Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Pamphlet Collection Finding Aid


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Pamphlet Collection Finding Aid


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Pamphlets, newspaper articles, journals, and magazines on Woodrow Wilson and the Birthplace Foundation.


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Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Prohibition--United States


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Pamphlets are ordered chronologically in folders held in eleven Hollinger boxes with a twelfth oversize box containing larger items organized chronologically.

Container List
Box 1
Folder 1: College of New Jersey - Final Grades of the Class of 1879
Folder 2: Leaderless Government, Address Given to Annual Meeting of the Virginia Bar Association
Folder 3: Field Songs for the German Army, 3 Protestant, 1 Catholic
Folder 4: Religion and Patriotism by Woodrow Wilson
Folder 5: Inauguration of President Wilson Class Program, 1902
Folder 6: Princeton University Inauguration of President Wilson, 1902 October 25
Folder 7: The Inauguration in The Daily Princetonian
Folder 8: Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson as President of Princeton University Program
Folder 9: Princeton University Inauguration of President Wilson Order of Academic Procession
Folder 10: Princeton University Inauguration of President Wilson, 1902 October 25
Folder 11: Speech by Woodrow Wilson at the Princeton Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria, 1902 December 9
Folder 12: Princeton for the Nation's Service
Folder 13: Quin-Vincennial Reunion of the Class of '79, 1904
Folder 14: The Young People and the Church by Woodrow Wilson
Folder 15: A Retrospect. The First Century of the First Presbyterian Church, Staunton, Virginia
Folder 16: The Minister and the Community
Folder 17: The Present Task of the Ministry by Woodrow Wilson
Folder 18: Opening of the 164th Academic Year - President Wilson's Nomination for Governor
Folder 19: Dr. Wilson's Candidacy & Dr. Wilson's Campaign
Folder 20: Address of Governor Woodrow Wilson at the National League of Democratic Clubs in Indianapolis, 1911 April 13
Folder 21: Responsible Leadership by Woodrow Wilson, 1911 May 18
Folder 22: Woodrow Wilson by Burton J. Hendrick, 1911 December
Folder 23: Addresses by Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey, 1912
Folder 24: Woodrow Wilson's Speech of Acceptance of the Nomination for President of the United States by the Democratic Party, 1912
Folder 25: Regulations of the Uniform of the United States Army, 1912
Folder 26: Promise and Performance: How Woodrow Wilson Squared the One with the Other in New Jersey
Folder 27: Understanding Woodrow Wilson by Peter Clark MacFarlane, 1912
Folder 28: Reception and Smoker in Honor of Woodrow Wilson, '79, Given by the Princeton Alumni Association of the District of Columbia, 1913 March 3
Folder 29: Inauguration Ceremonies Program, 1913
Folder 30: Inauguration Commemorative Pamphlet, 1913 March 4
Folder 31: The Parentage of President Woodrow Wilson by William S. Bridgman, 1913 March
Folder 32: The North American Review, 1913 July
Folder 33: Address of President Woodrow Wilson at the Laying of the Cornerstone of the Central Presbyterian Church, 1913 December 19
Folder 34: Coming Home, A Tribute to Mrs. Woodrow Wilson by WB Mebane, 1914 August 11

