Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


University of Virginia. Jefferson Society




1880 December 17


Handwritten meeting minutes from the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia.




Hall of Jefferson Society—Dec 17th 1880At the regular hour the society was called to order by the president "Walter S. Lefevre" link-pointer-typeMr. Lefevre. After Then the roll was called, reading & approval of minutes of the last meeting were read & approved. There were no nominations of new members. It was moved by "Archibald W. Patterson" link-pointer-typeMr Patterson that each debate of the series be postponed one week. Amendment offered that the Irish Question be debated 3 weeks hence. Amendment carried. It was moved & carried that the society go into Committee of the whole to discuss consider the report of the constitution committee. "Clement C. Gaines" link-pointer-typeMr. Gaines was appointed Chairman of the com. of the whole & reported that the three systems for awarding 2 medals, haproposed but the constitution com., had been rjeejected. The Treasurer made his report & excuses were heard. Moved Under head of motions & resolutions "C. Whiteley, Jr." link-pointer-typeMr. Whitely moved that the next meeting of the society should be appointed for Jan. 8th. Carried. On motion of "Thomas F. Harwood or John T. Harwood" link-pointer-typeMr. Harwood the report of the Constitution com. was called for. It was moved that 1st plan proposed for awarding 2 medals should adopted. Lost. A motion that society go into Com of the whole was lost. Under head of report coms, the report Arts VII, VIII, IX, X, XI of the report of the cons com. were adopted. On motion of "Richard H. Gaines" link-pointer-typeMr R—H. Gaines the Com. were thanked for their manner in wh. they had discharged their duty. The move was appointed On motion of "Woodrow Wilson" link-pointer-typeMr Wilson the Society proceeded to the appointment nomination of the electoral committee. Messrs Profs"Francis H. Smith" link-pointer-typeF. H Smith, N.R. Davis, F.R. Price were selected by the society On motion the society adjourned


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University of Virginia. Jefferson Society, “Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book,” 1880 December 17, WWP17267, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Records, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.