Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Postcard Collection


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Postcard Collection


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library




Printed postcards that have been donated to the library from various sources.


Woodrow Wilson Papers, Library of Congress


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library



Collection Items

East View of the Manse
Photograph of the birthplace with the Pierce Arrow in front. Inset portrait of President Wilson.

Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, Staunton, Va.<br /><br />
West View with Flowers
Color postcard showing rear view of the manse with inset portrait of Woodrow Wilson.

Hands across the Sea
Postcard depicting an ocean cruiser under joined hands.

We Stand for Peace, While Others War
Anti-War postcard with poem.

Wilson and Paderewski at the Peace Conference
Polish postcard depicting President Wilson and Paderewski discussing the fate of Poland.

Patriotic Children
Patriotic postcard with illustration of two children waving American flags.

The Greatest Blue
Patriotic British postcard with picture of sailor alongside a poem.

Victory for the Stars and Stripes
Patriotic postcard from World War I.

American Sailor
Patriotic postcard illustrated with American flag and sailor in uniform.

Patriotic Butterflies
Postcard with illustration of butterflies covered in American flags.

The National Aquarium
Patriotic postcard with illustration of various fish covered in American flags.

Edith Wilson in Paris
French postcard showing Madame Wilson riding in a carriage in Paris.
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