Box 2
Folder 1: Eagle Library No. 191: Speeches of Woodrow Wilson, 1915 August
Folder 2: The Memorial to Mrs. Woodrow Wilson by William T. Ellis, 1915
Folder 3: Platform of the Republican Party. Adopted at the National Convention Held at Chicago, Ill., 1916 June 7-10
Folder 4: Children's Emancipation Day: President Wilson's Part in Freeing the Nation from the Blight of Child Slavery, 1916 September 1
Folder 5: President Wilson's Great Speech on the Relations of Labor and Capital, 1916 September 23
Folder 6: Speech of President Wilson the Young Men's Democratic League at Shadow Lawn, 1916 September 30
Folder 7: The Spirit of American Nationality by Elihu Root, 1916 October 5
Folder 8: The Square Deal in Industry by Theodore Roosevelt, 1916 October 14
Folder 9: Why Woodrow Wilson Should Be Defeated and a Republican Congress Elected by Jeremiah A. O'Leary, 1916 October 18
Folder 10: A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America, 1916 November 30
Folder 11: Workers' Manual by the Democratic National Committee, 1916
Folder 12: President Wilson - A True Progressive, 1916
Folder 13: What Taft Thinks of Wilson, 1916
Folder 14: Shall the Nation be Ruled by Reason - or by Force? A Vital Issue of the Campaign. What Charles E. Hughes Says, 1916
Folder 15: Some Thoughts on the Adamson Law, 1916
Folder 16: Prohibition Party Platform: Address of J. Frank Hanly Accepting the Presidential Nomination, 1916
Folder 17: Henry Ford's Reasons for Supporting Wilson, 1916
Folder 18: A League for Peace by Woodrow Wilson, 1917 January 22
Folder 19: Program of Parade - The Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson, 1917 March 5
Folder 20: Address of the President of the United States, 1917 April 2
Folder 21: Address of the President of the United States, 1917 April 2
Folder 22: President Wilson's Great Message, 1917 April 2
Folder 23: President Wilson's Appeal to the Nation. To Speak, Act and Serve Together during the War, 1917 April 15
Folder 24: National Geographic Magazine, 1917 April
Folder 25: National Geographic Magazine, 1917 May
Folder 26: The President's Flag Day Address with Evidence of Germany's Plans, 1917 September 15
Folder 27: A Proclamation: President Bids Nation Thank God for Prosperity US Is Enjoying and to Pray for Peace Abroad, 1917 November 29
Folder 28: President Wilson's War Address to Congress and Proclamation together with Joint Resolution of House and Senate, 1917
Folder 29: Instructions for Assembling the Infantry Equipment - Model of 1910, 1912 March 1912; 1917
Folder 30: Instructions for Assembling the Infantry Equipment - Model of 1910, 1912 March 1912; Revised 1914 July 2; 1917
Folder 31: President Wilson's War Message: Delivered at a Joint Session of Congress, 1917
Folder 32: America First; The Meaning of the Flag by Woodrow Wilson
Folder 33: Shall Flags Be Displayed in Church? The Church a Place of Prayer by AM Fraser
Folder 34: Inauguration of the Avenue du President Wilson, 1918 July 4
Folder 35: Wilson's Message - the Conditions of Peace, 1918 July 4
Folder 36: Balfour's Message - The Obstacles to Peace, 1918 August 8
Folder 37: President Wilson's Plan for a League of Nations, 1918 September 27
Folder 38: National Geographic Magazine, 1918 September
Folder 39: President Wilson's Fourteen Points: The Basis of the New World Order, 1918 November 2
Folder 40: Mr. Wilson's Idealism at the Peace Table; Denmark Wants Schleswig, 1918 November 23
Folder 41: National Geographic Magazine, 1918 November
Folder 42: The Present Task of the Ministry, Address to Hartford Theological Seminary Students by Woodrow Wilson, 1918
Folder 43: Some Words of President Wilson about Religion

Box 3
Folder 1: League of Nations Speech of Hon. PJ McCumber of North Dakota in the Senate of the United States, 1919 June 18
Folder 2: General Pershing's Official Story of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, 1919
Folder 3: Harrisburg Man Was Member of Wilson's Guard, 1919
Folder 4: Popular Songs of the AEF (American Expeditionary Forces), 1919
Folder 5: 20 History-Making Photographs - The President's Part in War and Peace
Folder 6: The League of Nations, Book No. 5, 1920
Folder 7: Wilson's Place in History by Jan Christian Smuts, Premier of the Union of South Africa
Folder 8: Woodrow Wilson: An Interpretation, 1921 March 4
Folder 9: Reverie vs. Reveille; Delivered to Wilson, 1922 January
Folder 10: The Wilsonian Magazine, 1922 January
Folder 11: The Woodrow Wilson Foundation: A Tribute to a Great American, 1922 January 16
Folder 12: The Wilsonian Magazine, 1922 February
Folder 13: The Wilsonian Magazine, 1922 March
Folder 14: The Wilsonian Magazine, 1922 April
Folder 15: The Principles Underlying Prohibition by Wayne B. Wheeler, 1922 August
Folder 16: The Covenant of the League of Nation, 1923 December 1
Folder 17: What the League of Nations Has Accomplished by Arthur Sweetser, 1923
Folder 18: Wilson's Spirit Still Lives: Tumulty Tribute by Radio; Wilson's Ideas Lauded by Archbishop Curley, 1924 February 5
Folder 19: A Memorial Service for the Late Ex-President Woodrow Wilson, Mount Vernon Place Methodist Episcopal Church, 1924 February 6
Folder 20: Woodrow Wilson: A Memorial Address Delivered by Rev. WA Wright
Folder 21: Memorial Service at Central Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC
Folder 22: Woodrow Wilson: A Supreme Tragedy by Oswald Garrison Villard
Folder 23: The Literary Digest, 1924 February 16
Folder 24: Service in Memory of Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Hall, Princeton University, 1924 February 24
Folder 25: University of Virginia Magazine, 1924 March
Folder 26: The Mentalist Magazine, 1924 March
Folder 27: First Presbyterian Church Bulletin, Staunton, Virginia, 1924 May 18
Folder 28: My Brother Charles by William J. Bryan, 1924 September
Folder 29: Woodrow Wilson Memorial Address Delivered before a Joint Session of the Two Houses of Congress by Edwin Anderson Alderman, 1924 December 16
Folder 30: Woodrow Wilson Foundation First Annual Dinner of Award in Honor of Viscount Cecil, 1924 December 28
Folder 31: Historic Hallmarks of the Shenandoah Valley by John W. Wayland, 1924
Folder 32: On the Death of Woodrow Wilson by Katharine Ally See, 1924
Folder 33: Woodrow Wilson in Memoriam, Princeton University, 1924

