Jon Bouman to the Bouman Family


Jon Bouman to the Bouman Family


Bouman, Jon Anthony, 1873-1958




1919 May 4


Letter from Jon Bouman to his family.


Gift of William C. and Evelina Suhler


Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920)


Rachel Dark
Denise Montgomery
Austin Shifflett




Evelina Suhler is the granddaughter of Jon Anthony Bouman and inherited the family collection of his letters from the years of World War I. She and her husband gave the letters to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum in 2013.


Sunday evening
May 4, 1919


    As my Dutch passport, which is valid for 1 year, has just expired. I think that before renewing it, I ought to get things cleared up as regards my application for naturalization. Could you see Flowerdews and find out for me how matters stand? The man who dealt with my case was named Barnard or some name beginning with Bar – or Bir – I cannot remember rightly. There is – or was—a name plate in their outer office with the names of their different officials. You can give them any information about myself that they might require. The great point is that I have never been in Germany since the War, and the last time I set foot on German soil was in 1904, on my trip to Sweden, and then of course I only passed through. So if you can get them to look the matter up, I would be glad.

    I have just received yours of May 1, and am glad to hear you enjoyed the story of my trip. No, I never caught cold, which was rather wonderful! Don’t worry about your selection of wallpapers; bless your dear soul, as if I would find fault with anything you chose for the home!

    Berry went off to Holland yesterday and we had our final lunch together on Friday. A piquant detail was that we both had the trousers on that we were married in 14 years ago!!! So you bet we patted each other’s backs and swore there were never such fine fellows in the world!! Still, the discovery, quite by chance, was rather odd, wasn’t it?

    With much love to all you dear ones, as ever,


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Bouman, Jon Anthony, 1873-1958, “Jon Bouman to the Bouman Family,” 1919 May 4, WWP23037, Jon Anthony Bouman Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.