Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo to Woodrow Wilson


Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo to Woodrow Wilson


McAdoo, Eleanor Wilson, 1889-1967




1901 August 21


Eleanor Wilson McAdoo writes her father with news from a beach vacation.


Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Papers, University of California, Santa Barbara


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum


Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924--Correspondence




Dear darling Papa

     We are having a lovely time here sailing and rowing and boating and bathing. At first I did not like the ocean half as much as the bay because I couldn’t learn to swim very well in the ocean but day before yesterday we went to the bay and it wasn’t very nice because we couldn’t find a nice bottom and where ever there was a nice bottom it was too shallow to swim in.
     We were all discouraged with the bay and I don’t think that we will go there again.
     Pauline Kincaid is very nice and we have lovely times together. I guess Jessie has told you about the Dooves and the little Doove Den. We might have a little Play on Jessie’s birthday but as we only have eight days to write it and rehearse it in I think if we are going to have it we had better hurry up about it.
     Yesterday Pauline had a toothache and so she was going to the dentists in Toms River to have it fixed. They asked Jessie and I and Beth, the little girl that lives next door and me to go with them so we went by train with Mrs. Kincaid and got there at about twelve o’clock. At first we went to the dentists and then we bought some things and then went to a bakery and got our lunch. and Then we hunted all over for some place to get ice-cream. There were plenty of places to get it but as there had been a circus in town the day before there was no ice-cream left. At last we found a place and after we had had it we went home. Jessie had a big bundle of bread and on the train when she started to pick it up all the l the paper broke and all the loaves came tumbling out.
     It really looked very funny and the people in the train were laughing at us. We had to wrap them up in Beth’s coat and have them wrapped again at the store in Lavallette.
     I hope you are having a nice time in the White Mountains.
     Please give my love to Mr. and Mrs. Hibben and Beth, Cousins Mary and Cousins Florence and Will and Margaret send their love.
With lots of love I am

Your loving little daughter,


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Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924





McAdoo, Eleanor Wilson, 1889-1967, “Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo to Woodrow Wilson,” 1901 August 21, WWP19530, Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Collection at the University of California-Santa Barbara, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.