Earl S. Parish to Mrs. Wells Parish


Earl S. Parish to Mrs. Wells Parish


Parish, Earl S.




1919 March 27


Earl writes to his mother from Base Hospital #100 in Savenay France; asks that they not print his letters in the newspaper.


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Earl S. Parish
Base Hospital # 100
Savenay, France.

3/27/19. No20.

My dear Mother and all :--

Have just decided to write an extra letter this week, seeing that I got some mail recently and work is not very pressing at present.

Received letters from Maria and Ruth last Tuesday night that were mailed March 11th and last night I got one from Dad and one from Ruth that were mailed on the 6th. Also received the three Observers on Monday evening and it seemed good to see a lot of the county news and among other things of interest, I notice that Capt. Olsen is back on that side of the pond.

I saw a man here a few months ago that knew him and he said that the last that he knew of him over here, he had gone to the hospital as he was having trouble with his ear. If I ever see him again, I am going to thank him for what he done for me nearly two years ago. I did not see it that way at the time but you know that experience is the best teacher.

I want to ask you folks to do one thing or rather not to do it and that is not to print any of my letters in the papers as I did not come over here as a newspaper correspondent and am not capable of taking the place of one. I write all these letters to you folks and I'm not particular who you show them to but please don't print any more of them.

It is raining to-day as usual and the weather lately has not been as good as it was in mid-winter but it seems as though we ought to have a few dry days before long. It is about seven o'clock now and the sun is shining and two hours ago it was raining. There was a white frost this morning which is the first we have had for some time.

According to Dad's letter, they are doing a rushing business in the lumber woods and are having the best of weather for it.

In regard to the boys renting the farm, I have not heard very much of the particulars yet as Maria said that Dad would probably tell me all about it and Dad said that no doubt I had heard all about it from home before that.

I note by Maria's letter that Erwin keeps her out as late as usual but I don't suppose that will have to continue very much longer. I sure do wish I could be there at the big event but that is an impossibility but will live in hopes of getting back in time to help them celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

And now I am Uncle again and this time to one that will carry the name of Parish. It seems to me as though the stork must have his nest in the vicinity of Allendale. I suppose the new arrivals are getting to be quite babes by this time but I sincerely hope that they are not old enough to call me uncle by time I get back. According to the Observer, Artie's girl was born Feb 21st but no one said anything about when Wm. Wells was born.

I am wondering if Milo came through this hospital center as he said this was one of the best in France. If this is the best one, I sure don't want to see any of the others.

That picture of Ray Brown surely looks natural and he looks good in a naval uniform and those are real uniforms too as I see one around here occasionally.

So the kids are putting on a play again this winter but I had not heard anything about it until in Maria's recent letter. This unit is starting a show and if it turns out alright they will probably travel through France to the different hospitals and where troops are stationed. There are several such shows on the road now from certain divisions and units. Sgt. Hookey of this [illegible] is spending most of his time on it now so that will mean more work for me in the future.

They have been trying to start a baseball team for some time but have not been able to get the equipment as yet.

I'm not over supplied with news so this much will have to suffice for this time and I'll write again Sunday. Don't be afraid of writing too often as mail is the one thing that we have to look forward to.

With beaucoup love to all


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Parish, Earl S., “Earl S. Parish to Mrs. Wells Parish,” 1919 March 27, WWP22789, Earl S. Parish Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.