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January 1

1919 President Wilson leaves for Rome, Italy

1884 Woodrow Wilson’s essay “Committee or Cabinet Government.” is written.

January 2

1915 President Wilson vetoed immigration measure because of literacy requirement.

January 3

1919 President Wilson arrives in Rome and is the guest of King Victor Emmanuel and the Queen of Italy. He also visits the Pope at the Vatican.

1919 President Wilson delivers an address at the Capitol, accepting citizenship of Rome.

1919 President Wilson delivers an address before the Italian Parliament.

1921 President Wilson vetoes the bill extending the term of the War Finance Corporation. Congress passed the bill over the veto.

1912 Woodrow Wilson makes the Jackson Day an address. Before the Democratic Club of New York on “The Tariff.”

January 4

1918 President Wilson delivers an address before a joint session of Congress reporting that the Government has taken the running of the railroads and that the railroads will be kept up in good order. He wants the Congress to approve this in some form of legislation.

1919 President Wilson delivers an address at the Academy of the Lencei, Rome , upon being made a member.

January 5

1919 President Wilson delivers three addresses at Genoa, Italy; at the monument of Mazzini; at the Municipality (he was made a citizen of Genoa), and at the monument to Columbus.

1919 President Wilson delivers six addresses at Milan, Italy ; at the station, at the Palazzio, to the League of Mothers and Widows, at the Municipality, at La Scala, and from the balcony of La Scala.

1889 Woodrow Wilson writes the constitution for the Wesleyan House of Commons.

January 6

1924 Former President Wilson’s last public statement- a telegram conveying Jackson Day greetings to the Democrats assembling in Pittsburg.

1916 President Wilson delivers an address before the Pan-American Scientific Congress in Washington, DC.

1919 President Wilson delivers five addresses at Turin, Italy; at the Municipality, at the Philharmonic Club, the balcony of the Philharmonic Club and at the University of Turin.

1924 Ex-President Wilson sends a telegram to Joseph F. Guffey to be read at Jackson Day celebration held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 7th.

January 7

1919 President Wilson arrives back in Paris.

January 8

1915 President Wilson delivers a Jackson Day address in Indianapolis, Indiana. He thanked those who believed in America and who tried to serve the people . Also he mentioned that America was the servant of mankind.

1918 President Wilson delivers an address before a joint session of Congress, outlining “the program of the world’s peace,” in fourteen points.

1920 President Wilson writes a letter to Chairman of the Jackson Day celebration, explaining his attitude as to reservations, stating he has no objection to interpretive reservations, but strongly objects to reservations which are really nullifications of the Covenant.

1912 Woodrow Wilson makes the Jackson Day Address.

January 9

1912 Woodrow Wilson’s first annual message to the Legislature of New Jersey

January 10

1920 The League of Nations officially comes into being.

January 12

1888 Woodrow Wilson writes his essay on economics untitled “Taxation and Appropriation”.

1891 Woodrow Wilson outlines “ The Philosophy of politics” which he is a projected study of modern democracy.

January 13

1920 President Wilson calls first meeting of the Council of the League of Nations, to be held in Paris January 16, 1920.

1900 "Liberty in the Light of Experience" a lecture before the Union League Club of Brooklyn, New York.

January 15

1922 Woodrow Wilson delivers a short address to a crowd which had come to his residence from a meeting of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Washington, DC.

1897 The biographical essay “Mr Cleveland as President” is written by Woodrow Wilson. 

January 16

1919 National Prohibition is established and prohibited the sale or manufacture of intoxicating liquors.

1924 President Wilson receives members of the National Democratic Committee at his residence . 

January 17

1917 The Virgin Islands are purchased and become a territory of the United States.

1911 Woodrow Wilson gives his Inaugural Address as Governor of New Jersey.

January 18

1919 The opening of the Paris Peace Conference and President Wilson delivers the opening address.

January 19

1909 "Robert E. Lee : An Interpretation” an address on the one hundredth anniversary of birth of R.E. Lee at the University of North Carolina.

January 20

1914 President Wilson delivers an address before a joint session of Congress on monopolies and trusts, urging legislation.

January 21

1903 The death of Joseph R. Wilson, the father of Woodrow Wilson at Prospect(the home of the Princeton University President.

January 22

1917 President Wilson addresses the senate concerning the essential terms of peace in Europe.

January 23

1917 President Wilson in a message before congress asks for an appropriation to pay for the Danish West Indies. 

January 24

1885 Woodrow Wilson's Congressional Government, his first book is published. It compares the American and British systems of government.  

January 25

1919 President Wilson delivers an address before the second plenary session of the Peace Conference.

 1919 Council of Ten at Paris Peace Conference agreed to make League of Nations basis for the peace and chose Woodrow Wilson chairman of the committee to work out details of League. 

January 26

1920 President Wilson writes a letter to Senator Hitchcock (Dem. Leader) that he can accept the reservations of the senator.

1917 President Wilson urges the American people to observe “meatless” and “wheatless” days during the war.

January 27

1912 Address on "Efficiency" at the banquet of real-estate men of Boston at the City Hall.

1916 Wilson begins a series of addresses on National Defense , lasting until February 3.

1916 President Wilson delivers an address at the first annual banquet of the Motion Picture Board of Trade in New York City.

1916 President Wilson delivers an address at the Interdenominational Meeting held in AEolian Hall, New York City.

January 28

1915 President Wilson returns to the House of Representatives, House Bill # 6060, which was an act to regulate the immigration of aliens to and the residence of aliens in the United States.

1916 President Woodrow Wilson nominates Louis D. Brandeis to tho Supreme Court. The nomination is confirmed by the Senate on June 1, 1916.

January 29

1917 President Wilson sends to the House of Representatives his second veto of an immigration restriction bill (H .R. 10384 ). The bill was passed over his veto.

1916 President Wilson makes two addresses in Pittsburgh, Pa. at the Soldiers' Memorial Hall. This was one of the addresses on National Defense. Also one in Cleveland, Ohio.

 January 31

1917 Germany sends a notice that submarine activity will be resumed on February 1, 1917.

1924 Former President Wilson suffers a stroke and it is evident that the end is near.

1897 "Liberty" an address delivered by Woodrow Wilson at Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute at Hampton, Virginia. a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶C̶l̶e̶v̶e̶l̶a̶n̶d̶,̶ ̶O̶h̶i̶o̶.

1916 President Wilson delivers an address at the Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. also one in Chicago, Illinois.

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