Box 4
Folder 1: Woodrow Wilson, Defying Death, Became Movie Fan
Folder 2: Memorial Address Delivered at the Commemoration Dinner on Woodrow Wilson's Birthday by Samuel A. Eliot, 1925 December 28
Folder 3: Dinner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Commemoration of Woodrow Wilson's Birthday, 1925 December 28
Folder 4: Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points after Eight Years by Manley O. Hudson, 1925 December 28
Folder 5: The President by Edward W. Bok, 1925
Folder 6: What Has the World Court Done? 1925
Folder 7: World's Work Magazine, 1926 February
Folder 8: Woodrow Wilson - Not Tired by Waiting by Huston Thompson, 1926 May 22
Folder 9: Dinner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1926 December 28
Folder 10: Famous Sitters by Joseph Cummings Chase, 1927 August 27
Folder 11: Woodrow Wilson Prize Essay Contest, 1927
Folder 12: Wilson - The Greatest War Leader of Them All by Henry J. Reilly, 1928 December
Folder 13: The Mandates System and Public Opinion by Quincy Wright, 1929 March
Folder 14: Woodrow Wilson, the Dreamer: An Address Delivered by Henry Alford Porter in the Baptist Church of Charlottesville, Virginia, 1929 April 14
Folder 15: Wilson's Principles in Czechoslovak Practice by Michael Yuhasz, 1929
Folder 16: Leave Out of Your Vocabulary the Word "Prudent" by Wallace McClure, 1930s
Folder 17: Woodrow Wilson's Foreign Policy and Its Effect on World Peace by Norman H. Davis, 1930 March 17
Folder 18: Roosevelt: The Story of an Animosity; His Hostility to Woodrow Wilson by Bainbridge Colby, 1930 August
Folder 19: Dinner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Commemoration of Woodrow Wilson's Birthday, 1930 December 28
Folder 20: Woodrow Wilson - Remarks of Hon. Carter Glass in the Senate of the US; Remarks of James Brown Scott and John H. Clarke at Meeting of Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1931 January 27
Folder 21: Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1930s
Folder 22: An Address at the Unveiling of the Bust of Woodrow Wilson, Hall of the House of Delegates, State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia, 1931 November 17
Folder 23: Virginia Born Presidents - Woodrow Wilson: Ceremonies - Unveiling of the Bust of Woodrow Wilson, Hall of the House of Delegates, State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia
Folder 24: Address Delivered at the Reception on Woodrow Wilson's Birthday by Honorable Raymond B. Fosdick, 1931 December 28
Folder 25: Woodrow Wilson Memorial Dinner - In Commemoration of Mr. Wilson's Seventy-Fifth Birthday, Staunton, Virginia, 1932 January 6
Folder 26: Address of Newton D. Baker at the Tomb of Woodrow Wilson, 1932 April 13
Folder 27: Washington Cathedral Bethlehem Chapel Armistice Day Service in Commemoration of Woodrow Wilson, 1933 November 11
Folder 28: Woodrow Wilson Foundation Dinner in Commemoration of the Birthday of Woodrow Wilson, Address by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933 December 28
Folder 29: An Address at the Tomb of President Woodrow Wilson, Armistice Day, 1934 November 11
Folder 30: Woodrow Wilson - Internationalist, 1934 December 28
Folder 31: Reform of the League of Nations: Changes in the League, Past and Proposed by George Kidd, 1934
Folder 32: F. Graham Cootes Expresses Warm Appreciation of Honor Paid Him by His Native City, 1935 June 22
Folder 33: The Tennessee Valley Authority, 1935
Folder 34: Covenant of the League of Nations, 1936 October
Folder 35: Economic Barriers to Peace: Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of Sec. of State Cordell Hull's Receiving the Woodrow Wilson Medal, 1937 April 5
Folder 36: Presentation of the Woodrow Wilson Medal to Ambassador Norman H. Davis, 1937 May 24
Folder 37: The Place of Woodrow Wilson in History by James T. Shortwell, 1938 December 28
Folder 38: As I Saw It - "I Have No Right to Ask You" by Edith Bolling Wilson, 1938 December 31
Folder 39: Wilson and the New World War, 1939 December 28
Folder 40: The Friendship of John Sharp Williams and Woodrow Wilson by George C. Osborn, 1939 January
Folder 41: Political Activities of the League of Nations by Quincy Wright, 1939 September
Folder 42: League of Nations: In Search of Peace by Quincy Wright, 1939

