has a little sister Anna (I think you saw her at Commencement) who writes him the funniest letters, in which every sentence begins with “and”, & in which there are no periods and very few capitals.
Well it is nearly supper time so I must close—with lots of love for everybody

Lovingly yours

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Axson, Edward W., “Edward W. Axson to Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre,” 1898 August 28, WWP17272, Jessie Wilson Sayre Correspondence, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.