Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960




1917 August 9


Daniel Metraux


World War, 1914-1918




Pleasantville, New York


Pleasantville, NY

My dear Anna-Marie,

Many thanks for your letter. Am very glad to hear that everyone is well at the Lake and that you are still having a good time.

I'm really sorry Louise told you about the little adventure that I had with the horse because it didn't amount to anything at all. The wrist is getting along alright, you see, I'm even writing with it now. The man in the hospital is getting along very nicely, but will no doubt have to stay there several weeks longer.

I believe I forget to send you a picture of my mascot in the last letter and so enclose one now. The puss is gone however; I guess she got the mange. I didn't have a haircut or shave that day and look pretty tough!

Well, our orders have come at last and I'm really glad to get out of this place. The police work was getting terribly monotonous, and I was getting very much disgusted with it. We will be relieved on Saturday and will leave Pleasantville on Sunday morning and march to Van Cortland Park, arriving there probably Monday morning. I guess it must be a bad hike as it's only about 2x miles in two days. We do not know how long we will stay there or where we will go next, possibly So. Carolina. Of course, we're very busy now packing up, etc. By the way, I got a new cotton summer suit at last!

Will let you know where to address mail as soon as I can. In the meantime letters addressed : Cap. K. Co. A., 23 NY Inf. N. Y. Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. and marked "To be forwarded" will no doubt reach me.

I'm on guard again tonight and have to make another patrol, so good by.

With love,

Your brother,

With love to the kiddies!

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Bubendey, Anna-Marie Kappelmann, 1887-1986





Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960, “Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey,” 1917 August 9, WWP18897, Otto Kappelmann Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.