Box 5
Folder 1: "The Manse" Staunton, Virginia: The Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the United States of America
Folder 2: She Rejected Woodrow Wilson by Grace Goulder
Folder 3: Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
Folder 4: Religious Cross Currents of the Wilson Administration, 1940 July
Folder 5: The Vision of Woodrow Wilson, 1941 January
Folder 6: President Consecrates Wilson's Birthplace as National Shrine, 1941 May 19
Folder 7: The Ghost of Woodrow Wilson, 1941 June
Folder 8: Essential Facts Underlying World Organization of Nations Association, Inc., 1941 November
Folder 9: Across the Years, 1920-1942, 1942 January 10
Folder 10: Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points: The Atlantic Charter's Eight Points, 1942 February 17
Folder 11: Voice from Idaho - A Courageous Reassessment: Splendid in Its Honesty, Wise in Its Statements, American in Its Spirit, 1942 May 8
Folder 12: Post-War Specifications by Sumner Welles, 1942 May 30
Folder 13: Wilson as a Prophet, 1942 December 29
Folder 14: Woodrow Wilson's Vision: Radio Address of Joseph f. Guffey of Pennsylvania, 1942
Folder 15: The League of Nations, 1942-1943: Annual Report of the Acting Secretary General
Folder 16: Program No. 8 - Shall Peace Be Made? by DF Fleming
Folder 17: Woodrow Wilson - Uncompromising Reformer by Harry M. Beardsley, 1943 January
Folder 18: The Postwar Research Center of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library, 1943 August
Folder 19: The Crusade that Failed but Lives On by David Lawrence, 1943 November 14
Folder 20: Woodrow Wilson: Addresses by Jan Smuts, Raymond Swing, and Ray Stannard Baker, 1943 December 28
Folder 21: Woodrow Wilson Foundation Pamphlet, 1943 December
Folder 22: Post-War Information Center for Public Reference and Research, The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library, 1943 December
Folder 23: America's Part in World Reconstruction by Henry A. Wallace, 1943
Folder 24: Woodrow Wilson: A Play in Four Acts by Carter Kissell, 1944, January 12
Folder 25: Addresses to Commemorate the Eighty-Seventh Anniversary of Woodrow Wilson's Birth, 1944 January
Folder 26: Official Documents Issued during the Two World Wars, 1944 April
Folder 27: The Story of Woodrow Wilson by David Loth, 1944 May
Folder 28: "Wilson" Movie Review by Arthur Sweetser, 1944 September
Folder 29: Proposals for the Establishment of a General International Organization as Submitted by the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, 1944 October 9
Folder 30: Our Second Chance by Chartlotte Burnett Mahon, 1944
Folder 31: America's Reception of "Wilson," the Screen Dramatization of the Life and Times of a Great American --Woodrow Wilson, 1944
Folder 32: The Woodrow Wilson Collection by Katharine E. Brand, 1945 February
Folder 33: Dumbarton Oaks in a Power World by Raymond Swing, 1945 March 23
Folder 34: Crimea Conference Report, 1945 March
Folder 35: The Lost Peace. A Chronology: The League of Nations and the US Senate, 1918-1921, 1945 March
Folder 36: Speech of Josephus Daniels at the Opening of the New Woodrow Wilson House, 1945 April 17
Folder 37: Statement by Arthur Sweetser at the Formal Opening and Dedication of the New Woodrow Wilson House, New York, 1945 April 17
Folder 38: The Meaning of Dumbarton Oaks: Address of the Woman's Action Committee for Victory and Lasting Peace, 1945 May
Folder 39: How Will the United Nations Work? 50 Questions and Answers about the UN Charter, 1945 July
Folder 40: The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1945 July
Folder 41: The Life of Woodrow Wilson: An Outline for a Course of Study by James T. Shotwell, 1945
Folder 42: Wilson's Dream Coming True, 1945
Folder 43: The Politics of Atomic Energy by Raymond B. Fosdick et al., 1946 March
Folder 44: Radio Addresses in Commemoration of Woodrow Wilson's Ninetieth Birthday Anniversary, 1946 December 28

