World War I Soldiers Finding Aid


World War I Soldiers Finding Aid


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Mixed materials about various enlisted soldiers from World War I. Includes service records, letters, postcards sent and received, special assignments and orders, rank changes, journal entries, receipts, and guidebooks.


Various family donations


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum


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Numerically by folder number assigned by WWPL staff.

Container List:

Folder 1: 1918-07-05; Newspaper clipping about wounded soldier Private Edward F. Cahill returning home to be treated at the Red Cross Hospital in Washington, D.C.; contains published letter written to his mother dated June 27, 1918, detailing his injuries obtained “on the thirteenth of last November” and the uniqueness of French mud
Folder 2: 9999-99-99; Photograph of an elderly Edward Cahill and his wife, Loula
Folder 3: 9999-99-99; Photograph of young adult Edward Cahill and “Sonla”
Folder 4: 1962-05-99; Photograph of an elderly Edward Cahill outside of a house with pink flowers
Folder 5: 1948-99-99; Photograph of Cahill family; back inscription reads “Fall of 1948 – just before we sold our home in Chevy Chase. Moved down here Jan. 4, 1949”
Folder 6: 1937-07-02; Photograph of Edward Cahill posing with car; handwritten caption stating “Near Van Wert, Ohio 6/18/37”
Folder 7: 9999-99-99; Photograph of Edward Cahill with two young children and an elderly man wearing hat
Folder 8: 9999-99-99; Photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt with servicemen on a ship; transcription of writing on back reads: Edward Cahill’s photos – War Dept. We believed these were taken before the war given E. Cahill’s wounds during the war”
Folder 9: 9999-99-99; Photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt with servicemen on a ship
Folder 10: 9999-99-99; Photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt with servicemen on a ship
Folder 11: 9999-99-99; Letter from Edward Cahill to sister; references being wounded “on the 13th of Nov.”
Folder 12: 9999-99-99; Folder containing various items from Samuel Lane’s enlistment such as assignments, identification cards, invitations to the White House, and certificates of appreciation for his service [18 items in total]
Folder 13: 9999-99-99; Folder entitled “Notes on the Operations of the American Expeditionary Forces…” containing one map, two courier envelopes and Notes on Operations A, B, C, D, and G-3 prepared by Brigadier General Fox Conner, Chief G-3
Folder 14: 1919-03-24; Original monograph written by Captain Arthur E. Hartzell, Inf., U.S.A., about the battle of Meuse-Argonne and additional photocopies of each page
Folder 15: 1918-06-28; Newspaper clipping “World War Ended by Signing of Terms in Versailles Saturday: Conditions of Treaty of 1871 Reversed as Germans Are Humbled”
Folder 16: 9999-99-99; Autobiography of the 39th Infantry Division, U.S.A., Alexandria Cantonment, Camp Beauregard, Louisiana [binding is very fragile]
Folder 17: 9999-99-99; Formal portrait of Layton A. Clatterbuck in uniform
Folder 18: 1919-06-04; Photocopy of 1919 letter from Lester Baugher to his mother from Brest, France
Folder 19: 9999-99-99; Photocopy of a Mother’s Day Card from Lester Baugher signed “from Lester”
Folder 20: 9999-99-99; Photocopy of Lester Evertt Baugher’s military service record
Folder 21: 9999-99-99; Photocopy of an obituary for Owen Marshall Abbott
Folder 22: 1918-99-99; Two letters and one postcard from Major Hardy Bowles, Corps of Engineers, AEF, to his mother with additional war time newspaper clippings
Folder 23: 9999-99-99; Photocopies of service records, journal entries, receipts, and newspaper clippings both about and by R.H. Zilliox, Navy Service
Folder 24: 1918-12-10; Morning Orders aboard the U.S.S. George Washington, overseen by F.M. Perkins, Commander, U.S. Navy, Executive Officer; 1918-12-04; Special Wireless for President Wilson reports from the U.S.S. George Washington
Folder 25: 1917-11-17; Active service orders for Kathleen Lauriault, Army Nurse Corps
Folder 26: [1917-99-99 to 1919-99-99] John H. East AEF Officer’s ID card
Folder 27: [1917-99-99 to 1919-99-99] H.C. Stuart AEF Officer’s ID card
Folder 28: [1917-99-99 to 1919-99-99] John I. Pritchett pay record booklet and envelope with additional photocopies of both
Folder 29: 1918-99-99; contains three documents relating to entitlement of Wound Chevron and concerning purchase and maintenance of wartime insurance
