Citizens of Tacoma to Woodrow Wilson


Citizens of Tacoma to Woodrow Wilson


Citizens of Tacoma




1913 September 19


The Citizens of Tacoma write to Woodrow Wilson expressing their sorrow at the recent segregation in federal government.


Wilson Papers, Library of Congress, Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia


Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924--Correspondence


Hon. Woodrow Wilson
President of the United States of America,
and to the Hon. Secretaries,
The Hon Post Master General,
members of the President’s Cabinet:
White House, Washington, DC.:—Gentelemn: —

We, Citizens of Tacoma, Washington, both whites and blacks and representatives of the Grand Army of the Republic in mass–meeting assembled express our sorrow and indignation to learn that the present administration has initiated steps to introduce the diabolical system known as “Jim–Crowism” in the several departments of the Federal Government at Washington. We express, with due appreciation of the many difficulties under which you labor as the head of the gretatest government under the sun in this matter, but assure you that it is the sense of the People of Tacoma, Washington, that segregation of employees and officials of the Federal Government on the lines of race and color is contrary to the fundamental principles of American institutions and destructive of the peace and welfare of this Nation.
We, therefore, petition you, Mr. President and the various Secretaries of the departments, especially the Secretary of the Treasury, the cheif of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, the Hon. Post–Master General, and the Hon. Secretary of the Interior to discontinue and discountenance all attempts to introduce “Jim–crowism” into the Federal Government service at Washington, because of the reasons above set forth and because of the gross injustice done a whole race of loyal people thereby, ultimately bringing dishonor and disgrace upon the entire NatioN.
We, further petition you to issue such orders and instructions to you various subordinate officials that will insure to all the federal employees, especially those who have obtained their positions as a result of competetive examinations a fair and just opportunity to perform their work unhampered by needless rules and regulations regarding their color, race or creed.
We, petition the Hon. Woodrow Wilson, to speak in no uncertain tones that the Nation may hear and that justice may rules and a square deal be given every man in the government sercvice according to his personal merits.

G. B. Aldrich
John W. Linck
John H. Quinningham
I. S.
James Davidson,
G a RJA. Thomson
Miss Elberta Aldeman
H. P. Lawhorn
E. Sherman
Bessie Hann
C. H. Ambler
Frank Johnson
R. L. Winn
Rubert Johnson
R. Duvall
Sylvester J. Ray
Worthen G. Goldsborough
William W. Seymou
rN. B. Simmon
Mrs. J. P. Faulkner
S. Johndon
Clarence Little
J. A. Brown
D. H. Parker
Chas. Wilson
E. L. Grunny
H. E. Dunston
H. J. Herry
Lewis McDuffie
Miss M. Evans
Mrs. F. L. Betthe
lMiss illegible name
Miss LV Spence
Mrs. Ella Ward
Mrs. L. E. King
T. W. Bethel
S. S. Stith
Miss Emily Ury
Wm Roberts
Miss Jaldena Anderson
Miss Alberta Carter
Mrs. Chas. V. Taylor
Henry Bridges
H. Harris
Molly Bridges
Bearbey Harris
Miss L. illegible name
D. S. Guilford
Miss Ethel Ury
Orsova Guilford
Mrs. L. G. Rucker
Lucile Guilford
Mrs. H. X. Shertonridge
Miss Rebecca Jone
sMrs. Chester Longrus
Mrs. J. age
Miss L. E. Clark
Mr. R Robinson
J. C. Williams

Names copied from Duplicate petitions circulated in audience
E. Edwards (white)
J. A. Goldsboro
E. Rice ... (white)
H. Davis
J. Claxten
sE. Davis
Juanta Ury
M. Robert
L. H. Rocker
W. D. Wilson
W. T. McCall
P A Ury
Mr. E. Shut
May Browning
Mr. C. Johnista
R. Jones
Mr. M. Gayner
H. Anistnon
Mr. G. Gayner
Margy Iacuana
Mr. C. Vandehartsillegible name (white
)E. J. Dogge
Jus. G. H. Cayson
L. GZ. McGrath
C A Huster
J. DishmanW. W. G
Mr. F. Dishman
E. Gibson
Mr. G. Heyton
W. Axan
Mr. S. H. Wilson
J. H. B
J. E. Allen (white)
F. Gasten
Rebecca VanJohn
W. L. Reese
A. J. Nunell
J. Benford
J. Briggs
Haltha Thomas (white)
C. Delany
Clara Foster (white)
J W Wynn (white)
Rev. J. Nuny
Mrs. J. Nuny
R. Bridges
Mrs. J. Peck
E. Bridges
Mrs. N. Lucun
E. Fuller
Mrs. L Vaughn
A. McDonald
MrSC Wilson
L. Washington
Ida White
K. McRea
B Themran
A Thomas
R. Duval
M Alfred
R. L. Wynn
W. Grimes
E. Grayson
R. Gibson
T. Evans
H. J. Martin
Irwin Wells
J. P. Falkner
W. Parker
Mary H. Demby
H. C. Riva
Miss Carmen Johnston
C. A. Hunster
V. L. Spencer
John Keys
Edmund Moore
G. L. Joell
Mrs. J. A. Taylor
Mrs. D. W. Gibson
S. D. Pierre
Mr. Daniel Gibson
E. Carrier
Mrs. M. J. Evans
Mr. Ira Grady
T. J. Staden
Mrs. J. H. Carter
M. Gibson
Rev. H. M. Collins
J. K. Crump Secretary of Tacoma Branch of N.A.A.C.P.
W. A. Graves
M. Q. Johnston
J. Muerner
Mrs. T J Sadler
Mrs. Arwalena Lawhorn
Daisy Lawhorn

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Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924



Citizens of Tacoma, “Citizens of Tacoma to Woodrow Wilson,” 1913 September 19, WWP18031, First Year Wilson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.