Box 6
Folder 1: 25th Anniversary of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1947 November 10
Folder 2: Dinner Invitation for the 25th Anniversary of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1947
Folder 3: Woodrow Wilson by Marje Swezney, 1948 July
Folder 4: The United Nations: A Three Year Record, 1948 September
Folder 5: The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library at the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1948 September
Folder 6: A Selection of Books Relating to Woodrow Wilson by Katharine E. Brand, 1948
Folder 7: Woodrow Wilson: Addresses upon the Occasion of His Ninety-Second Birthday Anniversary, 1949 January
Folder 8: Education for Public Affairs by Harold W. Dobbs, 1950 January
Folder 9: Books by and about Woodrow Wilson, 1950s
Folder 10: Staunton, Virginia
Folder 11: The New Dimension of Diplomacy - The Organization of the US Government for Its New Role in World Affairs, 1951
Folder 12: The Leadership of Woodrow Wilson by Edward Ryerson, 1952 June
Folder 13: Official Documents: Texts of Selected Documents on US Foreign Policy 1918-1952, 1952 November
Folder 14: Strengthening Our Foreign Policy, A Woodrow Wilson Foundation Study Group Report, 1952 November
Folder 15: The Bolling Family [transcription of newspaper article], 1952 April 13
Folder 16: The Inside Friends: Woodrow Wilson to Robert Bridges, 1952 May
Folder 17: Addresses on the Occasion of the Presentation of the Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Service to Dean Gooderham Acheson, 1953 October 1
Folder 18: The Story of Woodrow Wilson by David Loth, 1953 November
Folder 19: The Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1953
Folder 20: The Woodmont Story by Henry F. Bridges, 1953
Folder 21: Shenandoah Valley: Land of History, Apple Blossoms, and Subterranean Wonders by Bette Williams, 1954 March
Folder 22: The Story of Woodrow Wilson by David Loth, 1954
Folder 23: Official Handbook of the Bolling Hall Museum, 1954 November
Folder 24: Staunton, Virginia: City Map and General Information, 1954
Folder 25: Wilson's Words: Words for Today, by Bernard M. Baruch, 1955 January 2
Folder 26: Freedom for Man: A World Safe for Mankind, 1955 May 25
Folder 27: Bicentennial Celebration, 1755-1955: Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia, 1955 June 2
Folder 28: The Story of Woodrow Wilson by David Loth, 1955
Folder 29: A World Safe for Mankind by Adlai Stevenson, 1955 November 12
Folder 30: Virginia Record Magazine, 1955 December
Folder 31: Woodrow Wilson by H. Hale Bellot, 1955
Folder 32: Woodrow Wilson ... The Christian and the Churchman by J. McDowell Richards [sermon preached at First Presbyterian Church in Staunton], 1956 Janusry 8
Folder 33: Sunday Church Service of First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee, 1956 January 15
Folder 34: There Was a Man Sent ... from God? by Walter Courtenay, 1956 January 15
Folder 35: ABC Radio: America's Town Meeting - Woodrow Wilson: His Ambition and Achievements, 1956 January 2
Folder 36: Garden Club of Virginia Journal, 1956 January
Folder 37: Addresses of His Excellency Thomas B. Stanley, Harry F. Byrd, and Tom Connally before the General Assembly of Virginia, 1956 February 21
Folder 38: The Daily Princetonian Woodrow Wilson Centennial Issue, 1956 February 18
Folder 39: The Library of Congress Quarterly Journal, 1956 February
Folder 40: The Johns Hopkins Magazine, 1956 March
Folder 41: Woodrow Wilson: From Whence He Came, 1956 May
Folder 42: Woodrow Wilson in His Own Words, 1956 June 10
Folder 43: Woodrow Wilson among His Friends, 1956 December
Folder 44: The Woodrow Wilson Centennial Observance - First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia, 1956 December 9

