Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson




Ellen Axson Wilson writes to her husband, Woodrow Wilson, while he is away from home.


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Princeton, NJ


My own darling

I have been in New York all day and came back to find Father sick so that it is now 10.40 P.M. and I havn't had a chance to write. – He is perfectly quiet now; it was a light attack,–no pain.Madge also leaves in the morning which is another reason why I could not write. She expected to go Tuesday, and I had made this engagement for today with Mrs. Stowell who came from the country to meet it, so I had to go. It was to finish the business of curtains and hangings. The man in charge of them is just back from his vacation so nothing has been done about them until since you left until today. They will be lovely. I also got the bedding.

I found here a print of the accepted photo. from Purdy. It is splendid in pose and line of nose, face, &c.,—just my favourite angle. It would be perfect if the shadow were not so flat on the shadow side,– scarcely a suggestion of a line at the corner of the mouth or running from the nose. It makes the mouth look just a little short, though the expression is fine in spite of it. Did it have that fault in the proof? It looks to me like a picture that had been too much retouched. But I am delighted with it never-the-less.
But I must go to bed. — No letter from my darling today, alas!

With devoted love

Your little wife, Eileen

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Wilson, Ellen Axson, “Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson,” 1902 August 21, WWP14986, Ellen Axson Wilson Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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