Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book


University of Virginia. Jefferson Society




1880 December 4


Handwritten meeting minutes from the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia. The minutes note that the society adopted a new preamble and considered various other electoral changes.




Hall of Jefferson Society

The society met at usual hour, the PresidentWoodrow Wilson & Mr. Lefevre in the chair. After the roll-call, & reading & approval of minutes of last meeting, under the head of nomination & election of new members, Mr. Payne was proposed & elected a member of the society. The monthly oration was then delivered by Mr. James of Louisiana. The debate next called & was conducted on the Aff. by Messrs C. C. Gaines & Horner, on the negative by Mr Kent. When the question was thrown open for general discussion, Mr. Wilson spoke in support of the Neg. Decided in the Affirmative Negative by a vote of 17 to 4The question selected for debate 3 weeks hence was: “Ought optional attendance on lecture’s be allowed at the Univ. of Va.”To be dargued on the Affirm Swearingen AndrewAff.SwearingerNegYoumansWhiteleyAndrewsWilsonAtkinson
The treasurers report was then read, & excuses were heard.The report of the Constitution committee followed. A motion that the hHouse go into a committee of the whole for the consideration of the report, was carried. Mr. Dabney was appointed Chairman of the committee, & reported the adoption of the Preample & Art I. His report was adopted by the house. Motion was made the question selected for debate 2 weeks hence be reconsidered, carried. Moved that this class of debaters be allowed to substitute a question of their own selection, carried. Moved by Mr. Wilson that the society return to head of nom. of monthly orator. Carried. Mr. Robinson was nominated & electedUpon motion, The selection of Electoral Committee was postponed. Under head of motions & resolutions, the following communication, which had been received from a Com. of the Wash. society, was read. “Resolved—That the duties of the Bus. Editor of the Mag. be curtailed to keeping the accounts of the mag, paying all bills, and that an agent be employed to obtain advertisements, subscriptions, collecting bills, and to attend to the printing of the magazine. Resolved—That no article be received for publication in the mag. wh. has previously appeared in any other periodical.” The communication was laid on the table for one week. Vice-P’s report was made, & Society adjourned.



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University of Virginia. Jefferson Society, “Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Minute Book,” 1880 December 4, WWP17265, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Records, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.