Margaret Woodrow Wilson to Ellen Axson Wilson


Margaret Woodrow Wilson to Ellen Axson Wilson


Wilson, Margaret Woodrow, 1886-1944




1902 August 18


Margaret Wilson writes her mother with news from a beach vacation.


Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Papers, University of California, Santa Barbara


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum


Wilson family




Darling Mamma,

     They have all except Mrs Kincaid and myself gone in bathing. I couldn’t go in because I am just over being unwell. So I am cooking the dinner while they are in. I thought I would begin a letter to you while I was waiting for my fish to bake.
     This morning we walked to Chadwick, a station about two miles above us, to see the life saving drill. It was not as interesting as we thought it would be because they did not have a water drill. They simply threw the line over a pole and a little boy got up on the pole and they brought him back on the line.
     Yesterday Will and I, for we are almost the only ones that like getting up early, got up about five o’clock and went sailing. It was so nice out on the water in the fresh morning air. I sailed the boat while Will read Oedipus. We sailed way down to a beautiful place called “Island Heights.” It is about five miles south of Lavallette and on the other side of the bay. You have to sail up a little river to get to it.
     Is Papa still with the Tedcastles? Will you please send me Uncle Stocks address? Have you heard from him lately? How is he? How is Grandfather getting along now? There is too much wind to go sailing this afternoon; so I guess Jessie and I will go off together and read Middlemarch. We have not gotten very far into it yet because we get so little time to read.
     Please give my love to Grandfather and tell him that I am going to write to him as soon as I can. With lots of love for your own dear self I am,

Your loving daughter


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Wilson, Ellen Axson




Wilson, Margaret Woodrow, 1886-1944, “Margaret Woodrow Wilson to Ellen Axson Wilson,” 1902 August 18, WWP19537, Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Collection at the University of California-Santa Barbara, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.