Edith Bolling Wilson to Annie L. Bolling


Edith Bolling Wilson to Annie L. Bolling


Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt, 1872-1961




1915 May 16


Edith Bolling Wilson writes to Annie Bolling about traveling with Woodrow Wilson on the presidential yacht Mayflower. She mentions that Wilson is sitting beside her writing a code message.


Edith Bolling Wilson Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia




On Board the Presidents Yacht
“Mayflower -”

Dearest Annie -
I wonder if you could write if your “adored Woodrow” was sitting just opposite writing a code message and every now and then pausing to tell you something interesting or speaking in his perfectly delightful way? Well, even for unenthusiastic me - it is pretty hard to do - and if I seem mixed you will, of all people, understand.

Wasn't it wonderful his asking Altrude & me to join them on this trip to N. Y. for the Naval Review? I feel like I was living in a story - and fear to move, lest I wake up and find it a dream.

We left Wash. Friday night. Sailed quietly down the river to Old Point where we anchored for the day.The Pres. & Dr. G. went to play golf - and the rest of us - in a lunch to Norfolk. Got back for Tea - and last night he asked all the Officers to dine with us - and we had a merry party.

Sailed again at 10 - and stayed on deck til midnight - Of course to day we are at sea - and the boat is rocking a little but all hands are up and doing well.We will get into N. Y. early tomorrow - go on land for a Review of the - from a grand stand - and then back to the Mayflower for the Review — agfter this the is to join us for Tea — and at night we go to the “Dolphin” for Dinner — The President going to the Wyoming for a men's dinner - On Tuesday we steam down to the Statue of Liberty — when the fleet passes — Each one saluting with 21 guns — as they steam past us toward the sea -This will be a wonderful sight to see - Then we start back, and should reach Wash. Tuesday a. m. — We are now out in the sea - and it is getting so rough the President says we had better stop work & go anchor.

Lots of love to you all 3 from,
Yours always,

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Annie L. Bolling





Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt, 1872-1961, “Edith Bolling Wilson to Annie L. Bolling,” 1915 May 16, WWP14854, Edith Bolling Wilson Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.