Economic Conditions under Theodore Roosevelt


Economic Conditions under Theodore Roosevelt


Kisling, James Wellington




1908 January 13


James W. Kisling describes his experience of economic conditions under the Republican administration of Theodore Roosevelt.


James W. Kisling Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Staunton, Virginia


January 13–19.

And now under the reign of the idol god of the American fools, Roosevelt, the poor workingman can find no more work than he could find in the “hard times” of the persecuted Cleveland. Then the poor laborer could get the necessaries of life almost for nothing, now he can get almost nothing except for his life. While the poor man's, the producer's, income has sunk to nothing the trust's the monopolist's, is ever rising towards infinity measured by the ever rising of of its soaring tribute upon the life of humanity for the privilege of existing. The motto of this monstrosity of the American nation and offspring of Republican administration, is: “Give me a chance, just one chance, to get at the pocket of the people and I will take pocket, people and all.” And this unprecedented robbery by this robber baron desperately mad at the end of a season of harvests by far the most bountiful this country has ever had, while the harvests environing the Cleveland administration were drastic or unprecedented failures! Now no one wants to know the cause of existing panic and hard times; then every one down to the kindergarten girlie “knew”!

Can it be that a land in which runs riot dishonesty, unrighteousness, will long be spared by a righteous God!

Roosevelt hard times are harder than the Cleveland hard times.

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Kisling, James Wellington, “Economic Conditions under Theodore Roosevelt,” 1908 January 13, WWP22621, James W. Kisling Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.