Box 7
Folder 1: The Iron Worker Magazine, 1956 December
Folder 2: Woodrow Wilson's Heritage of Faith by Frank Bell Lewis, 1956
Folder 3: Woodrow Wilson's Heritage of Faith by Frank Bell Lewis, 1956
Folder 4: Woodrow Wilson at His Grandfather's Church at Carlisle, 1956
Folder 5: Centenaire Woodrow Wilson, 1956
Folder 6: Woodrow Wilson Centennial Calendar, 1956
Folder 7: Woodrow Wilson - Educator: A Discussion Guide
Folder 8: Woodrow Wilson - Man of Religion, 1956
Folder 9: Woodrow Wilson in Perspective by Charles Seymour, 1956
Folder 10: Woodrow Wilson - President: A Discussion Guide
Folder 11: Announcing the Celebration of the Centennial of Woodrow Wilson, 1956
Folder 12: Invitation to the Centennial Observance in Memory of Woodrow Wilson, 1956
Folder 13: The Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Memorial, 1956
Folder 14: The Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Memorial, 1956
Folder 15: The Presbyterian Outlook Magazine, 1957 January 14
Folder 16: Robert Lansing's Proposed Bargain with Japan by Burton F. Beers, 1957 November
Folder 17: Woodrow Wilson and Public Opinion, 1957 January
Folder 18: The Story of Woodrow Wilson by David Loth, 1957
Folder 19: The Commonwealth: The Magazine of Virginia, 1959 January
Folder 20: The Narrow Escape of Wilson and Roosevelt, 1959 February
Folder 21: [Reprint] Baccalaureate Address of Woodrow Wilson to the Class of 1909, 1959 June
Folder 22: The Defense of Freedom by James B. Conant, 1960
Folder 23: Why You Will Choose Staunton -- Your Playground in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, 1960
Folder 24: The Papers of Woodrow Wilson [fundraising pamphlet], 1960
Folder 25: The Publication of the Papers and Letters of Woodrow Wilson, 1960
Folder 26: White House Burdens: They Are Older than Kennedy, 1961 November 13
Folder 27: The Story Behind President Wilson's Typewriter, 1961
Folder 28: The Tomb of Woodrow Wilson, 1961
Folder 29: Two Year Report: The Wilson Papers, the Continuing Program, 1961
Folder 30: A New Look at Woodrow Wilson by William G. Carleton, 1962 September
Folder 31: Woodrow Wilson and Self-Determination in the Tyrol by Charles Seymour, 1962 September
Folder 32: Wilson's Daughter Joins Foundation, 1962 November 6
Folder 33: The National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1962
Folder 34: The Woodrow Wilson House: A National Trust Property, 1962
Folder 35: An Anecdote about Wilson: President Charmed a Little Boy, 1963 April 18
Folder 36: A Christmas Present for the President by Gerald T. Dunne, 1964 December 18
Folder 37: The Manse at Staunton, Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, 1965 March
Folder 38: Staunton's Shrine to a Twentieth-Century President, 1965 March
Folder 39: Woodrow Wilson: Extension of Remarks by Willis Robertson in the Congressional Record, 1965 June 14
Folder 40: National Interest and American Intervention, 1917: An Historical Appraisal, 1965 June
Folder 41: Newton D. Baker and the Genesis of the War Industries Board, 1917-1918 by Daniel R. Beaver, 1965 June
Folder 42: The War Industries Board and the Antitrust Question in November 1918 by Robert F. Himmelberg, 1965 June
Folder 43: John Spargo and Wilson's Russia Policy, 1920 by Ronald Radosh, 1965 December
Folder 44: White House Wedding Has Some Strings Attached, 1966 July 24
Folder 45: President Woodrow Wilson's Irish and Scottish Heritage, 1966
Folder 46: Underwood and the Tariff, 1967 April
Folder 47: Woodrow Wilson, Irish Americans, and the Election of 1916, 1967 June
Folder 48: Storms over the White House, 1967 July 2
Folder 49: Decision for Federal Control: Wilson, McAdoo, and the Railroads, 1917 by K. Austin Kerr, 1967 December
Folder 50: Woodrow Wilson's Prediction to Frank Cobb: Words Historians Should Doubt Ever Got Spoken, 1967 December
Folder 51: Stanislav Rembski Portraits, 1967
Folder 52: Wilson House, County Tyrone: A Property of the Ministry of Finance of Northern Ireland Administered by the National Trust, 1967
Folder 53: Woodrow Wilson: Address at Annual Meeting, 1967
Folder 54: Woodrow Wilson's Dirty Little War by Jules Archer, 1968 February
Folder 55: Why Woodrow Wilson Declined UI Post, 1968 April 7
Folder 56: The Unredeemed Pledge by Robert W. Jones, 1968 June 11
Folder 57: The National Memorial to Woodrow Wilson, 1968 June
Folder 58: Pershing and the Armistice by Bullitt Lowry, 1968 September
Folder 59: The Versailles Treaty and the Irish-Americans by John B. Duff, 1968 September
Folder 60: Woodrow Wilson's Year in Atlanta by Eugene Moore, 1968 October 13
Folder 61: Woodrow Wilson: A Reminiscence by Arthur Krock, 1969 February 4
Folder 62: The Herald Star Early Was Linked to National Scene by James Wilson, 1969 May 10
Folder 63: President's Portrait Made by 21,000 Standing Men, 1969 May 25
Folder 64: Robert Lansing's Comments on the Pontifical Peace Note of August 1, 1917, 1969 December

Box 8
Folder 1: Welcome to Staunton and Augusta County, Virginia, 1970s
Folder 2: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, Staunton, Virginia, 1970s
Folder 3: Shenandoah, I Long to Hear You, 1970 April
Folder 4: Woodrow Wilson's Neurological Illness, 1970 September
Folder 5: Woodrow Wilson's Views on the Tariff, 1970 September
Folder 6: Joseph Ruggles Wilson: 1822-1903 by Arthur Link, 1971 January
Folder 7: Dedication of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: Remarks by President Richard Nixon, 1971 February 18
Folder 8: Woodrow Wilson and the Mexican Interventionist Movement of 1919, 1971 June
Folder 9: Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Movement in New Jersey by Arthur Link, 1971
Folder 10: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace -- Staunton, Virginia, 1971
Folder 11: National Primary, 1972 July 16
Folder 12: Wilson, the Republicans, and French Security after World War I, 1972 September
Folder 13: Virginians Out Front: Woodrow Wilson by Pocahontas Wright Edmunds, 1972
Folder 14: Wilson Himself: A Selection of Quotations Assembled to Celebrate Publication of the Twelfth Volume of the Papers of Woodrow Wilson, 1972
Folder 15: Woodrow Wilson's Pierce Arrow, 1973 March 15
Folder 16: President Wilson and His Pierce-Arrow, 1973 June
Folder 17: Woodrow Wilson, Then and Now, 1974 June
Folder 18: The Legacy of Woodrow Wilson by George F. Kennan, 1974 October 1
Folder 19: President's Limousine Geared for History, 1975 Januar
Folder 20: Then and Now: The Preservation of Our Heritage, 1975 May 14
Folder 21: The United States and Self-Determination: Perspectives on the Wilsonian Conception, 1976 January
Folder 22: Special Significance; and The Meaning of the American Flag, 1976 May 31
Folder 23: The Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, 1976 September
Folder 24: Overlooked President, 1976 November 13
Folder 25: Woodrow Wilson the Presbyterian, 1976 November
Folder 26: President Wilson's Grandfather, 1976
Folder 27: What Carter Could Learn from Wilson, 1978 September 25
Folder 28: The Patton-Wilson Succession: Behind Wilson's Sudden Elevation Lay Months of Behind-the-Scenes Maneuvering, 1978 November 6
Folder 29: Virginia Scenic Historyland, 1978
Folder 30: Woodrow Wilson's Birthplace, 1979 April
Folder 31: One Nation Indivisible: An Analysis of Unity throughout American History, 1979
Folder 32: Pillars of Strength, 1980 February
Folder 33: The Birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson, 1980 October
Folder 34: Virginia Medical: The Monthly Publication of the Medical Society of Virginia, 1980 November
Folder 35: A New Republic among Nations: The Role of the United States in Foreign Affairs, 1980
Folder 36: Princeton's Presidents: An Historical Sketch of the University, 1980
Folder 37: From Here to the White House, 1980s

