Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson




Ellen Axson Wilson writes to her husband, Woodrow Wilson, while he is away from home.


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Princeton, NJ


My own darling

Last night just after my solitary supper there came a ring a the bell and it turned out to be Mary Hoyt! Wasn't that nice? She is going to stay until Wednesday night. But it prevented my writing last night; and I have not had much chance today either. I went to church as usual and on my return found Father with an attack just coming on. So I was with him nearly all the rest of the day, and have naturally given the evening to Mary. Am a little tired now and I fear must cut this short. It was delightful to have Mary come and tell me all about the children. Certainly everything seems to be going well with them in every respect. She had just seen Uncle Tom too and found him doing finely. This cool summer has been a godsend to him. It is just as usual today,–perfectly beautiful. I am perfectly well of course, but so tired I can hardly write,– so sorry. Father is resting quietly now; it was not a bad attack. Love to all friends. I love you, my darling, inexpressibly. Ah, for the great heart's word that would tell you how I love you!

Your own Eileen

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Wilson, Ellen Axson, “Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson,” 1902 August 24, WWP14988, Ellen Axson Wilson Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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