Herbert Hoover to Joseph P. Tumulty


Herbert Hoover to Joseph P. Tumulty


Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964




1917 June 28


Trying to garner support for Conservation Sunday, where Americans will be encouraged to volunteer for the Food Administration, Herbert Hoover asks Tumulty to show Woodrow Wilson the draft proclamation and finalize it to submit to papers.


Hoover-Wilson Correspondence, Hoover Institution, Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford, California


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum


United States Food Administration
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964--Correspondence




Dear Mr. Tumulty

We have arranged that July 1st shall be “Conservation Sunday” in all of the churches. We have communicated with every minister of the gospel in the country, bioth by letter and through the kindness of the American Telephone Company. We have had every minister called up and our request repeated. Furthermore, through State Councils of Defense we are having information put into their hands as to points which they could wisely make and through the higher prelates of the church we are having instructions sent out as to the material and spiritual value accruing to the church by enlisting itself in the service.

On July 1st we are starting our great program to enlist the women and men in the country to sign a pledge to join with us as volunteers in the Food Administration and to undertake and carry out the objectives of the Food Administration to the best of their ability.

We believe it would be invaluable to us if the President could get out some kind of a proclamation which we could issue in next Sunday’s papers. Although I confess that I am a poor hand at drafting such documents, I have drawn up a rough sketch of what we would like. I am wondering whether you would raise the question with the President for his consideration and whether he could see his way to prepare and sign such a proclamation and let us have it by that date, giving his magnificent ability to its phrasing in such a way as would carry more punch and conviction than the draft which I send you.

Yours faithfully,

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Tumulty, Joseph P. (Joseph Patrick), 1879-1954




Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964, “Herbert Hoover to Joseph P. Tumulty,” 1917 June 28, WWP19096, Hoover Institute at Stanford University Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.