Box 9
Folder 1: The History of the National Valley Bank, Staunton, Virginia, 1981
Folder 2: Woodrow Wilson Slept Here, 1982 January
Folder 3: Another Irony of Fate: Woodrow Wilson's Domestic Politics, 1982 February 3
Folder 4: Progressivism: A Modern Reassessment by Richard McCormick, 1982 February 3
Folder 5: Woodrow Wilson and National Self-Determination along Italy's Frontier: A Study of the Manipulation of Principles in the Pursuit of Political Interests, 1982 August
Folder 6: President Wilson's Testiness: Was It Simply Writer's Cramp?, 1982 September 3
Folder 7: The Man from the Manse, 1982
Folder 8: Rotogram with Wilson Birthplace on Cover, 1983 July 3
Folder 9: The Blue Ridge Parkway Directory, 1983
Folder 10: Wilson House: County Tyrone, 1983
Folder 11: Manse to Museum: Staunton's Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, 1983 May
Folder 12: A President's Health, 1984 February 13
Folder 13: Woodrow Wilson at Croydon Hall, 1984 March
Folder 14: The New Meaning of Government by Woodrow Wilson [Originally Published in 1912], 1984 May
Folder 15: Mr. Wilson's Gender Gap, 1984 September
Folder 16: Edith Bolling Wilson as First Lady: A Study in the Power of Personality, 1919-1920 by Judith L. Weaver, 1985 January
Folder 17: Awake! Magazine, 1985 October 8
Folder 18: Wolf Creek: Old Stagecoach Inn Surrounded by Boxwoods, 1986 January
Folder 19: Wilson Homestead, Ireland; and Wilson Birthplace, Virginia, 1986 July
Folder 20: The Boxwood Garden of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, 1986 October
Folder 21: The Man Who Made the World Safe for Football, 1986
Folder 22: The Old House, 1987 March
Folder 23: International and Regional Studies at Princeton: The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, 1987 May 20
Folder 24: Dearest Ones: Edith Bolling Wilson's Letters from Paris, 1918-1919 by Frances W. Saunders, 1987 September
Folder 25: Preservation in Staunton: A Vision for the Future, 1987
Folder 26: Voices, Staunton-Augusta County Chamber of Commerce Publication, 1988
Folder 27: Woodrow Wilson on the Constitution: Son of the Staunton Manse, 1988
Folder 28: Our Presidents and Washington Cathedral - Woodrow Wilson: Personal and National Ties, 1989 March
Folder 29: The Treaty of Versailles: The Shaping of the Modern World, Proceedings of the Virginia Humanities Conference, 1989 April 7
Folder 30: American History Illustrated Magazine, 1989 April
Folder 31: First Family, First Flight, 1989 June
Folder 32: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, Staunton, Virginia, 1989 June
Folder 33: Presidential Homes, 1989 June
Folder 34: A Pleasant Likeness: Portraits and Landscapes of Central New Jersey, 1770-1920 [Ellen Wilson on p. 27], 1989 October 16

