Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book




Handwritten meeting minutes from the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia.




Jeff. Hall

The House was called to order at the usual hour President Adger in the chair. After the calling of the roll the minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. Installation of officers, and nomination election and initiation of members being next in order Mr Roberts and Mr. Whitely the President and vicepresident elected for the present term were gracefully introduced by Mr. Adger. Mr. Roberts in taking the chair thanked the house for the honor conferred upon him and in stirring language represented the necessity of zealous action on the part of all the members Mr. Saunders was then appointed secretary Mr RH Dabney assistant secretary Mr. Starke Sergeant at Arms and the following gentlemen as a committee on questions Mr. Adger, Mr. Minor, and Mr. Shirley. The following gentlemen were then nominated elected and initiated as members Messrs. Walsh Shield Baxter Joyes Barksdale Brown Spenser Hilleary DuBose Rives Scott Dorrie Echols Lt Snyder The monthly oration being next in order Mr. Wilson delivered an eloquent oration with John Bright as his subject. Mr. Wilson inspired by the bright eyes and approving smiles of many fair visitants delivered his oration with an earnestness and vigor that drew down much well deserved applause. The election of officers being next in order Mr. Beckwith was elected our next monthly orator and Mr. Dabney was elected editor to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Lefevre. Debate being next called the question “Is the Grant or Strongman movement a threat to Republican institutions” was discussed on the affirmative by Mr Lomax, Mr. Abney and Mr. P.L. Thom. No gentlemen of the negative debating and no one on the affirmative debating a second time the house was thrown open for general debate no one coming forward the President put the question to the house and it was decided in the negative The question committee then reported and the following question was chosen to be debated 3 weeks hence “Should the Judges of our courts be elected by the people and their tenure of office limited to a term of years” Gentlemen on the affirmative Hampton Saunders Daniel Holcombe on the negative Holland Horner Jack Treasurers report was then submitted, there being no excuses the class for debate was read, the vicepresident submitted his report, the second roll was called and the society was adjourned


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University of Virginia. Jefferson Society, “Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book,” 1880 March 6, WWP17256, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Records, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.