Margaret Woodrow Wilson to Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo


Margaret Woodrow Wilson to Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo


Wilson, Margaret Woodrow, 1886-1944




1940 July 30


Margaret A. Wilson writes Eleanor Wilson McAdoo with news from the Aurobindo ashram in India.


Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Papers, University of California, Santa Barbara


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum


Wilson family




Beloved beloved Sister-

     Of all the beautiful letters that you have written me in my life none has brought me quite the kind or depth of joy that this last one has and it is a joy that will last in Eternity because it is based on the knowledge that you have touched the Eternal. The Immortal in you has blessed you with His peace and now whatever you may have to go through of what the mind and heart calls trouble and suffering your faith will hold and the Peace at the core of your being will grow spread outward until it has completely enfolded you. You know of course for you know now that the inner core of your being is God-- Joy --Joy!- that you have had a direct experience of the Spirit. You have suffered what Sri Aurobindo has spoken of as the first invasion of the Infinite-- the veil between you and God has been opened for a few moments and when that has once happened nothing will ever be quite the same to you again, for you know what the real you is, that it is indeed of God and God. The world's standards and fear will not be able to touch you as before and as you learn as you say to touch that core more and more often and more and more deeply you will have even greater experiences of the Spirit and you will know absolutely that you live and move and have your being in That. When I say I know absolutely I mean that suffering and sorrow will not be able ever again to make you forget it, and too the time will come when you will live in the Presence and know every minute that you are one with God, eternally and wholly one with Him. Oh darling my heart is so deeply happy for you and in this knowledge that now we share that even the sorrow of the world that today we are facing cannot dim it. I have always felt that you when your time came would shoot straighter into the depths and up to the heights of God than I. Some intuition I suppose it is and now-a-days some nearness to the God center of my being makes me speak as I do and my words are not the empty, or relatively empty words of an intellectual conviction and vision, but still darling the veil has not been rent for me as for you, not for one moment. It is as if the water of Eternal life has to bubble up in me through lots of obscuring sand and mud, but in you it has been able to spring up in the form of peace because the way was made clear for it by your prayers. I have darling don't mistake me, for I want you to know that we do share our knowledge, and faith a deep underlying happiness and unshakable faith that rests I am sure on an inner knowledge that the Divine is in me and I in the Divine, that there is nothing in all the Universe which is not the Divine, but this faith and this joy still have to come to me indirectly so to speak from behind the veil, not directly as the Peace came to you. It will come to me that way- that I beleive with all that is in my outer being- else how could I be so happy and so sure that I am on the Path that leads to the realization of the Divine. Such faith is not of the intellect. But oh darling remember when the clouds of unhappiness roll over you and the fear that is filling the world now seems to choke you remember the Peace, be quiet and let it fill you again. Dive deep as the Hindus always say and find again and again the Lord in the Heart, God in you. They use the word heart in this connection to symbolise the core of which you speak the God-center that is you. You have received a marvellous Grace and nothing will ever now be able to separate you from the Love of God-- nothing has really ever separated you or me or the world from Him but in our minds and hearts and bodies we suffer from a sense of separation that only the Lord can heal by making us whole in our consciousness as well as in the deeper and highest truth of our Selves.
     You speak of my helping you. Can you realise precious one that you help me all the time and always have and in so many many ways. Your faith in me has been one of the most heartening and inspiring things in my life and now your knowledge of the Spirit which is more vivid than mine because more direct will be an endless encouragement to me. Thank you blessed one, that is what you are now even more than ever, thank you for sharing the beautiful realisation with me.
     Now darling I want to make sure that this letter will reach you, that is reasonable sure by not mentioning a single thing relative to things in general, but look at the date above and guess at the feelings that I am sharing with millions today. One cannot help but have them, but underneath the faith holds and the purpose and a quiet joy is there too. When I think of you it springs

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McAdoo, Eleanor Wilson, 1889-1967




Wilson, Margaret Woodrow, 1886-1944, “Margaret Woodrow Wilson to Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo,” 1940 July 30, WWP19657, Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Collection at the University of California-Santa Barbara, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.