Joseph W. Henderson to Governors and Others In Authority


Joseph W. Henderson to Governors and Others In Authority


Joseph W. Henderson




1917 May 3


Library of Congress, Woodrow Wilson Papers, 1786-1957




Respected Sir:-
Now is no time for any loyal American to allow racial grievances, sectional jealousies, partisan politics or religious prejudicies to cause him to refuse or fail to uphold President Wilson's hands at this crucial period of our national life. The enclosed patriotic National Conference of Colored men to be held in Providence, R. I. May 29, 30 and 31, 1917 is to you, self explanatory. The dangerous emergency of the hour accounts for the hurriedness of the call.
Our only sources of getting conference expenses are from such organizations or individuals whose patriotic interests might induce them to see the supreme importance of now giving this matter some immediate help. Governor R. Livingston Beeckman of Rhode Island has personally contributed toward the expense and will speak at the conference opening welcoming the delegates. Governor Marcus H Holcomb of Connecticut has written me his pledge to send delegates from his state. Both of these patriotic governors will corraborate these facts should you care to wire or write them. Any subscription sum that you might send will not only be duly acknowledged and applied but gratefully accepted.
Should you conclude to help some and would prefer to mail the amount to Governor R. Livingston Beeckman of Providence R. I., I would likewise appreciate the favor. But the main purpose of this communication to you is to ask you to please send or cause to be sent to this conference at least one Colored delegate from your state - giving me his full name and address, isf possible, so far as his return ticket is concerned, make it possible for me to send for one delegate from your state should you be unable to name one. Thus promptly acting, you will greatly assist this endearvoring line up of 50,000 Colored men for patriotice services for which President Wilson might deem proper to call them.
Thanking you for your favorable consideration that you might give this patriotic appeal, I beg to remain

For God & the United State

Joeph W. Henderson

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Governors and Others In Authority




Joseph W. Henderson, “Joseph W. Henderson to Governors and Others In Authority,” 1917 May 3, WWP21316, World War I Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.