Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960




1918 December 19


Daniel Metraux


World War, 1914-1918




Camp Wadsworth, So. C.

My dear Anna-Marie,

Just a few lines to thank you for your letter of the 8 inst. Am very sorry that I could not write before, but from the letter which I just wrote you will see that my work has kept me extremely busy of late.

I also want to thank you most sincerely for the package which arrived to-day but which will not be opened until Xmas.

I guess the reason I look taller on that picture I sent you is because the camera was held on a slant—I grown any down here!

Am glad to hear that are well and was surprised to hear from that Paul is already writing with pen and ink in school—he is certainly getting along fine and I’m mighty anxious to see the children again.

Unfortunately, as already stated in my letter to , there is no prospect of my getting home for the holidays but, no doubt, before many more months we will all be out of the service again. It was awfully good of you to offer me the trip home for an present and I appreciate that very much. If there were any chance of coming, believe me I would surely do so , it isn’t the expense of the trip that is keeping me here, but the job.

My cold has entirely disappeared and I’m feeling fine, especially as my neuralgia, (I believe it was that), which bothered me more or less since last April, has at last disappeared. I visited the Base Hospital and the Infirmary many times on account of it, even had an Xray taken last April and took all kinds of pills but the doctors didn’t do any good—it just naturally disappeared lately.

Edythe recently sent me a large Xmas package; I think was awfully good of her. Sometime when you go shopping and if you have the time would you mind getting an Xmas present for her—anything you might think nice—say for about or $2 or $3. If you can’t do it before Xmas, possibly you could manage to get something shortly after?

I would like to send you all something for from here but there is no decent place in our town do any shopping and then I really do not know just what you all would like to have so I must again leave this to you and Father.

Now I will close as I am dead tired from the recent work and this is the first night I have a chance since some time to get into my bunk in decent time.

With lots of love to you, and the children,

Your brother,

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Bubendey, Anna-Marie Kappelmann, 1887-1986





Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960, “Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey,” 1918 December 19, WWP18938, Otto Kappelmann Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.