Huston Thompson to Cary T. Grayson


Huston Thompson to Cary T. Grayson


Thompson, Huston




1917 January 19


Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Staunton, Virginia




My dear Admiral

Well! That certainly sounds fine. Mrs. Thompson and I were both greatly pleased when we read the announcement in the paper. The thought that occurs to me is that after the first great thrill is over you will then have still in store the opportunity for some great constructive service in the Medical Corps. With your ability to win men, your many years of service ahead of you and your medical training there seems to me to be no limit to the possibilities of accomplishment. I remember on one occasion when our President was President of Princeton and the fight was at its beginning he stood by a window looking out from his home on the commencement throng on the campus and said with a sort of sigh, “When I think of the opportunities of Princeton for doing great things in our land I fairly tremble.” Well might it be said of you at this advent in your career. The foregoing is not a sermon even though it sounds like one. It is just my poor way of saying that I am delighted at your splendid opportunity and that I believe you will make good with a big G. Mrs. Thompson and I are pleased both for you and Mrs. Grayson.

Very sincerely

Huston Thompson

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Grayson, Cary T. (Cary Travers), 1878-1938



Thompson, Huston, “Huston Thompson to Cary T. Grayson,” 1917 January 19, WWP21024, Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.