Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960




1918 December 27


Daniel Metraux


World War, 1914-1918




Camp Wadsworth, So. C.

My dear Anna-Marie,

I just wrote father, telling him how I spend Xmas eve. and Xmas day, but I also want to send you a few lines and tell you how much I enjoyed the Xmas cakes, nuts, etc. which you sent me. Those cakes you baked are certainly wonderful and I want to thank you very, very much for all those goodies. You know how crazy I am about those Xmas cakes,—you really couldn’t have sent me anything more welcome! Well, I surely did have some Christmas! I don’t care now if they do have a poor dinner or supper in the mess Hall once in a while,—all I have to do is to go to my ‘Ess-Kiste’ and cakes, etc. and get a better meal than any mess Sergeant ever put on the table!

Mrs Koechle also sent me a very nice box of home-made cakes and Edythe sent me a large, very large, box of candy. Tante Annechen sent some nice Marzipan and Uncle Gus a box of cigars and a very nice letter.

I also want to thank Pauly for the pretty calendar he sent me. It is now hanging over my bed; I am thinking a lot of the dear little chap and sweet little Rhoda and certainly hope it won’t be long before I can see them again. I also want to send Rhoda many thanks for the pretty marzipan cake.

You mentioned in your Christmas letter which I received on Xmas eve and for which many thanks, something about our spending a real vacation somewheres next summer. You know, I am quite frequently thinking about the very same thing and I do hope that nothing will keep us from realizing it.

I hope you all spent a very nice Xmas and, as I already wrote father, I will be very interested to hear all about it.

Taps will blow in a few minutes, so must close.

With lots of love.

Your brother,

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Bubendey, Anna-Marie Kappelmann, 1887-1986





Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960, “Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey,” 1918 December 27, WWP18939, Otto Kappelmann Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.