Folder 30: 1918-01-01; Postcard depicting “morning exercise at Camp Jackson, Columbia, S.C.”
Folder 31: 1918-01-01; Postcard depicting “Major General Bailey and staff reviewing troops, Camp Jackson, Columbia, S.C.”
Folder 32: 1918-01-03; Printed postcard from Pvt. R.J. Reynolds to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reynolds conveying “Christmas Greetings to all the folks back home in the Good Ole U.S.A.”
Folder 33: 1919-01-19: Colored postcard depicting a soldier and young woman writing to each other with the phrase “To dream of you darling, is to live happy!” in both English and French
Folder 34: 1918-06-26: Correspondence from Pvt. A.T. Baumgarten to his sister describing the many sights he has seen since traveling from England to France and a request to “tell father and mother I am trying hard to be a credit to them and I think I shall succeed”
Folder 35: 1918-07-28: Correspondence from Pvt. A.T. Baumgarten to his sister thanking her for the money she sent and explaining how he is “candy hungry” and requesting she and their father buy a service pin for their mother as his birthday gift to her
Folder 36: 1919-05-25: Correspondence from Sgt. Herbert Lytton Buck to Ruth Starr from the American E.F. University in France discussing Woodrow Wilson’s actions and describing him as “almost supernatural in vision”
Folder 37: 1918-04-18: Correspondence from Arthur W. Jones to his mother Mrs. G.H. Jones from the U.S. Submarine Base in New London, Connecticut, about his barracks and enlisted life
Folder 38: 1918-12-25: Correspondence from Pvt. Ray Kittle to his mother Emily E. Kittle describing his Christmas meal at the YMCA and his expectations to be home soon
Folder 39: 1918-99-99: Explaining the Britishers by An American by Frederic William Wile [booklet]
Folder 40: [1917-99-99 to 1919-99-99] Guidebook for soldiers entitled Paris for Englishmen and for Americans: A Convenient and Useful Guide offered by the Grands Magasins Aux Galeries Lafayette for soldiers visiting and residing there during the war
Folder 41: [1917-99-99 to 1919-99-99] The Kolynos “Parley Voo Booklet”: Practical French and German Phrases and How to Pronounce Them for Daily Use by Soldiers by Col. F.N. Maude, C.B. and Frank Scudamore
Folder 42: 1928-10-14: Pieces of the front page of Section C of the The Kansas City Star newspaper detailing a French versus German map from World War I
Folder 43: [1918-99-99 to 1919-99-99] Thirteen empty envelopes addressed by soldiers from World War I, many of which having been stamped with “passed as censored”
Folder 44: Contains an assortment of items relating to John Stanley Brannum’s enlistment during the first World War such as special orders, notices, and military records in addition to family genealogy notes and photocopies of postcards and photographs. Divided into subfolders
Folder 45: German leaflet on 14 Points
Folder 46: Pamphlet, "Our Navy and How to Know It"
Folder 47: Pamphlet, "Songs of the Soldiers and Sailors"
Folder 48: Pamphlet, "Greeting to the New National Army"
Folder 49: Leaflet, "Colonel Care Says"
Folder 50: US Food Administration Home Card
Folder 51: Sketch, "A War Idea"
Folder 52: Sheet Music, "I Think We've Got Another Washington and Wilson is His Name"
Folder 53: United War Work Campaign sign
Folder 54: 4th Liberty Loan Honor Emblem
Folder 55: 3rd Liberty Loan Honor Flag
Folder 56: US Government Thrift Card
Folder 57: Sheet Music, "Woodrow Wilson, Leader of the USA"
Folder 58: Long postcard of an army regiment, possibly in France

Biography or History

This collection is a compilation of information about various enlisted soldiers from World War I. Items range in content from service records, letters, postcards sent and received, special assignments and orders, rank changes, journal entries, receipts, and guidebooks to the European way of life. Put together by Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum staff, this collection contains photocopies of pictures now housed within the Woodrow Wilson Presidential photograph collection as well as the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library soldier letters collection.



Scope and Content

Military orders, commendations, discharge papers, telegrams, letters, news clippings.


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Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, “World War I Soldiers Finding Aid,” 1914-1918, FA100016, World War I Soldiers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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