Box 10
Folder 1: A History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta by Richard H. Gamble, 1990 January 4
Folder 2: Former President Woodrow Wilson Had Strong Georgia Ties, 1990 March 4
Folder 3: A Presidential Homeplace: Built in 1822, Woodrow Wilson's Boyhood Residence Is on the Block, 1990 June
Folder 4: Wythville's First Lady: Edith Galt Wilson Had a Streak of Mountain Independence, 1990 October
Folder 5: The Madison Blues: What Can Account For Princeton's Worship of Wilson? by David Williamson, 1991 January 23
Folder 6: Cold Handshake, Warm Heart: Princeton's Oldest Living Alumnus Recalls Woodrow Wilson, 1991 January 23
Folder 7: New Medical Evidence Reshapes View of Wilson's Presidency, 1991 January 23
Folder 8: Princeton in Whose Service? Woodrow Wilson's Phrase Has Come to Mean Much More than He Intended, 1991 January 23
Folder 9: Princeton Alumni Weekly, 1991 January 23
Folder 10: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace & Museum, Staunton, Virginia, 1991 April
Folder 11: Who Cares? At UVa, Students Do, 1991 May
Folder 12: President Francis Landey Patton, Princeton University, and Faculty Ferment, 1991 June
Folder 13: A Guide to Herbaceous Perennial Gardens in the United States and Canada, 1991
Folder 14: Charles F. Gillette: Planting the Garden Fantastic, 1992 March
Folder 15: The House on S Street, 1992 November
Folder 16: Eighty Years of Golf at the Greenbrier, 1993 March
Folder 17: Preliminary Excavations at the Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home, Augusta Georgia, 1993 May
Folder 18: Documentary Editing Journal, 1993 June
Folder 19: Woodrow Wilson: Our Most Distinguished Visitor, 1993 September
Folder 20: How Professor Wilson Would Rate Public Administration Today, 1993 September
Folder 21: Thirty-Five Years with Woodrow Wilson, 1994 April 6
Folder 22: Valid License: Now Sweet Sixteen, Meadow Brook Concours Is in Top Form, 1994 August 22
Folder 23: North Manchester Relocates Thomas Marshall's Birthplace, 1994 October 5
Folder 24: Dr. Grayson's Predicament by Arthur Link, 1994
Folder 25: Woodrow Wilson House Changes Hands, 1995 July 21
Folder 26: How Many Soldiers Does It Take to Make an American Flag, 1996 January
Folder 27: Presidential Timber, 1996 April
Folder 28: Bless this House, 1996 June
Folder 29: Woodrow Wilson House, 1996 July
Folder 30: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Museum, Staunton, Virginia, 1997 October
Folder 31: Automobile Quarterly, 1997 December
Folder 32: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Season Events & Activities, 1999

Box 11
Folder 1: Edith Bolling Wilson: A Real First Lady, 2000 October
Folder 2: Woodrow Wilson: Shenandoah-Born Man of the World, 2000 August
Folder 3: Woodrow Wilson National Symposium. America: Transformation toward the Modern, 1856-1924, 2000 October 20
Folder 4: Women's History Month: The Foundation Honors Virginia Women Who Dared, 2001 March
Folder 5: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace: 2000 Events & Activities, 2000
Folder 6: Much Ado about a Small Town, 2003 April
Folder 7: A Century of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, 1901-2005: From Peace Movement to the United Nations, 2006
Folder 8: A Century of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, 1901-2005: From Peace Movement to the United Nations, 2006
Folder 9: The Bad Dream: Woodrow Wilson on Princeton - After Princeton, 2008 March
Folder 10: The New Normal: Peace ... One Military Family of Five Generations, 2010
Folder 11: Reconsidering the Immigration Story of Woodrow Wilson's Paternal Grandparents, 2014 March
Folder 12: Natural Chimneys in History and Geology, no date
Folder 13: Woodrow Wilson: The Southerner as President, no date
Folder 14: Woodrow Wilson and the Scotch-Irish by Peyton Cochran, no date
Folder 15: Woodrow Wilson: Man of Religion, no date
Folder 16: Woodrow Wilson: His Scotch-Irish Ancestry, no date
Folder 17: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin K. Lane, Theodore Roosevelt on Americanism
Folder 18: Woodrow Wilson and Davidson College
Folder 19: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, Staunton, Virginia, no date
Folder 20: The Woodrow Wilson Centennial Birthplace Restoration Fund, no date
Folder 21: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace ad in "Virginia Scenic Historyland," no date
Folder 22: Trustees of Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Meet at Home of Mrs. Wilson in Capital, no date
Folder 23: Staunton: Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, no date
Folder 24: A Soldier Muses at the Wilson Shrine, no date
Folder 25: A Ballad of Peace by Richard S. Reynolds, no date
Folder 26: The Signing of the Armistice in the Forest Glad of Compiegne, no date
Folder 27: Chronology of Woodrow Wilson's Life, no date

Folder 1: The Saturday Evening Post, 1936 December 19
Folder 2: As I Saw It by Edith Bolling Wilson, 1938 December 17
Folder 3: The Saturday Evening Post, 1938 December 31
Folder 4: Life Magazine, 1941 May 19
Folder 5: Life Magazine, 1960 May 16
Folder 6: Scotch-Irish Presidents, 1966 May 3
Folder 7: Look Magazine, 1966 December 13

Biography or History

Assembled by Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library staff in the archives over the course of fifty years.

Scope and Content

Collection includes newspaper articles that refer to Woodrow Wilson, academic essays on history, tourism pamphlets, and magazine articles from people who remember Woodrow Wilson.

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Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library staff, “Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Pamphlet Collection Finding Aid,” 1879-2014, FA100045, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Pamphlet Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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